Black Lightning Season 2 Episode 10 Recap Cant Run Forever

first_img As romantic as the idea of two superpowered teens on the run is, it was going to have to come to an end sometime. Black Lightning spent the last two episodes before the break on Jenn and Khalil avoiding Cutter and staying one step ahead of Black Lightning and Thunder. The show knew it had one more of those in it tops, and wisely decided to move on to the next plot point of the season. As painful a transition as that turned out to be. Going back home was never going to be easy.Going into this episode, even after a few weeks off, I wasn’t sure I was on board for another hour of Jefferson and Anissa searching for these kids. Even with superheroes as cool as this, there’s only a certain amount of time you can watch them do the same thing over and over again. That’s why it works when most of the episode focuses on Khalil and Jenn in their hideaway. Khalil brings her to a train car he’s turned into an apartment. A place not even Tobias Whale knows about. He even has some of the finest Top Ramen on hand for dinner. The episode gets them back to the early days of their relationship. Jenn looks back fondly at how nervous and cute Khalil was when he first asked her out. The whole scene has the air of two nervous kids taking their first forays into romance, not knowing how to proceed. It’s sweet, awkward and adorable. Though Jenn makes it clear she doesn’t want to have sex that night. She doesn’t want her first time to be as a fugitive on the dirty floor of a train car. Which, you know, fair.Nafessa Williams as Thunder — Photo Credit: Jace Downs/The CWProbably a good thing they didn’t too, because Lynn isn’t far away. Despite Jefferson telling her to stay home where it’s safe, she did some detective work of her own. She visited Khalil’s dad and found out about a few places Khalil could go that Tobias doesn’t know about. It was way more effective than anything Jefferson’s tried recently, which is what makes his incredulity a little obnoxious. I get it, you want to keep your family safe, but she just narrowed your search area down to like five locations. Show a little thanks. Lynn unknowingly goes right outside the train car containing Jenn and Khalil. Not knowing which car to look in, she shouts a plea for her daughter to come home. Jenn doesn’t respond, but the words sink in. They won’t be able to keep running forever. She realizes she doesn’t want to just survive with Khalil, she wants a life. Khalil hears where she’s coming from, and agrees to take her home. It’s a well-communicated, earned moment of character growth you don’t always get from superhero TV.Khalil takes Jenn home, where the emotional family reunion is tempered by Jefferson having to be physically held back from attacking Khalil. Eventually, they talk things out, and Jefferson’s able to convince Khalil to turn himself in to the police. It’s the only way he’ll get to stop running, and he’ll ideally be protected from Tobias. I say ideally because from this moment on, you know how this is going to go. Henderson may be a good cop, but there are still plenty of bad ones in Freeland. Nobody should know that better than Jefferson at this point. I don’t know why he thinks this time will be any different. So event though Khalil agrees to turn himself in, as long as he can see his mother first, word somehow gets back to Tobias. Black Lightning makes a deal with Henderson, and oversees the handoff of Khalil into police custody. Then, and here’s the part where I was screaming at the screen, he goes home. Like the job’s done. Dude, Jefferson being the older, more experienced superhero  is the whole premise of the show. How does he not know to follow the SWAT truck just to make sure it gets to its destination safely? Because we all know it’s not going to.Marvin “Krondon” Jones III as Tobias — Photo Credit: Jace Downs/The CWAnd right on schedule, the police convoy comes across an overturned car with what appears to be an unconscious woman lying in front of it. This is immediately suspicious to everyone except, it seems, the upstanding officers of the Freeland Police Department, who must all have suffered some serious head trauma recently. How do they not know a trap when they see one? Surprise, the unconscious woman wasn’t unconscious at all! It was Cutter. And she lives up to her name, cutting up every cop in sight, breaking Khalil out and hand-delivering him to Tobias. What happens next is shockingly brutal for The CW. Even for a show like this one that isn’t afraid to get real dark once in a while. Tobias forcefully takes his tech out of Khalil. He rips the metal spine right out of his back. It’s not often this show can make me cringe and back away from the TV, but that did it. The shock just makes the following image, when they dump him in front of the church and the reverend prays over him, all the more powerful. Damn, I really hope they didn’t just kill off Khalil.There wasn’t much action in this midseason return of Black Lightning. That’s kind of a shame because of all the CW superhero shows, this one consistently has the best fight scenes. Even without them though, this episode did what the show desperately needed it to do. It got us out of the story we’d spent the last few episodes trapped in, and started moving this forward again. It gave us some great, authentic character moments and some real emotional punch. Plus, we finally got an idea of what’s in that briefcase Tobias has been carrying all season. Remember that computer scientist he charmed into working for him? He cracked the code on the ASA briefcase. It turns out the ASA was trying to create super metahumans. I wonder if we’ll see some of the ramifications of that experiment in the near future.Black Lightning airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on The CWPreviously on Black Lightning:Black Lightning Season 2, Episode 9 RecapBlack Lightning Season 2, Episode 8 RecapBlack Lightning Season 2, Episode 7 Recap Stay on target ‘Black Lightning’ Season 2 Finale Recap: Preparing for War’Black Lightning’ Season 2, Episode 15 Recap: With Great Power last_img read more