Amazon confirms Kindle Fire will have Netflix

first_imgIf you were taking a look at how the Kindle Fire compares to the Nook Tablet, you may have noticed that the Nook Tablet was the one launching with Netflix preinstalled. Well you can cross that advantage off the of the Nook’s list, as Amazon announced the Fire will also run the popular streaming service.Up to this point, it wasn’t clear whether Amazon would support Netflix on their tablet. After all, they want to sell you Prime memberships for your video streaming needs. While Prime has a solid (and growing) content selection in its own right, many customers were left wondering whether the cheaper Kindle Fire would run the service that they are already subscribed to.The news is a major blow to the Nook Tablet. While B&N’s seven inch slate has slightly better hardware specs than the Fire, it’s trailing in the software department. Being able to say “our tablet runs Netflix, theirs doesn’t” would have been a huge boon for Barnes & Noble. If Amazon can make it clear to customers that they support Netflix as well, this could steal some significant sales away from their rival.We will likely see a delicate balancing act by Amazon in promoting the Netflix capabilities. While making it known will divert sales away from the Nook Tablet, making it too known could divert sales away from Amazon Prime. Prime is part of the reason that the tablet can be sold at a subsidized $200, so the company obviously doesn’t want everyone using Netflix in its place.No matter what this means for Amazon, this is undoubtedly a win for customers. If you’re already a Netflix subscriber who wants to buy the Fire, that means you don’t have to pay Amazon $79 per year to stream TV and movies on your tablet. Many customers will still join Prime anyway, but the fact that you don’t need to in order to unlock the full capabilities of your tablet is huge.Amazon also announced that Pandora and Facebook would be available at launch for the Kindle Fire. There was no mention of Hulu Plus, so that is still one big feather that Barnes & Noble can stick in their tablet’s hat.More at Amazon, via Liliputinglast_img read more