The 9 at 9 Tuesday

first_imgEvery morning brings you the nine stories you need to know a little before 9am.1. #STICK TO THE PLAN: The state’s fiscal watchdog has warned the Government to push ahead with the planned €2 billion budget reduction next year.2. #GOING BACK:  275 US military personnel are being deployed to Baghdad to help American personnel and protect the embassy.3. ‘NO SURRENDER’: Mortgage advisers the IMHO are calling on people who aren’t being offered a sustainable debt solution to stop paying their mortgage and remain in their homes.4. #JUMANJI: A couple in their 50s have been rescued in a five-hour operation after becoming stranded in what rescuers described as a very dense rhododendron forest.5. #BOAT DISASTER: Families of asylum-seekers killed in a shipwreck off Australia’s Christmas Island in 2010 are suing the government, arguing it breached its duty of care.6. #MEDICAL MARIJUANA: Junior Minister Alex White has said that he does not think Ireland is in a position to fully legalise cannabis but that he keeps “a very close eye” on what’s happening internationally.7. #MH370: Search teams looking for the airliner say they have now calculated the plane’s most likely flight path and a “hotspot” in the southern Indian Ocean in which it most likely came down.8. E-CIGARETTES: The British Medical Journal has found that 37% of people surveyed in Ireland believe that e-cigarettes are harmful.9. #ON YISSER BIKES: More people with higher incomes who have their own cars are choosing to cycle to work.last_img read more