Nyko Power Grip Pro triples 3DS battery life adds circle pad

first_imgThe 3DS had a bit of a rocky start when it first launched. The price was too high, the battery life was nowhere near as good as the DS, and Nintendo forgot to put a second circle pad on the device for your right hand.Two of those three problems have since been solved. The price got cut significantly and Nintendo said sorry to early adopters with the Ambassador’s Program. The second circle pad arrived in the form of a peripheral called the Circle Pad Pro. However, the battery life issue remains, but is apparently going to be solved by Nyko.The third-party peripheral manufacturer has announced it will start shipping the Nyko Power Grip Pro for Nintendo’s handheld in October. It takes the form of a case your 3DS sits inside, and actually servers three purposes.The most important feature it adds is a secondary battery unit which promises to triple the battery life of the device. You also don’t need to purchase the circle pad peripheral as the Power Grip Pro includes one, and actually looks less bulky than the official solution considering what else you are getting here. And finally, because it’s a case you don’t really need anything else to protect your 3DS from bumps and scratches.We don’t yet have a price for the Power Grip Pro, but the fact it replaces the need for two other peripherals as well as extending battery life means even a relatively high price may still be worth the investment.Nyko has previously released the Power Grip peripheral, formerly the Power Pak+, which also promised to extend battery life 3x. It didn’t include the circle pad or form a full case for the 3DS, but only cost $29.99. I can’t see the Pro version costing significantly more than that.via Engadgetlast_img read more