Conference Focused on Energy Security Jobs and the Environment

first_img continuing to implement the measures agreed to in the 2001 Climate Change Action Plan and encouraging both the Canadian and United States’ national governments to follow the lead of Eastern Canada premiers and New England governors; Important steps were taken to protect the priorities of NovaScotians at this year’s conference of New England Governors andEastern Canadian Premiers, Premier John Hamm said today. “From working to ensure that we don’t suffer from powerblackouts, to improving the trade links we need for more jobs andgrowth, the major issues for Nova Scotia’s future were discussedat this year’s conference,” said the premier. The 28th conference of New England Governors and Eastern CanadianPremiers concluded today, Sept. 9, in Groton, Conn. Among theresolutions adopted were: PREMIER’S OFFICE–Conference Focused on Energy, Security, Jobsand the Environment encouraging the International Northeast Biotechnology Corridor to seek funding from the private and public sectors to help expand the region’s life sciences sector – a key part of Nova Scotia’s economic growth strategy, Opportunities for Prosperity; urging the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to reconsider the regulatory revisions which impact on the 1990 Canada/U.S. Clean Air Agreement. directing the conference’s Trade and Globalization Committee to take further action in a number of key areas, such as reducing transportation regulations and convening a Border Security and Open Trade Conference in 2004 in New Brunswick; public security officials from the states and the provinces will work more closely on sharing best practices and information on security, organized crime, terrorism and protecting critical infrastructure, culminating in a Northeast Homeland Security Conference in Quebec City next year; the Northeast International Committee on Energy will work with the Canada-U.S. Joint Task Force, investigating the Aug. 14 power outage, to identify additional measures to safeguard the power supply in Eastern Canada and New England; Ross McCurdy of InnovaCorp delivered a presentation on NovaScotia’s growing life sciences sector. Colin MacDonald ofClearwater spoke about the need to change proposed new FederalDrug Administration (FDA) regulations which would hamper NovaScotia’s fish exports to the United States. “This was a real team effort on behalf of the people of NovaScotia,” said Premier Hamm. “Our province’s economy depends onthe success of our relationship with New England.” The premier also used the conference as an opportunity to discusswith Maine Governor John Baldacci securing pre-clearance rightsfor the Halifax International Airport.last_img read more

UN peace messenger Muhammad Ali encourages Afghan children to prepare for future

The former boxing champ said young Afghans would succeed if they readied their minds for the challenges of life, by studying hard, respecting teachings and following guidance.He also exhorted them to prepare their bodies, by practicing physical activity and sports, and to have faith, which, he said, “will help you through the most difficult days.”Mr. Ali said he had seen in Afghanistan that the humanitarian community had achieved much by working together with the country’s government and people. “To see young girls studying, knowing that they had been denied opportunities to learn for many years, was inspiring.” But above all, his visit showed him not just the Afghanistan of today, but of the future. “That tomorrow will be your tomorrow, and the world must not fail you,” he said.The Peace Messenger also voiced gratitude to the Afghan children. “I want to thank you, my young friends, for showing me how strong you are in spite of the hardships your country still faces,” he said. “You are the life and soul of Afghanistan.” read more