LaLiga: what calendar is left for the teams that play Europe

first_imgDespite this, the Villarreal He had a very complicated schedule ahead of him (along the lines of most teams) and from day 31 the Himalayas loomed, with a match against Seville, Valencia, Barcelona, ​​Getafe, Real Sociedad and Real Madrid. A task of extreme complication, but within the reach of a staff of such high level as that of the ‘groguets’.J28: Celtic – VillarrealJ29: Villarreal – MallorcaJ30: Granada – VillarrealJ31: Villarreal – SevilleJ32: Villarreal – ValenciaJ33: Betis – VillarrealJ34: Villarreal – BarcelonaJ35: Getafe – VillarrealJ36: Villarreal – Real societyJ37: Real Madrid – VillarrealJ38: Villarreal – EibarGranada CF – 9th with 38 pointsThe team of Diego Martinez It has been one of the great revelations of the championship. Being newly promoted, he has managed to put salvation in LaLiga on the first lap and was only ten minutes away from playing a Cup final. His good work placed him four points from seventh place and seven from sixth.Quality Sport Images & nbsp; (Getty Images) ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Quality Sport Images (Getty Images) The team from Seville has a calendar with five games (out of eleven) against the top ten finishers. Real Betis was measured in Pizjuán on the first day of the championship round. In addition, the sevillistas have to receive Barcelona and Valencia (J38) at their home and visit direct rivals such as Villarreal, Athletic Club and Real Sociedad.J28: Seville – BetisJ29: Lift – SevilleJ30: Seville – BarcelonaJ31: Villarreal – SevilleJ32: Seville – ValladolidJ33: Leganés – SevilleJ34: Seville – EibarJ35: Athletic – SevilleJ36: Seville – MallorcaJ37: Real Sociedad – SevilleJ38: Seville – ValenciaReal Sociedad – 4th with 46 pointsPicture ‘txuri-urdin’ was going through the best moment of the season. Despite having fallen to Barça, he had stabilized in European positions and was facing a exciting final of the Copa del Rey against Athletic Club, which would be next April 18.Ion Alcoba Beitia & nbsp; (EFE) ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Ion Alcoba Beitia (EFE) The team led by Imanol Sheriff full of encounter against direct rivals. From day 32, you should face duels as a visitor against Getafe (4 days after the Cup final), Villarreal and Atlético de Madrid. At Reale Arena he should receive Real Madrid and Seville.J28: Real society – OsasunaJ29: Alavés – Real societyJ30: Real society – Real MadridJ31: Real society – CelticJ32: Getafe – Real societyJ33: Real society – SpanishJ34: Lift – Real societyJ35: Real society – GranadaJ36: Villarreal – Real societyJ37: Real society – SevilleJ38: Atlético de Madrid – Real societyGetafe CF – 5th with 46 pointsThe Azulón team was carrying out one of the best campaigns in its history. Those of Bordalás are equal to everything (points and general golaverage) with Real Sociedad and had the slight advantage of taking the first leg (1-2 in San Sebastián). In addition to a frantic final stretch in the league, they had a beautiful confrontation against the Inter in the Europa League.ANP Sport via Getty Images’); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>ANP Sport via Getty Images However, the Valencia is one of the teams that has a calendar, ‘a priori’, simpler and with the antecedent of last season, in which he won the Champions League place on the last day. The Valencian team receives at home Levante, Osasuna, Athletic Club, Valladolid and Espanyol. However, you must visit (your big owes this year) Real Madrid, Villarreal and Seville.J28: Valencia – I raisedJ29: Real Madrid – ValenciaJ30: Valencia – OsasunaJ31: Eibar – ValenciaJ32: Villarreal – ValenciaJ33: Valencia – Athletic ClubJ34: Granada – ValenciaJ35: Valencia – ValladolidJ36: Leganés – ValenciaJ37: Valencia – SpanishJ38: Seville – ValenciaVillarreal CF – 8th with 38 pointsThe set of Javi Calleja had demonstrated its competitiveness this campaign and He was re-entering the pools for the positions that give access to the Europa League, despite adding three defeats in a row (against Atlético, Athletic and Leganés) before the break.Domenech Castelló & nbsp; (EFE) ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Domenech Castelló (EFE) CARL RECINE & nbsp; (Action Images via Reuters) ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>CARL RECINE (Action Images via Reuters) The set of Simeone faced a plateau area in the championship, with favorable games to add victories at home like Valladolid and Alavés. However, that calendar was steep since day 33. From that moment, visit to Barcelona and in the last two dates Getafe (outside) and Real Sociedad (home) would be measured.J28: Athletic Club – Atlético de MadridJ29: Osasuna – Atlético de MadridJ30: Atlético de Madrid – ValladolidJ31: Lift – Atlético de MadridJ32: Atlético de Madrid – AlavésJ33: Barcelona – Atlético de MadridJ34: Atlético de Madrid – MallorcaJ35: Celtic – Atlético de MadridJ36: Atlético de Madrid – BetisJ37: Getafe – Atlético de MadridJ38: Atlético de Madrid – Real societyValencia CF – 7th with 42 pointsThe team led by Albert Celades It was another of the proper names of the competition. He was still hooked on the fight for Europe, but he was not at his best and he had yielded the particular golaverage against Getafe and Real Sociedad.Jose Miguel Fernandez de Velasco & nbsp; (GTRES) ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Jose Miguel Fernandez de Velasco (GTRES) He Getafe He had a calendar full of direct duels, but almost all his rivals would be received at home. Real Sociedad, Villarreal and Atlético de Madrid have to go through the Coliseum on matchday 37. Those from the south of Madrid also had to visit Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabéu and they played against Granada in Los Cármenes the next day.J28: Granada – GetafeJ29: Getafe – SpanishJ30: Getafe – EibarJ31: Valladolid – GetafeJ32: Getafe – Real societyJ33: Real Madrid – GetafeJ34: Osasuna – GetafeJ35: Getafe – VillarrealJ36: Alavés – GetafeJ37: Getafe – Atlético de MadridJ38: Lift – GetafeAtlético de Madrid – 6th with 45 pointsAnother of the sets that has stopped badly is the Atlético de Madrid. Simeone’s team faced the best moment of its season after eliminating Champions League champion Liverpool at Anfield and added five days without knowing the defeat in the domestic championship. He is one point from the Champions League and two from the third, his primary objective. Football has been seen tvery closely affected by the global crisis caused by the coronavirus. Most of the European competitions are stopped and Spanish football is KO since March 10, date on which the first – and only – closed-door match of the championship was played, between Eibar and Real Sociedad.The Delegate Commission of the Federation has The decision to be taken regarding European competitions was approved during this Thursday. In case the crisis prevents the competition from resuming, this option is not considered by LaLiga. The RFEF has approved the decision that access to the Champions and Europa League be according to the current classification.In this way, Champions League would be the top four finishers in the First Division at this time (Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Sevlla and Real Sociedad) and to the Europa League the fifth and sixth (Getafe and Atlético) plus one of the two finalists of the Copa del Rey, which would leave the seventh classified in the league competition without a place. But, What calendar is left for the teams fighting for the European places? Which teams have a more favorable schedule?Sevilla FC – 3rd with 47 pointsThe team led by Julen Lopetegui occupied third place in the championship before the break. Despite the criticism received in recent months, the Seville he had a favorable position in the table (4 games in a row without losing in the League) and faced a key phase of the season with the Europa League tie against Roma in the bedroom.EDUARDO CANDEL REVIEJO & nbsp; (DAILY AS) ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>EDUARDO CANDEL REVIEJO (DAILY AS) He Pomegranate He faced the final stretch of the season without any pressure and with an outstanding global note of his performance so far. The Nasrids have a very difficult time playing in European competition, but they have duels against teams like Getafe, Villarreal Valencia, Real Madrid and Athletic Club ahead.J28: Pomegranate – GetafeJ29: Betis – PomegranateJ30: Pomegranate – VillarrealJ31: Leganés – PomegranateJ32: Pomegranate – EibarJ33: Alavés – PomegranateJ34: Pomegranate – ValenciaJ35: Real Sociedad – PomegranateJ36: Pomegranate – Real MadridJ37: Mallorca – PomegranateJ38: Pomegranate – Athletic ClubA positive surprise for Athletic ClubAnother of the provisions that came out of the meeting of the Delegate Commission of the Federation was a decision that would favor Athletic Club. The team of Garitano He was eight points from Europe in LaLiga and his options to play European competition were contingent on winning the Copa del Rey final.By cons, the RFEF has ensured that, in case the final is not played, would be Athletic would go to the Europa League and not the seventh classified, which at the moment is Valencia.last_img read more

Lamont blasts Lothian’s JTTA administration

first_img But Lothian refutes the claim and stated that Lamont’s players are given free entry to tournaments, and that players are usually paid for their winnings, albeit sometimes late. “If I didn’t pay for tournaments, don’t you think Jamaica would be talking about that? We pay them over time, because some tournaments are not sponsored, but it’s not true that we do not pay for tournaments. He (Lamont) is trying to drive away sponsors and trying to destroy the sport and I will not allow it to happen,” Lothian insisted. Lamont’s is also not impressed by the governing body’s youth-development policies. Lothian countered that youth development is alive and growing and that with his track record, he expects to be elected for his third straight term at next month’s AGM. “If you are taking about youth development, we just finished a pre-cadet tournament in August … and Jamaica has received the bid to host the tournament again in August of this year, and we have gone all over the country with youth development and development of coaches. “The fact speaks for itself. No other administration in the 71-year history has done the amount of work we have done. So put all the other presidents together and none have achieved what I have,” he added. LOTHIAN REFUTES CLAIMS With the annual general meeting (AGM) of the Jamaica Table Tennis Association (JTTA) scheduled for next month, current president Godfrey Lothian is confident that his tenure will earn him a third successive term. However, former JTTA vice-president and national player, Samuel Lamont, who has been one of the biggest detractors of the Lothian administration, revealed that he has receive numerous calls to ‘save’ local table tennis, however, he said he is still yet to decide. “I have some serious problems with the Godfrey Lothian administration, and a lot of persons have been asking me to rescue table tennis. I have been getting a lot of requests, but I am not sure,” Lamont said. “If I am going to contest it, I will not make too many people know as yet, but the reason why I would do it is to rescue table tennis. As a person who has invested their hard cash in the sport, I am thinking about it seriously,” he told The Gleaner. Lamont’s main issues with the Lothian administration is its refusal to pay prize monies for tournaments and the lack of youth-development programmes in the country. “Mr Lothian’s is the only administration that has had tournaments and don’t pay players. It is a criminal offence to have tournaments and not pay the winners,” he said. “It cost $600-$700,000 (for Portland parish) to go to the national championship and the prize money is supposed to be declared, and some were not declared and this is the first this has happen. Before Mr Lothian (administration), the prize money was usually declared,” he reasoned.last_img read more

Cannot fool all of the people all of the time

first_imgDear Editor,Minister of Natural Resources, Raphael Trotman, is reported by sections of the media on April 26, 2018 to have told the workers of Rusal: “The good news, however, is that the US reduced the sanction on RUSAL after realising that it will also affect thousands of workers, such as the 500 working in Region 10”.It seems that Minister Trotman is seeking to outshine his colleague, Minister Ramjattan, who is known to regularly put his foot in his mouth.To say that the US Government was not aware of the thousands of workers employed by Rusal prior to its imposition of sanctions is downright laughable. Certainly, a well-endowed nation as the United States would be aware of the ramifications of its sanctions prior to its imposition. It is because of the harshness of those consequences that sanctions were pursued by the Trump Administration in the first place.Based on several reported instances, it is my view that the re-looking at the sanctions by the US Government has nothing to do with its empathy for Rusal’s workers, whether in Guyana or elsewhere; but has more to do with implications for US businesses.As former US President Abraham Lincoln famously said: “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.”Yours faithfully,Patricia Persaudlast_img read more

NGO donates $40M in medical supplies, equipment to Public Health Ministry

first_imgBy Rennella BourneHope for the Nation Foundation, a new local Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), on Thursday donatedThe medical supplies and equipment to the Public Health Ministry$40 million in medical supplies and equipment to the Public Health Ministry.Minister within the Public Health Ministry, Dr Karen Cummings, expressed her gratitude to the NGO for its generous donation to the health sector, and noted the supplies and equipment would definitely go a long way.The handing-over ceremony was done at the Ministry’s bond at Diamond, East Coast Demerara.According to Cummings, “continuously improving the quality of healthcare services nationally is a task which cannot be undertaken solely by the Government of Guyana. As such, we welcome the support provided by partners such as the Hope for the Nation Foundation.”Among the items donated were beds, support rails, nasoenteric feeding tubes, syringes, paediatric manual resuscitators, commodes and fluid dispensing connectors.“The Ministry of Public Health, under the current Administration, is committed to ensuring that health needs of all its citizens are met. The Guyana Government is eternally grateful for your support and we at the Ministry of Public Health are very enthusiastic about this donation,” Dr Cummings said.She applauded Hope for the Nation Foundation for the efforts towards developing the health sector in Guyana. “I am pleased that the Foundation’s main areas that they choose to focus on are promoting health and fighting diseases.”The Foundation President, Dr Abdel Bari related his optimism to work with the health and other social sectors of Guyana.Dr Bari disclosed that the idea to do something for Guyana was long in mind, but “about a year and something, specifically in May, we had some Guyanese come from North America. Guyanese who came during the [Independence] celebration were met and the idea was finalised of doing something for Guyana here”.He continued: “We get together with the guys from Cross International which is the largest donor foundation in North America. Basic areas that they are willing to work on are the needy, the less fortunate, medical, help of the poor and the disadvantage for women and children.”According to Dr Bari, they had done some research and found Guyana to be one of the top countries which should be receiving help from Cross International. As such, the Hope for the Nation Foundation was formed.The objective of the Foundation is to work with Government and other NGOs along with religious bodies, women’s organisations, organisations for the differently abled and the educational system.It is also aiming to help Amerindian villages. “We plan to take to the Amerindian villages, tarpaulin and shovels also basic things that they can use which would enable them to be independent. The scope is very big for Hope for the Nation Foundation,” Dr Bari said.Public Health Ministry Deputy Permanent Secretary Colette Adams, noted, “The Hope Foundation is one of the many foundations that have stepped forward and assisted us and we are grateful to them for their assistance.”last_img read more

Kane could face Chelsea, says Pochettino

first_imgHowever Pochettino, whose side last won at Chelsea in 1990 before Kane was born, told a press conference on Thursday that his star striker had made remarkable progress.“We need to assess him. He is very positive and he is doing very well. Every day he is improving,” said Pochettino.“We need to assess in the next few days. It’s difficult now to say yes or no. I cannot say no, but I cannot say yes.“Maybe next weekend. But the most important (thing) is that we are so positive about his recovery, and we are doing fantastic, and we are so happy.“After Bournemouth everybody believed it would be a long period out, but the resolution has been fantastic.”Chelsea desperately need a win as they are five points adrift of Tottenham, who occupy the fourth and final Champions League spot, with both clubs having eight matches remaining.0Shares0000(Visited 2 times, 1 visits today) 0Shares0000Harry Kane could be in line for a surprise return this weekend after missing England’s friendlies with the Netherlands and Italy © AFP/File / Adrian DENNISLONDON, United Kingdom, Mar 29 – Tottenham striker Harry Kane could face Chelsea in a crucial Premier League encounter on Sunday after a quicker than expected recovery from an ankle ligament injury, Spurs manager Mauricio Pochettino said.The 24-year-old England marksman, who has 31 goals to his credit this term, injured his ankle last month against Bournemouth and wasn’t expected to return to training until April.last_img read more

Late goal denies AFC victory against Zoo

first_img0Shares0000AFC Leopards celebrating. Photo/RAYMOND MAKHAYANAIROBI, Kenya, Apr 14 – Zoo Kericho struck a late goal through captain Johnson Ligare to deny AFC Leopards victory as the two sides played to a 2-2 draw in a Kenyan Premier League match played on Saturday at the Kenyatta Stadium in Machakos.Departing AFC Leopards head coach Dennis Kitambi thought he had won the match when they were leading 2-0 but a dying minute goal thwarted his ambitions of collecting maximum points. On-form Ezekiel Odera sent AFC Leopards ahead through the penalty spot in the 27th minute after Brian Marita was fouled in the by Vincent Misikhu.Zoo were back in the game thanks to a Nicholas Kipkirui powerful low shot to restore parity in the 32nd minute before Ingwe reclaimed the lead in the 76th minute from Whyvonne Isuza.However, Ligare showed a character of a leader when he rose high to nod home the crucial equaliser from a well taken free-kick.In the earlier kick-off, Nakumatt FC who have a new owner held Kariobangi Sharks to a goalless draw.The win saw Leopards remain third on 18 points, four behind their bitter rivals Gor Mahia who are placed second and five points adrift of leaders Mathare United.Despite bagging the point, Zoo are placed at the relegation zone at second from bottom on eight points.0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today)last_img read more

Union drops lawsuit against Daily News

first_imgThe union representing most Department of Water and Power workers has dropped its lawsuit against the Daily News over publishing employees’ names, positions and salaries online and has agreed to pay $17,213 in attorney fees and costs. The settlement between the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 18, and the Daily News Publishing Company was reached Monday. The union filed in court Nov. 15 to have its lawsuit dismissed. The union representing nearly 8,500 DWP workers twice failed in Superior Court to persuade a judge to bar the newspaper from continuing to post workers’ salary information obtained under the California Public Records Act. In rejecting the union’s claims, Superior Court Judge Dzintra Janavs said Nov. 1 that the union had failed to show either a need to exempt all employees’ salaries from disclosure or to identify and show a need to exempt particular groups’ information from disclosure. AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREPettersson scores another winner, Canucks beat KingsThe Daily News reported earlier this year that DWP employees’ salaries average $76,949 a year or nearly 20percent more than the average Los Angeles municipal worker. Two years ago, IBEW Local 18 won a five-year contract guaranteeing worker raises of 16.8percent – and up to 28percent, depending on inflation. That contract helped drive a recent five-year contract with raises of about 23percent for most of the city’s 22,000 municipal workers. The Daily News first posted the DWP workers’ salary information online Sept. 30 at The California Supreme Court recently upheld that such information is not exempt from disclosure under the California Public Records Act and that disclosure does not constitute an “unwarranted invasion of personal privacy.” “The fact that the union dismissed its lawsuit says that they recognized it didn’t have any merit,” said James Chadwick, a media and entertainment-industry attorney representing the Daily News. The union’s agreement to pay $17,213 in fees and costs settled a lawsuit by the newspaper that alleged that the union’s action was a SLAPP case – a Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation, intended to prevent citizens from exercising their political rights or to punish those who have done so. “The California anti-SLAPP (statute) is designed for just this purpose, to make sure that when you’re sued in a meritless lawsuit you’re not forced to bear the costs. That’s why we filed an anti-SLAPP to dismiss the lawsuit, and that’s why they’re agreeing to pay our fees,” Chadwick said. Robert Dohrmann, the attorney representing the union, did not return calls Thursday. Brian D’Arcy, IBEW Local 18’s business manager, also did not return calls for comment. D’Arcy – who was paid $248,435 out of the nearly $6.5million in membership dues and assessments collected in 2006, according to IRS records – has been the driving political force behind the union, which historically has won some of the most lucrative contracts in the city. 818-713-3731160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more


first_imgWeekly NotesThe seniors and reserves suffered narrow defeats in their away fixtures against Downings on Saturday evening.Naomh Colmcille seniors travelled to Downings seeking to avenge their opening-day defeat; however they came up short by the narrowest of margins. Final score Downings 2-10 1-12 Naomh Colmcille. The second leg of the preliminary round of the Intermediate championship against Fanad Gaels is next up for the seniors at home next Sunday (tbc). A home win is needed to take the tie to a play-off. The reserves went down to a narrow 3 point defeat away to Downings on Saturday. Final score Downings 2-10 2-7 Naomh Colmcille. The reserves take on Fanad Gaels in the second leg of the preliminary round of the Intermediate reserve championship next Sunday (tbc), needing to avoid defeat to progress to the next round.Well done to the u8s who competed in their Northern board blitz at Glenswilly on Saturday; St. Eunans also took part. A special well done to the girls and younger players that took part. Great turn out by all. Thanks to Glenswilly for hosting.The u12s hosted Red Hughs in Newtown on Monday evening. The green and yellow teams both recorded great victories. The next match for both teams is at St. Eunans on Monday (3rd) at 7:00 pm.The u14 championship had to be re-drawn last week, so the scheduled game against Termon did not take place. The teams are now due to meet in Newtown later this month. See website and Facebook for more details and updates. The club’s Run for Funds 2013 took place on Friday and Saturday. Thanks to everyone who took part and supported it; a special thanks to the underage kids for their help with this fundraiser. Thanks also to Kernans Eurospar for letting us have the treadmill at their shop.A quiz night for the Feile team is being held at the clubhouse on Thursday (6th) at 9:00 pm. Everyone welcome, especially the Feile players and parents. Please support this vital fundraiser for the team.U10s have a blitz this Saturday (8th) – more details during the week by text and on Facebook/website.The Naomh Colmcille Cul Camp is due to take place on 8-12 July.You can now keep up to date with the latest club news on twitter: Go to and hit Follow. The club is again registered for the Sainsbury’s Active Kids scheme so please start collecting the vouchers on behalf of the club.Training and Match ScheduleThe use of mouthguards for all underage players will be compulsory from this year onwards, and for all ages (including seniors) from next year. More details available at; and on the club website.Information here is correct at the time of compilation of the weekly notes. Check the Training Schedule section on the club website for latest updates on training for all age groups. The page will be updated regularly throughout the week. Updates also on the club’s Facebook page. Subscription of €2 per player (up to and including minors) per week for training. Please make sure you bring your full kit (shorts, track bottoms, boots, sports top/hoodie/coat, drink). Remember a mouth guard is needed for training sessions as well as matches.New players most welcome for all teams. Come along to the session scheduled below, or contact the team coach/manager (contact details on the training schedule section of the club website) for details.U8. Training continues Saturday 8th June at 11:00 am sharp for one hour. U10 girls can also come to this session.U10. Training continues Friday 7th June at 6:30 pm sharp for one hour. Blitz on Saturday (8th); details during the weekU12. Training continues Friday 7th June at 6:30 pm sharp for one hour. Away match on Monday (3rd) at 7:00 pm against St. Eunans.U14. Training continues on Sunday (9th June) at 1 pm sharp for one hour (TBC).U16. Training continues on Monday (3rd) and Wednesday (5th) at 6:30 pm sharp for one hourMinors. See Facebook page and website for training updates during the week.Seniors / Reserves. Training on Tuesday (4th) and Thursday (6th) at 7 pm sharp. The session will run for 1.5 hours. Both teams are then home to Fanad Gaels in the championship next Sunday (times TBC). See Facebook and website during the week for updates.Naomh Colmcille Weekly LottoLast week’s numbers were 1, 7, 13, 18, 21. Columba O’Donnell matched 4 numbers and won €75. Lotto results and winners for this week will be included in next week’s notes. The Club would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone for their continued support of the Lotto as it gives the club the essential means of continuing to give our local kids and adults the chance to avail of a great and healthy pastime.GAA NEWS – NAOMH COLMCILLE CLUB NOTES was last modified: June 3rd, 2013 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:NAOMH COLMCILLE CLUB NOTESlast_img read more

Rhine Named MVC Women’s Basketball Player of the Week for the Sixth Time

first_imgRhine, who has won nine player of the week awards, is the first Bulldog since former standout Rachel Hackbarth (2011-12) to win the weekly award six times in one season. Her career total is already tied for fifth all-time in MVC history. Rhine leads the league in scoring (19.3) and field goal percentage (59.6) and ranks third in rebounding (8.3). Rhine helped Drake win road games at Indiana State and Evansville this past weekend. She averaged 19.5 points, 8.5 rebounds, 1.0 assist and 1.0 steal per game while shooting a blistering 71.4 percent (15-of-21) from the floor. Rhine scored a game-high 19 points, including knocking down the winning free throws in the 70-68 comeback win over the Sycamores. She added six rebounds, two assists and two steals in 30 minutes. Rhine followed that great performance with her seventh double-double of the season in the victory over the Purple Aces. She scored 20 points on 8-of-11 shooting and added a game-high 11 rebounds in just 20 minutes. ST. LOUIS – Sara Rhine (Eldon, Mo.) of the Drake University women’s basketball team is the Missouri Valley Conference Player of the Week for the sixth time this season, the MVC office announced Monday, Jan. 28.center_img Rhine and her teammates host Missouri State Friday night in a battle of the last two MVC teams undefeated in league action at 7-0 heading into their game. Tipoff at the Knapp Center is scheduled for 6 p.m. Print Friendly Versionlast_img read more

HDN tennis tournament highlights busy day

first_imgWith the weather expected to cooperate, several local teams will be back in action today, on several different sporting fronts.In prep tennis, Del Norte High is scheduled to host the Humboldt-Del Norte League doubles tournament, with Arcata looking to close out a near perfect season.The Tigers, who are undefeated as a team this spring with 13 wins, took four of the six singles league titles two weeks ago, and will be looking to carry that momentum into today’s action.Elsewhere in prep …last_img