Microsoft Wont Secretly Shove Windows Upgrade Files Onto Your PC Any More

first_img The whole Windows 10 upgrade experience was a bit of a mixed bag. Microsoft offered it for free to everyone running Windows 7 and 8, which was cool… but some of their upgrade tactics were rather ill-advised.One of Microsoft’s more egregious missteps would have to be when they decided to download the massive bundle of Windows 10 installation files onto users’ computers without asking for permission. Now, they’ve promised to never to that again. Well, at least to never do it again in Germany.Back in December of 2015, a German consumer rights group filed a lawsuit against Microsoft for the unwanted downloads. This week their Microsoft Germany issued a press release that stated they “will not download install files for new operating systems to a user system’s hard disk without a user’s consent.”Of course, Windows 10 may actually be the last “new operating system” Microsoft releases for a really, really long time. Things like the Creators Update might still be fair game because they’re not technically new OSes… which would make the actual impact of Microsoft’s promise limited in more ways than just geographically.So what caused the fuss, anyway? Microsoft offered a couple different explanations for what happened. One was that the upgrade was offered as a recommended update and accidentally checked to install by default. The other was that it was done “as a courtesy,” but folks who blew through their data caps and were left staring at overage charges from their ISPs didn’t really see things that way.The angry social media posts came in droves, and one outraged travel agency owner decided to take Microsoft to court over the unannounced upgrade. She wound up taking the company to court and suing for lost income after the Windows 10 upgrade rendered her computers useless for “days at a time.” Her case was ultimately settled for $10,000 — though no wrongdoing was admitted. The Windows Start Menu Will Soon Run in Its Own ProcessWindows 10 May Learn to Automatically Remove Updates That Bork Your PC Stay on targetlast_img read more