Students Perform Well in Provincial Elementary Mathematics Assessment

first_imgTwo of every three Grade 3 students met expectations in Nova Scotia’s first provincial elementary mathematics assessment. Results of the Early Elementary Mathematical Literacy Assessment were released today, Feb. 19. The assessment included mental math, computation and problem-solving and measured the full range of math concepts students are expected to grasp by the end of Grade 3. “This assessment is giving parents, teachers and school boards valuable information that will help to ensure all students get the best possible start in mathematics,” said Education Minister Karen Casey. The assessment, administered to almost 10,000 Grade 3 students last June, highlights each student’s strengths as well as areas needing further development. Sixty-seven per cent of students met expectations, with more than 16 per cent of students demonstrating particularly strong performance in the assessment. Students scored highest in basic mental calculation and number facts, scoring a provincial average of 88 per cent. Students also did well in counting, interpreting data and probability tasks, scoring more than 80 per cent, on average. Satisfactory performance on the assessment was set at 67 per cent, a standard that reflected the level of understanding students need as a foundation for future success in mathematics. “We set high expectations with this assessment and I am pleased that so many students met that standard,” said Ms. Casey. “Although students performed well overall, I know we can do better. “These results will help improve student achievement.” Individual student results will be sent home to parents and guardians beginning this week. Each report will indicate whether the student is meeting or not yet meeting expectations. Teachers of students not yet meeting expectations will contact parents to discuss the results. Teachers will use information from the assessment to select specific instructional strategies to strengthen students’ math skills and to address the identified needs of students not yet meeting expectations. The Department of Education is providing teachers with Mathematics 4: A Support Resource. The resource, created by the department and a team of Nova Scotia teachers with expertise in elementary mathematics, provides teachers with information and instructional strategies to improve each student’s understanding of mathematics. More information on the Early Elementary Mathematical Literacy Assessment can be viewed at read more