Nikita Edwards: Linden’s newest attorney-at-law

first_imgBy Kizzy ColemanIn a simple but significant ceremony held at the High Court last week, Nikita Edwards was admitted to the Bar Association of Guyana.Her words after taking her oath before Chief Justice Roxanne George were, “Don’t let anybody tell you that you cannot do it, and do not let any situation tell you that you cannot do it. If you want it, fight for it.”Attorney-at-LawNikita EdwardsAnd a fight it was for the 30-year-old Edwards, who hails from the mining town of Linden. Born as one of four children to parents whose occupations were cook and baker respectively, this vibrant young woman knew at an early age that any dream of hers had to be attained through diligent efforts.Edwards was taken under the wings of an aunt and a grandmother who provided for her, but she yet faced many financial challenges. Fortunately for her, though, her potential was noticed by many strangers, who assisted her.From a young age, she developed a love for the NBC hit series Law and Order, which focuses on the apprehension and prosecution of criminals.Edwards relayed: “Growing up, I always watched Law and Order. I always admired how the lawyers would dress and go to court; and one time, my grandmother told me, I was sleeping and in my sleep I was yelling, ‘Objections, Your Honour!’ So, from a young age, I always wanted to become a lawyer,” Edwards detailed.After completing her secondary education, Edwards knew that she wanted a career in the judicial field; however, her financial circumstances were such that would prevent her from pursuing same, so for a little while Edwards contemplated teaching, but later questioned that decision.“Sometimes you have so many dreams, but you also know that your family would not have the financial means to assist you. And for some people, you throw away your dreams because you also know that, and the reality is you don’t have it. But I was encouraged to keep pressing. Like I said, I contemplated teaching, but then how can I be a teacher and tell children that they could be the best that they could be when I myself wasn’t even trying to be the best that I could be?” Edwards reasoned.Nevertheless, she commenced her studies at the University of Guyana in 2009 with the belief that God would bless her efforts; and bless her efforts He did.Reflecting now on her achievement, Edwards commended herself for taking the leap and hoping for the best possible outcome to her journey.“You ask yourself, ‘How am I going to find $6 million to pay for law school?’ I still needed to live, I still needed to eat. I applied for a scholarship and I got through, and I knew that that was the grace of God. And I’m here today. Hugh Wooding was two of the best years of my life. I met folks that I would keep forever. I wouldn’t trade my experiences for anything in this world,” the attorney said.Further, Edwards expressed her gratitude towards her family and friends who, according to her, made it possible for her. And, as such, she shares her accomplishments with them.Her journey, she hopes, acts as a testimony to encourage young persons in Guyana with a fire in their hearts for something great to keep pushing after their dreams.Justice George encouraged Edwards thus: “Legal Aid collaborates with Rights of the Child…I’m happy that you have started there. Expect to keep the high standard of work, and always overcome obstacles. Be assured that that part of your journey has ended, but similar assiduous is needed.”She added, “Be careful, and be frank with clients. Earn your reputation. Start from day one. Command the respect of the court and your colleagues; and do yourself, family, and whoever you may work for proud.”last_img read more