Kuwait Revokes Citizenship of Muslim Cleric over Gaza Statements

Tinjedad – The Kuwaiti government has reportedly revoked the citizenship of a well-known Muslim cleric along with nine more other citizens over their “statements in solidarity with Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.”Among the ten people affected by the government’s decision, Nabil al-Awadhi, a prominent Islamic cleric who, is reportedly close to the Islamic brotherhood.Based on article 13 of the Kuwaiti citizenship law, the Kuwaiti cabinet, in its weekly meeting led by Prime Minister Sabbah Khaled Al-Hamad Al-Sabbah, decided to revoke the citizenship of ten people. In his response to the decision, the Muslim cleric wrote in his official twitter account in Arabic saying:“I will remain faithful to my country Kuwait, loyal to his Highness my Prince, loving and advising to my people of Kuwait, and I pray for Allah to protect Kuwait and its people from all evil.”????? ???? ?????? ?????… ?????? ????? ????? ?????… ????? ?????? ???? ?????? ????… ????? ???? ?? ???? ?????? ?????? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??— ???? ??? ?????? (@NabilAlawadhy) August 11, 2014According to AFP, Human Rights Watch issued a statement on Sunday denouncing the decision, which it regarded as a “crackdown on people seeking reform.”“No government has the right to strip away its people’s citizenship simply because it disapproves of them, their opinions, or their actions,” HRW’s Joe Stork was quoted by AFP as saying.“This is yet another downward step in Kuwait’s assault on the right to free speech,” he added, urging the government to reverse its decision. read more