LG Optimus G2 video leaks

first_imgWe’ve known for a little while now that the LG Optimus G2 was right around the corner, but leaks from multiple sources have now painted a very clear picture of what we can expect from LG’s soon-to-be flagship.LG’s Optimus line has never been particularly successful, despite being great phones. The Optimus G and Optimus G Pro were AT&T exclusives in the US, and were both poorly advertised and released too close to devices that had received much more hype. One of those phones was LG’s own Nexus 4, and despite being less of a phone than the Optimus G, received much more attention with Google’s help.According to our sources, LG is planning a much bigger launch with their next flagship, with the intention to release the phone on multiple carriers and focus on a larger marketing plan. The phone is called the Optimus G2, and from what we can see in these new leaks the phone looks both unique and impressive.LG is taking a unique approach to the volume rocker and power button on the Optimus G2 by placing them on the back, under the camera and flash. It looks like LG has kept its unique color ring around the power button, which puts the notification light for this phone on the back in between the volume buttons. The screen looks like it could be a 5-inch 1080p display, but there’s no confirmation of that. There have also been rumors of a Snapdragon 800 processor with 2GB of RAM and a 13MP camera, which would put the G2 right in line with the other flagships on the market today.LG’s UI seems to have gotten an update, but a lot of the same visual issues are present. The notification tray is nearly half full with LG’s quick access software, and since they have done away with the front buttons the UI has shifted to the on screen buttons. These buttons are also heavily edited by LG, to include color shifts that match whatever is going on with the rest of the screen at the time. In the past, LG’s software has been one of the biggest downsides to their phones, and unfortunately it seems like a lot of those downsides are present in this leak.LG will be officially revealing the phone in a couple of weeks in NYC, so there’s not long to wait and see what this phone is capable of.last_img read more