Amazon orders secondgen Kindle Fire from Foxconn

first_imgThe launch of the Kindle Fire is less than a month away, and based on pre-order figures that have already reached the 250,000 mark, Amazon needs a lot of stock to cope with day-one demand.Even so, Jeff Bezos seems to be looking ahead, and has apparently just placed an order for a second-generation Kindle Fire to be delivered early next year. What must come as a surprise and blow to Quanta is the fact the order has been placed with Foxconn for delivery in early 2012. Quanta, as you may know, is handling first-generation Kindle Fire production.The phrase “second-generation” can mean many things. It could be an updated product, a brand new product, or just the existing device with different internals. As this second-gen Kindle Fire is being delivered early next year it’s highly unlikely we’ll see an updated 7-inch device with new features. That would just be a slap in the face for early adopters.With that being the case, there are two options left. Either Amazon has already figured out a cheaper way to make the existing 7-inch Kindle Fire. Or, a larger Kindle Fire is set to appear, possibly with a 10-inch display.As months pass and components shrink, it’s possible to make the same device for less money by combining parts or even sourcing them from different suppliers. This is something companies like Sony and Microsoft do regularly with the PS3 and Xbox 360 internals. So it’s not unfeasible Amazon has found a cheaper way to make the 7-inch Kindle Fire, and Foxconn turned out to be the cheapest manufacturer quoting for the work.If a larger Kindle Fire is in the works, then sourcing it from Foxconn makes sense as they are the manufacturer who takes care of iPad production. In other words, they have the equipment and expertise in place to produce 10-inch devices in the millions.via DigiTimeslast_img read more