Former Chief Minister Mike Misick to run as an Independent candidate in

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Related Items: Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, TCI, June 29, 2016 – Michael Misick today announced that he will offer in the upcoming General Elections and while he is not running on the PNP ticket due to some party in fighting, he is running as an independent who still bleeds yellow.  “It’s new grounds for me, because if you cut me you will see PNP, you will see yellow in my blood.  That’s why I say it’s a difficult day for me, but I believe it’s the best decision for this country because I believe i have a contribution to make.”The former premier had a list of what he believes should be done, could have been done and must be done for a better Turks and Caicos and pushed an anti-colonialism message that made the current administration, in particular the current premier Rufus Ewing seem like putty in the hands of the UK.  He believes too many people are neglected. “These things cannot continue to go on.  So one of the most important thing in our country is representation for our people.   And unfortunately, this PNP, people don’t feel like they can call them.”He pointed out that he and Hon Rufus Ewing are different types, and Mike likened his leadership style to Moses of the Bible; “And I was a politician before him.  I’m a PNP, my views are known to them, some of these things I’ve said now, I said to them two years ago, and so sometimes you have to do things yourself,” where he wants to see his own people empowered and makes no allowance for the British to be boss or to for Turks and Caicos Islanders to be experimental guinea pigs. “You know I’m sick and tired of these people experimenting with us, as if we are guinea pigs.” Misick slammed the current policy allowing the Integrity Commission to run as hound dogs and not watch dogs as he put it, and said the country could actually make use of Haitians who come in illegally by boat.  “Instead of sending everyone back home, maybe we could encourage some form of farming, so that it helps the country as well as it helps others.” Michael Eugene Misick said that he should not have to wait until after the SIPT Trials alleging he was corrupt in office.  “It will no longer cause me to delay and delay and delay.  Delay for what?   $60 million dollars, and there is no evidence of any corruption.”And when Magnetic Media asked him why he did not get done the things he believes should have been done when he was in government from 2003 to 2009; there was this.  “We thought we had at least two more years left in that term and at least couple more terms.  And so, quite frankly, we ran out of time, the British government intervened, they overthrew a legitimate government.”As to a question about this electability…. Michael Misick is certain that he will secure enough of the 7,727 Voters to be among the five at large candidates in the House of Assembly following the 2016 run-off.  “I believe, I believe, do you believe, do you believe in Turks and Caicos.”last_img read more