NFCpowered Geak ring grants the wearer new smartphone controls

first_imgWhile NFC seems to be taking the slowest possible route to becoming useful in the US, China-based Geak has put out a ring that grants smartphone owners unique unlock and sharing capabilities.The problem with NFC right now is that you have to think about it. You could automate an incredible amount of the daily tasks on your phone if you took the time to program a handful of NFC tags and place them throughout your life. That takes time, and a little bit more know-how than the average smartphone user thinks they have. Until ISIS and Google Wallet get over themselves and start aggressively pushing NFC based payments in the US, the tech isn’t likely to spread any faster than the snail’s pace we have today. In China, however, there’s a company about to release an NFC embedded ring with matching software on their phones that allows you to do quite a bit just by wearing the ring and owning their phone.Geak rings are an impressive combination of hardware and software that allows the user to access a list of NFC based features that, while not new in the slightest, become much more interesting when you can wear the trigger mechanism on your finger. You can unlock your phone just by picking it up with the hand that has the ring attached, allowing the NFC chip to serve as your password. You can push contact information to your ring and then tap the back of another phone to send your business card. The Geak phones come with a tool they have built to make these features automatic, with no NFC programming required from the user.Geak plans to make this software available to other phones in the future but for now the Geak ring will only work with their phones. The Geak website refers to a proprietary technology that drives this new ring, with no real information on the website about how the ring works in real world examples. As this is likely just a secure NFC chip, it wouldn’t be terribly hard to buy a ring and enable many of these features on any other NFC capable phone, but the Geak software is part of what makes this ring especially useful.It’s too early to say whether or not we’ll be sharing contact information Wonder Twins style here in the US anytime soon, but the idea of an NFC based ring to enable additional control over your smartphone is a very interesting idea.last_img read more