Citing global economic instability UN predicts 5 million more jobless this year

23 January 2008The United Nations labour agency predicts that economic turbulence resulting from credit market turmoil and rising oil prices could lead to another 5 million people becoming unemployed this year. That is just one of the key findings the International Labour Office (ILO) released today in its annual Global Employment Trends report, which analyses the impact of factors – ranging from population and economic growth to financial crises – on labour markets.The report notes that the decrease in growth in developed economies owing to the credit market crisis and higher oil prices had so far been “compensated for in the rest of the world,” especially in Asia, which has witnessed strong economic and job growth.However, an expected slowdown in growth during 2008 could increase the global unemployment rate to 6.1 per cent, resulting in an increase of at least 5 million unemployed worldwide, the report warns.The forecast for this year differs from 2007, considered by ILO to be a “watershed year” in that it saw a stabilization of global labour markets with more people in work, some 45 million new jobs and only a small increase in the number of those unemployed, to a total of nearly 190 million worldwide. “This year’s global jobs picture is one of contrasts and uncertainty,” said ILO Director-General Juan Somavia. “While global growth is annually producing millions of new jobs, unemployment remains unacceptably high and may go to levels not seen before this year.”He added that although more people are currently employed than ever before, more jobs does not necessarily mean decent jobs. “Too many people, if not unemployed, remain among the ranks of the working poor, the vulnerable or the discouraged.”According to the ILO, an estimated 487 million workers – or 16.4 per cent of the total – still do not earn enough to surpass the $1 a day poverty line, and 1.3 billion workers (or 43.5 per cent) still live below $2 a day.“What is apparent is that economic progress doesn’t automatically translate into new and decent jobs,” said Mr. Somavia, emphasizing that “labour market policies must be at the centre of macroeconomic policies to ensure that economic growth is inclusive and that development involves good, decent work.”Decent work, as defined by the ILO, provides for opportunity and income; rights, voice and recognition; family stability; personal development; and fairness and gender equality. read more

Head of junior doctors in leadership challenge ahead of strike decision

first_imgSince then Dr McCourt has drawn up plans for five-day strikes in protest at the terms – despite previously describing the contract  as “safe” and “fair”. The doctors challenging her are members of Justice for Health, a campaign group which is waiting to hear the judgement of a High Court case which accused the Health Secretary of acted beyond his powers in forcing the contract’s imposition.Dr White said he and Dr Masood were seeking the leadership of the key committee, because they were concerned that the union was failing to properly communicate with its members and with the public. It comes amid deep divisions within the medical profession about the planned strikes, which senior doctors have urged the union to call off.Dr McCourt was only elected as chair of the BMA’s JDC in July.That followed the resignation of then chairman Dr Johann Malawana, when a poll of junior doctor rejected the contract he had backed. Dr Ben White (far left) and Dr Nadia Masood (far right) will challenge Dr Ellen McCourt to leadership of the BMA’s junior doctors committeeCredit:Alexander Christie Justice for Health outside High Court The junior doctor leading strike action is to be challenged over her position, as medics descend into war over whether to embark on week-long walkouts.A meeting today will see an attempt to depose Dr Ellen McCourt as chairman of the British Medical Association’s junior doctors committee (JDC) amid furious rows about plans for weeks of strikes.The medic – who has only been in post since July – will be challenged for the leadership of the committee by two junior doctors who believe the union has failed to communicate with its members, while leading them into the most extreme action in NHS history.The all-day meeting will decide whether to proceed with repeated five-day walkouts, which are due to start on October 5th. Senior medics and the head of the NHS have raised fears that lives will be lost if up to 50,000 doctors abandon their posts for a week a month, in the run up to Christmas. Last week, a meeting of the union’s council urged the committee to think again and to consider former of protest against their new contract which are less likely to put patients at risk.Now the JDC will meet to discuss whether to go ahead, or scale back or cancel action.Until now, strikes have been limited to two days.A number of doctors are calling for strikes to be restricted to such timescales, amid growing concern about the safety of strike action, as the NHS heads into winter, and fears of a public backlash.The union abandoned the first five-day strike – due earlier this month – following warnings that it was too dangerous, after receiving thousands of letters from thousands of doctors. Saturday’s all day meeting will hold elections, at which Dr Ben White and Dr Nadia Masood – two junior doctors who are leading a legal challenge against the contract – will jointly challenge Dr Ellen McCourt for leadership of the committee.center_img Junior doctors are due to embark on three five-day strikes starting on October 5Credit:Christopher Pledger A number of doctors have raised concerns that the BMA launched plans for five-day strikes, on the basis of a ballot almost a year ago, despite the fact opposition to the contract has fallen significantly, after a series of concessions were made.Over the last week, the union has begun polling thousands of members to see if they would really take part in week long action, ahead of Saturday’s crunch meeting.Dr White said he was opposed to the contract, but concerned that the BMA was failing to communicate properly with junior doctors, so it could represent their views.“I think it is really important that we can engage and convince the membership so that we can get a successful resolution to this matter,” he said.“Myself and Nadia want to get a feeling of unity among doctors and that is the best way to get a resolution,” he said. “The one thing we would want to change, to improve, is communication with members.”Dr White said he wanted to see the BMA consider actions other than five-day strikes, but that decisions should be based on the will of the union’s members.The meeting will examine the results of surveys and meetings of junior doctors across the country.“We need to take a decision very quickly, looking at the results of the survey and all the views of the members of the JDC,” he said.  “The survey is the biggest single source of data.”The junior doctor – who resigned from his post on live TV earlier this year, in protest to the new contract – refused to say if he would back week-long strikes but said: “I do have in mind some different things.”Both Dr White and Dr Masood were recently elected as regional JDC members and would remain so, supporting Dr McCourt, if they were not elected to replace her, he said.A spokeswoman for the BMA said the meeting was private and would not disclose any matters due for discussion.  Junior doctors protesting Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? 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British charity reverses decision to sell Somme battlefield after members fury

The sale of an historic Somme battlefield will be reversed after it provoked fury among a charity’s members. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. The Western Front Association (WFA) has been plunged into crisis since the revelation it sold the Butte de Warlencourt to former chairman Bob Paterson, reported in The Telegraph on Thursday.  WFA members were left surprised by its sudden sale and vented their anger about the lack of transparency around the… Outrage at the decision has led to four trustees of the heritage group resigning and an investigation from the Charity Commission. The Butte, an ancient artificial mound in France, was the site of fierce fighting between British and German forces during the Battle of the Somme in 1916. read more

Nyko Power Grip Pro triples 3DS battery life adds circle pad

first_imgThe 3DS had a bit of a rocky start when it first launched. The price was too high, the battery life was nowhere near as good as the DS, and Nintendo forgot to put a second circle pad on the device for your right hand.Two of those three problems have since been solved. The price got cut significantly and Nintendo said sorry to early adopters with the Ambassador’s Program. The second circle pad arrived in the form of a peripheral called the Circle Pad Pro. However, the battery life issue remains, but is apparently going to be solved by Nyko.The third-party peripheral manufacturer has announced it will start shipping the Nyko Power Grip Pro for Nintendo’s handheld in October. It takes the form of a case your 3DS sits inside, and actually servers three purposes.The most important feature it adds is a secondary battery unit which promises to triple the battery life of the device. You also don’t need to purchase the circle pad peripheral as the Power Grip Pro includes one, and actually looks less bulky than the official solution considering what else you are getting here. And finally, because it’s a case you don’t really need anything else to protect your 3DS from bumps and scratches.We don’t yet have a price for the Power Grip Pro, but the fact it replaces the need for two other peripherals as well as extending battery life means even a relatively high price may still be worth the investment.Nyko has previously released the Power Grip peripheral, formerly the Power Pak+, which also promised to extend battery life 3x. It didn’t include the circle pad or form a full case for the 3DS, but only cost $29.99. I can’t see the Pro version costing significantly more than that.via Engadgetlast_img read more

Steambox beta Valve will send 300 SteamOS prototypes to gamers

first_imgToday’s big Valve news didn’t turn out to be that big. Realizing that there’s no one solution for everyone, Valve has taken the SteamBox concept and worked with PC vendors to make multiple SteamOS devices that will henceforth be known as Steam Machines.This past year has been really interesting for gaming. We’ve seen the rise of underpowered mini consoles, like the Ouya, and a massive swell towards the new Microsoft and Sony consoles at the same time. It has become increasingly clear that there’s more than one kind of gamer, and there’s just no such thing as a “one size fits all” game console” any more. It seems that in lieu of a single console, Valve has opted to open the doors to multiple hardware manufacturers to stick SteamOS in a many different kinds of boxes to try and sell to as many people as possible.Steam Machines will be available later on to anyone who wants to buy them, and they will undoubtedly range in price and performance, but in order to kick things off it seems Valve has a present for 300 lucky Steam users. A reference Steam Machine, Valve’s prototype, will be available to a select few to test and help refile the SteamOS experience. In order to try and get your hands on one of these gems, you must follow the instructions on the Steam website and join the new Steam Universe community. As long as you meet their criteria, which includes having at least 10 friends (no doubt to test out Steam Family Sharing) you’ll be in the running to receive one of these devices.Curiously absent from this entire affair is any mention of a controller. Valve’s Gabe Newell lamented the end of video game controller innovation over the last few years, and had attempted to hire engineers to help breathe life into this apparently stale arena. We’ve even seen patent images for a modular controller, so at least the idea must exist in some capacity. Valve has since laid off most of their hardware team, and with no mention of a Steam Machine-specific controller today it’s not clear what happened to that idea.Fortunately, the Steam Living Room announcement page has one more timer counting down to 1PM on Friday, so it’s possible we’ll see the controller then. In the meantime, enjoy scrambling to be one of the lucky 300!last_img read more

Centrale de Tchernobyl un toit et un mur se sont effondrés dans

first_imgCentrale de Tchernobyl : un toit et un mur se sont effondrés dans un bâtimentMercredi, le service de presse de la centrale de Tchernobyl en Ukraine, a annoncé qu’un mur ainsi qu’un toit s’étaient partiellement effondrés mardi. Le personnel a été évacué par précaution mais il n’y aurait selon l’IRSN, aucune inquiétude. Alors que plusieurs groupes s’active actuellement à la construction du nouveau sarcophage, un incident s’est produit à la centrale de Tchernobyl, située dans le nord de l’Ukraine. Mercredi, l’agence de presse RIA Novosti a en effet annoncé qu’un mur de l’installation s’était partiellement effondré. Une information confirmée ce midi par Novarka, le consortium qui réalise la construction de la future enceinte de confinement et a ajouté qu’un toit s’était également écroulé.”Le 12 février dans l’après midi, une partie du toit du bâtiment annexe au sarcophage existant recouvrant le réacteur endommagé s’est effondré. Le poids de la neige et le vent semblent en être la cause”, a indiqué le consortium cité par les Toutefois, il n’y aurait selon lui aucun danger dans la mesure où il s’agit d’un bâtiment annexe situé plusieurs dizaines de mètres du sarcophage recouvrant les restes du réacteur accidenté de la centrale. Ainsi, il n’y a eu aucune victime et aucune hausse de la radioactivité n’aurait été constatée. “Le niveau de radioactivité à la centrale de Tchernobyl et dans la zone qui l’entoure demeure inchangé. Il n’y a pas de victimes”, a indiqué la centrale dans un communiqué.”Ce bâtiment annexe ne dégage pas de rayonnement. Novarka est en train d’effectuer toutes les mesures de contrôle de contamination surfacique. Celles-ci sont jusqu’à présent en dessous des seuils admissibles”, a encore précisé Novarka composé des deux géants Vinci et Bouygues. Près de 80 employés ont toutefois été évacués “par précaution” de la centrale nucléaire, ont indiqué les deux groupes français de BTP à l’AFP mercredi. Actuellement, l’opérateur de la centrale Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant établit un état de lieux afin de vérifier la stabilité du toit et de déblayer la neige qui est tombée. Un impact sur la construction du sarcophage ? À lire aussiMaladie de Charcot : symptômes, causes, traitement, où en est on ?Ceci permettra ou non de donner le feu vert à la reprises des travaux de construction de la nouvelle enceinte. Rapidement averti, l’Institut de radioprotection et de sûreté nucléaire (IRSN) a indiqué de son côté qu’il n’exprimait pour l’heure “pas d’inquiétudes”. “Le seul point à investiguer par l’autorité de sûreté ukrainienne sera l’éventuel impact sur le sarcophage”, indique-t-on ainsi à l’IRSN. La construction d’un nouveau sarcophage a été décidée pour remplacer la première enceinte construite à la va-vite suite à l’accident de la centrale de Tchernobyl en 1986 et dont le risque d’effondrement augmente d’année en année. En novembre dernier, la Banque européenne pour la reconstruction et le développement (Berd) a ainsi annoncé l’achèvement d’une partie de la structure. “La structure achevée est une partie du nouveau sarcophage destiné à réduire la menace de radioactivité sur le site : quelque 5.000 tonnes d’acier ont été élevées sur une hauteur de jusqu’à 22 mètres”.La structure finale doit peser un total de 29.000 tonnes, s’étendre sur 164 mètres de long et atteindre une hauteur de 110 mètres. Mais elle ne sera pas achevée avant 2015.Le 13 février 2013 à 16:18 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Statement on Expiration of the 2008 Farm Bill

first_imgThe 2008 law governing many of our nation’s farm policies expired on Sunday, September 30th, and the 2012 Farm Bill needed to replace it is bottled up in Congress. While the Senate and the House Agriculture Committees were both able to pass their versions of the new farm bill, the full House was unable to do so. While expiration of farm bill program authorities has little or no effect on some important programs, it has terminated a number of important programs and will very adversely affect many farmers and ranchers, as well as ongoing market development and conservation efforts. Following is a summary of these impacts.Programs Affected by Expiration of the 2008 Farm BillDairy producers will face considerable challenges. The Milk Income Loss Contract (MILC) program expired on Sunday. That program compensated dairy producers when domestic milk prices fall below a specified level. Without a new farm bill, dairy farmers are left with uncertainty and inadequate assistance. While milk prices are high enough that the price support program doesn’t kick in; unfortunately, there is no other safety net to help battle the highest feed costs on record.Many farmers, ranchers and agribusiness or agricultural processors benefit from the Foreign Market Development Program (FMD). FMD is a cost-sharing trade promotion partnership between USDA and U.S. agricultural producers and processors. The program pools technical and financial resources to conduct overseas market development. FMD helps maintain and increase market share by addressing long-term foreign market import constraints and by identifying new markets or new uses for the agricultural commodity or product in the foreign market. That funding, as well as specific funding for personnel to run the program at USDA, will run out at the end of October. Since 31 percent of our gross farm income comes from exports which also make a positive contribution to our Nation’s trade balance, trade promotion is an important part of our safety net. Other countries will most certainly take advantage of the fact that the program is rendered inoperable and will do what they can to steal our markets – and everyone knows, the hardest market to get is the one you lost.About 6.5 million acres rotates out of the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) this year. While current contracts are protected, no new signup will be allowed for CRP or the Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP). Both of these programs are voluntary land retirement programs that helps agricultural producers protect environmentally sensitive land, decrease erosion, restore wildlife habitat, and safeguard ground and surface water. In addition, there cannot be sign up for the Wetlands Reserve Program or the Grasslands Reserve Program.Both versions of the new Farm Bill contain funding for the disasters facing the livestock industry due to the drought. However, programs are currently only available for lack of forage, as well as death of animals.Most producers of fruits and vegetables do not have a safety net, but instead receive funding to augment the competitiveness of specialty crops through programs that enhance trade, promote cutting-edge research, and implement on- the-ground projects to protect crops from disease and invasive species. Funding for these programs ended when the Farm Bill expired.Numerous other programs, including energy, agricultural research, rural development and funding for new and beginning farmers could be added to this list of affected programs. The bottom line is that while expiration of the Farm Bill causes little or no pain to some, others face significant challenges.Programs Not Affected by Expiration of the 2008 Farm BillAlmost 80 percent of the Farm Bill’s cost is for nutrition programs – primarily the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), formerly commonly known as food stamps. Most recipients of nutrition program benefits will not be affected because the SNAP program did not need to be extended. Funds for nutrition assistance programs will continue to be provided to those Americans without issue.Farmers and ranchers who manage their risks using the farm bill’s crop insurance provisions will be unaffected because, like SNAP, those programs don’t expire. Nor do some of the conservation-related programs. In addition, most commodity-specific programs are largely covered by the 2008 Farm Bill since it applies to the 2012 crop year, rather than the 2012 fiscal year. The main challenge, however, will be in planning for 2013. This includes lining up the critical financial assistance needed from lending institutions which prefer, if not demand, to see business plans presented in black and white. That will be difficult when producers don’t know when to expect a new Farm Bill – or what type of financial safety net is likely to be included in that bill.Congress will return in mid-November for a lame-duck session prior to final adjournment in December. We will work to have the first order of business for the House of Representatives be to consider a new Farm Bill. We are urging our members to seek out their House members between now and the elections and remind them of the consequences of not having a new bill in place prior to adjournment at the end of the year.American Farm Bureau FederationAmerican Pulse AssociationAmerican Soybean AssociationNational Association of Conservation DistrictsNational Association of Wheat GrowersNational Barley Growers AssociationNational Corn Growers AssociationNational Council of Farmer CooperativesNational Farmers UnionNational Milk Producers FederationNational Sunflower AssociationUnited Fresh Produce AssociationUSA Dry Pea & Lentil CouncilU.S. Canola AssociationWestern Growers Associationlast_img read more

Bus fire ties up traffic near SW 112th Ave and Turnpike

first_imgSOUTHWEST MIAMI-DADE, FLA. (WSVN) – Traffic is backed up in Southwest Miami-Dade after a bus caught fire along Southwest 112th Avenue and the Florida Turnpike.Miami-Dade Fire Rescue firefighters responded to the scene and were able to put out the bus fire, Wednesday, at around 4:30 p.m., but the northbound on and off ramps to and from the turnpike, from Southwest 112th Avenue, are now blocked off. The southbound off ramp is also closed.The bus has been left damaged from the fire.According to fire rescue, all passengers on board were able to get off the county bus. There were no injuries.A second bus picked up the passengers.Please avoid the area if you can.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

Firefighters Aggressively Fighting Fire Near North Fork Road In Anchor Point

first_imgThe fire is burning off of a trail, making a access difficult, but not impossible for some of the fire brush trucks and firefighters on all-terrain vehicles. The nearest structure is within a half mile, however it was not immediately threatened. Due to the northerly winds that were blowing all day, the fire was moving south and away from the closest structure. Update at 9:00am- Monday: The North Fork fire is now estimated at 10 to 12 acres. 21 personnel are working on the fire. 2 Bulldozers have been ordered to work this morning and their helicopters come on shift at 10 this morning. Facebook0TwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享Update 1:40pm The North Fork Fire has seen some growth today due to winds picking up. According to the Alaska Wildland Fire Information website, the fire is now estimated at 44 acres and the cause is listed as Human Caused.  Update at 10:20 p.m.: The fire was reported at about 6:45 p.m. and was estimated at 6-7 acres and burning in spruce trees, grass and brush to the east of the intersection of Sandy Avenue and Whitney Street. The fire was reported as active on 100% of its perimeter with flame lengths 3-feet high. Howie Kent with the Division of Forestry says that forestry’s goal is to have the fire contained by Monday afternoon. Original Information:Firefighters and aircraft are aggressively working on a fire burning near the North Fork Road in Anchor Point Sunday night. About 20 firefighters from the Alaska Division of Forestry, Kachemak Emergency Services and the Anchor Point Fire & Emergency departments and two helicopters with water buckets were working on the North Fork Fire burning about 1.5 mile east of the Sterling Highway between mile 165-164. The Type 2 Initial Attack Yukon Crew is en route to join the effort to suppress the North Fork Fire. For more information, contact the Alaska Interagency Fire Information Office at (907)356-5511.last_img read more

Officials look to reform cannabis testing after disputes over potency

first_imgCannabis plant (Photo by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)How strong is the legal pot Alaskans buy over the counter? That’s a question that’s been raised in a dispute about potency levels among various cannabis businesses. Now, the state’s regulatory body is considering extra steps.Listen nowIn her report during the November 14th meeting of the Marijuana Control Board, Alcohol and Marijuana Control Office Director Erika McConnell announced it was time examine how businesses are testing legally grown cannabis.“Testing is the foundation of the regulated industry and it is what allows consumers to have confidences that they’re getting safe and uncontaminated product at a potency level that they’re comfortable with,” McConnell said Thursday in an interview.“Potency level” refers to how much THC is in a cannabis strain or product, similar to the percentage of alcohol per volume listed on a bottle of beer, wine or liquor. Generally more potent products command a higher price. Which can create a profit incentive for growers, who may get a benefit from higher potency results returned by the testing labs they send samples to. And, some allege that also gives testing labs an incentive to return more favorable results in pursuit of more clients. In a report by KTVA News, one business owner documented discrepancies between the same cannabis strains evaluated at Anchorage’s two licensed testing facilities.As the relatively new industry continues taking shape, regulators say that’s a problem that  needs to be fixed.“Testing can deviate, and so we’re looking to our processes to make sure they’re as standard and consistent as possible so that there aren’t deviations when the same product is tested by various labs,” McConnell said.To do that, the Marijuana Control Board is convening a working group made up of stakeholders from public health, the sciences and businesses in different sectors of the cannabis industry. The goal is that by the summer of 2018, there will be more consistent protocols for how to test cannabis. Under the existing regulations, there aren’t clear rules dictating consistent methods for evaluating samples. In fact, according to McConnell, AMCO isn’t aware if there’s even a scientific consensus or set of industry best-practices over the best evaluative techniques in a laboratory setting for determining potency.That might explain why two different businesses could return different results from similar samples.last_img read more

SWIFT says second bank hit by malware attack

first_imgSWIFT, the global financial messaging network that banks use to move billions of dollars every day, warned on Thursday of a second malware attack similar to the one that led to February’s $81 million cyber heist at the Bangladesh central bank.The second case targeted a commercial bank, SWIFT spokeswoman Natasha de Teran said, without naming it. It was not immediately clear how much money, if any, was stolen in the second attack.While SWIFT had previously warned that the Bangladesh heist was not an isolated incident, and said its core messaging system remained intact, confirmation of a second attack on a bank will likely increase scrutiny on the security of a network that is a linchpin of the global financial system.SWIFT said in a statement that the attackers exhibited a “deep and sophisticated knowledge of specific operational controls” at targeted banks and may have been aided by “malicious insiders or cyber attacks, or a combination of both.”The organisation, a Belgian co-operative owned by member banks and used by 11,000 financial institutions globally, said that forensic experts believe the second case showed that the Bangladesh heist “was not a single occurrence, but part of a wider and highly adaptive campaign targeting banks.”News of a second case comes as authorities in Bangladesh and elsewhere investigate the February cyber theft from the Bangladesh central bank account at the New York Federal Reserve Bank. SWIFT has acknowledged that that scheme involved altering SWIFT software to hide evidence of fraudulent transfers, but that the messaging system it controls was not compromised.In both cases SWIFT said insiders or cyber attackers had succeeded in penetrating the targeted banks’ systems, obtaining user credentials and submitting fraudulent SWIFT messages that correspond with transfers of money.In the second case SWIFT said attackers had also used a kind of malware called a “Trojan PDF reader” to manipulate PDF reports confirming the messages in order to hide their tracks.last_img read more

Gazipur fire death toll rises to 4

first_imgLogo of fire IllustrationThree more bodies were pulled out of the wreckage of a spinning mill in Faridpur of Sreepur upazila in Gazipur on Wednesday, taking the death toll to four, reports UNB.Two of the deceased are Shahjalal Mia and Anwar.Mohammad Aktaruzzaman, deputy director of Gazipur Fire Service Control room, said firefighters recovered the charred bodies of three more people after extinguishing the blaze at night.The bodies were sent to Shaheed Tajuddin Ahmad Medical College Hospital for autopsy.On Tuesday, a security guard, identified as Russel Mia, was burned to death after the fire broke out at the spinning mill around 2pm.Eighteen firefighting units extinguished the blaze after 12 hours of frantic effort. Valuables, including cotton and machineries, were destroyed in the fire.A three-member committee was formed to identify the cause of the fire.last_img read more

Black SciFi Enthusiasts Take to DC Awesome Con

first_imgPaige Freeman, Siesie Fenner, and Jillie Miller donned costumes of their favorite fictional characters at this year’s Awesome Con, held at the D.C. Convention. (Photo by Shantella Y. Sherman)Who said Black people don’t follow the comics?Black futurists came out in droves – replete with costumes – to celebrate the best of “geekdom” as thousands of superheroes, comic books, cosplay, and science fiction fans descended upon the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, June 3-5, in downtown D.C. for the Awesome Con tour.As if taking a page from one of Octavia Butler’s novels, Awesome Con included discussion panels, costume and trivia contests, gaming tournaments, and other activities, along with new exhibits such as the science and technology area. More than 200 artists, 300 vendor booths, and 50-plus celebrities from sci-fi, fantasy, action and adventure movies, television shows, and video games were on hand for the event.“A lot of Black people love science fiction and comics, but sometimes feel ostracized within the community to dress up or admit that they are at home watching a Doctor Who marathon to their friends,” District resident Corey Saunders told the AFRO. He and his girlfriend Charlotte Adams, also a D.C. resident, said cosplay – dressing as their favorite science fiction or comic book heroes – is almost ritual. “Charlotte and I met because when mutual friends asked us out to party, we both replied an Orphan Black marathon was on and couldn’t make it. We ended up watching it together – three years ago.”In addition to being able to dress up in costumes and meet fellow enthusiasts, celebrities from around the globe drop in on Cons to sign autographs, pose for pictures with fans, and encourage them to write the next great futuristic tale. Awesome Con, for instance, brought out Arrow and Torchwood actor John Barrowman, as well as Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D actor B.J. Britt, Doctor Who’s Jenna Coleman and Peter Capaldi, Cosplay’s BlackKrystal, and Futurama’s Samurai Jack, voiced by Phil Lamarr.Twyla Fisher, a Ward 8 sci-fi fan, told the AFRO she grew up on watching Count Gore De Vol on Channel 20’s Creature Feature and being scared out of her wits by the late night horror films he hosted. Fisher was thrilled to get autographs from both De Vol and Adam West, star of the 1960s television series Batman, this year and hopes that with the broader use of Black actors in television and film series, more Black viewers will come to love the genre.“There is something about the scientific and psychic imagination of programming like Orphan Black and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., that offer exciting ways of viewing life. The fact that so many of the new shows have major Black characters is impressive – just look at John Boyega coming from Attack the Block a few years ago to leading the Star Wars cast,” Fisher said. “It’s a powerful image. Now, if I could convince someone to create a Black version of River Song [a character on Dr. Who], life would be truly beautiful.”last_img read more

Incorporate art fashion in your daily wear

first_imgArt and fashion have always been tied together, and one takes inspiration from the other in an endless creative cycle.Experts list down some ways to include both in your day-to-day wear:-Introduce clothes in your wardrobe that have applied a multitude of heritage techniques such as the mukaish, zardozi and shibori. Due to their painstaking intricacy, they can very well be considered as art forms themselves. -Take fashion from the fifties for instance. An exquisite haute couture dress from the 1950s can look as immaculate as a beautiful painting or sculpture. Fashion in a rural village will always be different than what people would wear in a large metropolis. Regardless of who we are or where we live, our fashion choices constitute an expression that comes from within us. Also Read – Add new books to your shelf-Adapt tribal art form in your clothes.-Incorporate clothes in your wardrobe that are inspired from nature.-Fashion is a holistic reflection of life around you. For instance, post World War, when recession hit and women in Europe stepped out to work alongside men, their wardrobe needs changed. Fashion reflected that. -Fashion quite naturally draws heavily from the arts. But at the same time fashion has to serve a few other more important purposes. It has to fit someone else, appeal to his/her personal taste, and fit his/her budget. -Fashion isn’t a medium of self-expression alone. One needs empathy to be able to translate an objective brief into a tangible form of a garment that doesn’t just fit and feel fabulous but appeals well to the wearer’s senses and sensibility, while sticking true to the aesthetic values your brand exudes and stands for.last_img read more

TA hoping to bowl over Indian agents

first_imgBrett LeeImage Source: Reuters Former Australian cricketer Brett Lee has joined Tourism Australia’s ‘Friends of Australia’ program, in an effort to help capture the growing Indian tourism market.More than 70 Indian travel agents arrived in Melbourne this week to participate in a six-day India Mega Famil and Workshop (IMFW).Mr Lee will welcome the delegates with a personalised tour of the Melbourne Cricket Ground and an exclusive dinner at the famous stadium where he will share details of his career highlights, according to Tourism Australia.“India is a market that continues to deliver steady growth for Australian tourism and we are delighted to have someone of Brett Lee’s calibre to further raise the profile of Australia in India and to help us best align to our year 2020 target to secure higher visitor growth from this rising market,” Tourism Australia managing director Andrew McEvoy said.“India has great long term potential for Australian tourism and we continue to support its development via our recently launched India Strategic 2020 Plan to grow the Indian visitor market to Australia to more than AU$2 billion and up to 300,000 potential annual visitors by the end of the decade.”Although recently retired from international cricket, Brett Lee plays in the Indian Premier League (IPL) and has an established music foundation, Mewsic, in India.“Brett Lee has a huge profile in India, but also possesses deep credibility by demonstrating a high level of engagement and embracing Indian culture, as a result of his stellar cricketing career and ambassadorial and charity work in country,” Mr McEvoy said.As one of 160 ‘Friends of Australia’, Brett Lee emphasised his willingness to be a part of TA’s campaign.“Having travelled to India some 60 plus times, I now look forward, as a Friend of Australia ambassador, to encouraging Indians to visit this wonderful country and experience all that Australia has to offer,” Mr Lee said. Source = e-Travel Blackboard: P.Tlast_img read more

Travel South USA entices Aussies

first_imgGood old fashioned Southern hospitality was on full display at the Travel South USA workshop and sales mission, held at the Intercontinental Hotel in Sydney last night.The evening focused on informing travel agents of the unique experiences available to tourists in the southern states of South USA, including Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana and Tennessee, presenting the best of the South’s music, cuisine, culture and hospitality.In a prelude to last night’s event, an exclusive reception with Travel South USA representatives was held at the Double Bay residence of the Consul General of the United States of America, Hugo Llorens, on Monday night, with a special performance from Southern born and bread musician, Damien Horne.Addressing his guests at the reception, Mr Llorens spoke about the increasing importance of the United States’ long-lasting relationship with Australia, noting that the Prime Minister Abbott’s recent visit to the States was of great significance to the bilateral relationship.“The USA’s focus on this region reflects a fundamental truth – like Australia, we are an Asia Pacific nation and have, in fact, been committed to this region since 1836 when the first US consul was appointed to Sydney, making it the oldest, continuous diplomatic establishment in the Asia Pacific” Mr Llorens said.The trade and investment relationship between the two countries remains robust and strong, reaching one trillion dollars in total trade and investment, with tourism a major part of that investment.US travel and tourism exports count for 34 percent of US exports to Australia and with the US ranking as the number one long haul destination for Australians, Aussies are travelling to and spending money in the USA in record numbers.“Aussies are big spenders, enjoying shopping, wining and dining, tours, visiting attractions and historical and cultural sites, attending concerts and plays and they continue to spend more than ever before, with a record USD $6 billion dollars spent in 2013, a 12 percent increase on the previous year.”As one of the best performing origin countries, Australia has registered nine straight record years and with Qantas launching direct flights to Dallas Fort Worth in September, another record growth is forecast this year, expected to see visitor numbers to the Southern states increase significantly.“The entire travel South region has so much to offer to Australian travellers – from mountains to beaches, bayous to bustling cities, swamps to spas, alligators to antebellum mansions, South USA is abundant with unique, true American offerings in history, culture, cuisine and music.”Back row: Jennifer Littlejohn, Director of Marketing Tennessee Tourism, Geoffrey Hutton, C.E.O. Kent Marketing Sydney, Lisa Catron, National Sales Manager Memphis CVB, Kevin Langston, Deputy Commissioner for Tourism Georgia, Jonathan Lyons, Director of Public Relations Memphis CVB, Damian Horne, Singer/Songwriter Nashville, Lee Sentell, Director of Alabama Tourism, Liz Bittner, Executive Director Travel South USA.Front row: Kim Priez, Vice President of Tourism New Orleans CVB, Laurel Bennett, Director of Tourism Sales Nashville, Deana Ivey, Chief marketing Officer Nashville CVB, Mindy Shea, Director of Travel and tourism Industry Sales, Visit Savannah, Brandon Barnes, Director of International Sales Atlanta CVB, Carolyn Mears, Director of Sales Graceland/ Elvis Presley Enterprises.Source = ETB News: Lana Bogunovichlast_img read more

by The Associated Press Posted Mar 6 2019 10

first_img by The Associated Press Posted Mar 6, 2019 10:01 am PDT Jason Aldean to receive artist of the decade award at ACMs AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Emailcenter_img NASHVILLE — Reigning entertainer of the year Jason Aldean will receive the artist of the decade award at this year’s Academy of Country Music Awards in April.The ACM announced Wednesday that Aldean will join only five other honorees that have received the award since 1969, including Marty Robbins, Loretta Lynn, Alabama, Garth Brooks and George Strait.The award is given to a country artist or group who has dominated the genre over the decade through radio, digital media, sales and streaming, events, touring, television and artistic merit. With 13 ACM awards, Aldean has had four consecutive albums reach No. 1 on Billboard’s 200 albums chart and 16 No. 1 singles on Billboard’s country airplay chart, which tracks radio airplay.The ACMs will air live from Las Vegas on April 7 on CBS.The Associated Presslast_img read more

Three arrested five more wanted in 2016 murder plot

first_imgTHREE men were remanded in custody for eight days on Friday on suspicion of taking part in a plot to kill an underworld figure last year.Police told the court they have also issued arrest warrants for five more people – four foreign nationals and a Cypriot – in connection with the case.The three remanded suspects are a 30-year-old Turkish Cypriot, a 35-year-old Greek Cypriot and a 47-year-old Serb who is currently a convict at the central prisons, serving out a sentence for a drugs-related offence.They are suspected of having played a part in arranging or mediating for the arrival of two Serb hitmen, whose target is believed to have been Alexis Mavromichalis, aka ‘Alexoui’.Chief inspector Marcos Nikolettis told the court that on March 22, 2016, the force had received an urgent message from Belgrade Interpol notifying them of an impending contract killing.The Serbian authorities had been investigating a crime ring when they found out that a number of its members were in Cyprus plotting a murder.The court heard that one of the wanted men had contacted an unknown individual in Nicosia’s central prison, who eventually hired him to carry out the contract for €100,000.The pair had agreed that the man would hire the hitmen.Police said initial investigations showed that the possible target was Alexis Mavromichalis from Nicosia. It also emerged that the contact was Marios Christodoulou, aka Benny, currently doing life in jail for the killing of Phanos Kalopsidiotis and conspiracy to murder Mavromichalis.On March 24, Serbian authorities notified their Cypriot counterparts that the wanted man had traveled to Cyprus through the occupied areas, and that he was staying at the Saray hotel in north Nicosia.Serbian Interpol said he had meetings with Benny on March 22 and 23.On March 29, police were told that the man bought two tickets for two of the other wanted men to come to Cyprus.Two days later, the two arrived in Cyprus through the north where they were met by two of the suspects.On April 5, Serbian Interpol informed the police that two of the currently wanted men had returned to Serbia the previous day and would return at a later date to carry out the hit.On April 13, it was arranged for a down payment to be paid during a meeting in Thessaloniki, Greece.The two men returned to Cyprus three days later, again using Tympou airport in the north. The men arrived at around 3.40pm, but they left the island some three hours later after they had been tipped off that they were being monitored.Police told the court that Benny was the one who had sent €1,000 to the first wanted man to pay for his trip. He had also met him on March 22 and March 30.Benny was charged for Kalopsidiotis’ murder and later changed his plea to guilty and also admitting to conspiring to kill Mavromichalis and two other people.Police said they determined that on March 31, two of the wanted men were seen outside a cafeteria frequented by Mavromichalis in Nicosia.The gangland killing in April of businessman Andreas Rodotheou in Limassol coincided with the sentencing of Benny for the murder of four people in Ayia Napa last summer.Marios Christodoulou was handed four life sentences by the Criminal Court after admitting to orchestrating the murder of Phanos Kalopsidiotis, police officer Elias and his wife Skevi Hadjiefthimiou, and Albanian Yani Vogli, one of the shooters.The four were killed on June 23, 2016, in an Ayia Napa restaurant.Mavromichalis had testified that he suspected Rodotheou and a man named Giorgos Phenek wanted Kalopsidiotis dead because they had professional differences.Kalopsidiotis, according to Mavromichalis, considered the pair responsible for his father’s murder in 2014 and a gangland hit in the summer of 2012 that saw five people killed.Benny worked for Rodotheou and had been arrested in February 2015 in connection with a rocket attack in Nicosia that was meant to take out Mavromichalis but killed his 28-year-old bodyguard instead.The attack followed an incident at the Apoel fan club in which Benny was beaten by Mavromichalis and his men.You May LikeFigLeaf Beta AppHow to Become Fully Anonymous Online in Less Than 3 Minutes? Better safe than sorryFigLeaf Beta AppUndoClassmates.comLook For Any High School Yearbook, It’s FreeClassmates.comUndoTruthFinder People Search SubscriptionOne Thing All Liars Have in Common, Brace YourselfTruthFinder People Search SubscriptionUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoTurkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoRemand for pair in alleged property fraud (Updated)Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

Hon Chudi Ofodileco

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