Barbados PM calls for end of gun violence

first_imgPrime Minister Mia Mottley has sent a clear message about the lawless behaviur and gun violence in the society, stating that it has to end.Mottley made her thoughts known on Sunday when she sat down with well known  journalist David Ellis for a wide-ranging 90-miniute interview. According to the Prime Minister, there is a conversation that she, Minister of Youth and Community Empowerment, Adrian Forde, and the Minister of Home Affairs, Edmund Hinkson, must have with the country.Substantive programs for young people “In order for us to do that [stop gun violence], we have to put in the time and go and engage. This is not a case of being able to use the heavy arm of the law on people. This is a case of sitting down and talking with people and putting structures in place. The Ministry of Youth has to put back in place substantive programs for young people.… Unless you have young people in structured activity, the devil is going to find work for idle hands,” she contended.Mottley said the Minister of Youth and Community Empowerment had “an extremely good rapport with young people” and had been able to assist many of them in becoming entrepreneurs.Improving care for the elderlyOn the point of the creation of a Ministry of People Empowerment and Elder Affairs, the Prime Minister noted that Barbados had an ageing population and persons were being neglected and abandoned at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. She proffered the view that citizens must come to terms with how they took care of the elderly in this country and maintained that it must be done in a dignified way. “We are about to create a population commission because Barbados needs to ask itself and come to grips [with], is our population large enough to sustain the quality of life that we have? … So, the Ministry of Health has been asked to bring a paper so that we can determine what is the appropriate size for our population in the next 50 years if we are to sustain our quality of life in Barbados,” she disclosed.Integrity debate still open During the interview, Ms. Mottley said the integrity legislation, which was recently debated in Parliament, was still open because Government wanted the public to have a say. She explained that a joint select committee of both Houses would be created so people could write or, in some instances, go and give oral evidence. In addition, she pointed out that Government Ministers have had to declare their assets, the details of which would be sealed and placed in a special safe. She noted that this process was currently being done and she expected it to be completed before the end of this month.The Prime Minister stressed that a Cabinet of Barbados never declared their assets to anyone in the past.  She insisted, however: “We feel fundamentally this is an important step for us to make as a country.”last_img read more

Caribbean lead to way with fight against TB

first_imgCaribbean countries have the lowest incidence of tuberculosis (TB) and are on the road to elimination, the Pan American Health Organisation/World Health Organisation (PAHO/WHO) said Tuesday.They said the region of the Americas is the area with the lowest percentage of new TB cases in the world, estimated at three per cent, and is the first region with a real opportunity to eliminate the disease as a public health problem.According to the “Tuberculosis in the Americas 2018 “report, 15 countries,12 of them from the Caribbean, have low TB incidence, with less than 10 cases per 100,000 people and are on the road to elimination.“Countries are adopting measures to tackle TB, but they cannot lower their guard and must redouble efforts, along with the collaboration of society at large, including the affected communities” said Marcos Espinal, Director of PAHO’s Department of Communicable Diseases and Environmental Determinants of Health.The report’s other recommendations for accelerating progress toward eliminating TB, especially in the countries with the greatest disease burden, include: promoting the study of contacts with people who have TB, especially children under 15; stepping up implementation of simpler treatment regimens and introducing drugs for children.Other recommendations include reaching the most vulnerable populations and addressing social determinants as well as ensuring that plans are financed with a country’s own resources rather than depending on external funds.According to the new report, issued on the eve of the first United Nations High-level Meeting on Ending TB, between 2000 and 2015, deaths from tuberculosis fell by 37.5 per cent in the Americas and new cases dropped by 24 per cent.In 2017, the WHO estimated 282,000 new cases of TB in the Americas, 11 per cent of which were in people living with HIV.  An estimated 24,000 people died last year from tuberculosis in the region, and 6,000 of them were co-infected with HIV.last_img read more

PANCAP calls for better environment to allow people to be tested…

first_imgBRIDGETOWN, Barbados, CMC – The Pan Caribbean Partnership Against HIV/AIDS (PANCAP) Saturday urged all stakeholders, including regional governments, to ensure that the necessary actions are taken to allow people who want to know their HIV/AIDS status to “come forward with the knowledge that they will not be treated differently”.PANCAP director, Dereck Springer, in a message marking World AIDS Day, said such persons if they tested positive should receive “the treatment, care and support they need to enjoy good quality lives and achieve viral suppression.“Only then can we get them to know their status and begin the journey towards ending AIDS as a public health threat in the Caribbean,” he warned.Know Your StatusWorld AIDS Day is being observed under theme “Know your status” and Springer said that it encourages people to be tested.“This theme is very relevant as the world has committed to fast track actions towards achieving the 90-90-90 treatment targets by the year 2020. The UNAIDS 2018 Global AIDS Monitoring (GAM) report informs us that there are an estimated 310,000 adults and children living with HIV in the Caribbean, of which nearly 55,000 are unaware that they have HIV.”Springer said that while many people experience anxieties when contemplating being tested, it is good to know that the majority of them will test HIV negative.“What is important is those who know that they are HIV negative have an incentive to keep themselves free from HIV by adopting changes to their lives that can reduce their risk and vulnerability to HIV. The few who test positive for HIV can have immediate access to life-saving antiretroviral drugs that would enable them to enjoy a good quality life and live much longer.“The 2018 UNAIDS GAM report also helps us to understand that we still need to place 74,400 persons who are living with HIV on treatment and 103,000 are yet to achieve viral suppression, that is, having very low levels of virus in the body, even though the virus is still present,”’ the PANCAP director said.AIDS can be defeated He said the science and evidence show that AIDS can be defeated “once we get 90 per cent of people to know their HIV status, of those who are HIV positive 90 per cent receive anti-retroviral drugs and are retained in care, and 90 per cent of those on treatment achieve viral suppression. Once this happens, we are well on the way to achieving the end of AIDS, by 2030.”Unfair judgement and treatment of HIV patientsBut he said the biggest challenges facing the region are persistent judgment and unfair treatment of people living with HIV and persons belonging to key population groups such as gay men and other men who have sex with men, transgender persons, sex workers, persons who use drugs, migrants and other mobile populations, and persons with disabilities.“We judge persons who are different from us and we often times treat them differently. We do so because we do not take the time to understand. This year’s theme must, therefore, serve as a catalyst for increased strategic advocacy using the PANCAP Regional Advocacy Strategy 2017 and national advocacy plans for increasing political will to remove the policies and legislative barriers that obstruct people from coming forward to know their HIV status. The fear is real as people are concerned that they will be treated differently if they test positive.“We must bring into the spotlight the critical need for laboratory improvements and increased coverage in our region. We need more laboratory facilities including those led by the communities themselves to know our status.“We need laboratories to confirm community-led HIV screening tests. We need laboratories and point-of-care diagnostic systems to monitor our viral loads and health care providers who are trained to provide clinical management for HIV-related illnesses,’ Springer added.Meanwhile, UNAIDS said that the 30th anniversary of World AIDS Day provides an occasion to remember the millions of people who have lost their lives to AIDS-related illnesses because they couldn’t access HIV services or because of stigma and discrimination. Last year, 9.4 million people living with HIV globally were not aware of their status.310,000 HIV cases in the Caribbean UNAIDS said there were an estimated 310,000 people living with HIV in the Caribbean in 2017. The region experienced 10,000 AIDS-related deaths last year. AIDS-related deaths have declined by 23 per cent in the Caribbean since 2010. In 2017 there were an estimated 15,000 new infections. New infections have decreased by 18% in the region since 2010.It said 73 per cent of people living with HIV in the Caribbean were aware of their status in 2017.“Late diagnosis is also a challenge for several countries in the region. In 2017 nearly quarter of HIV diagnoses occurred among people with advanced HIV infection,” UNAIDS said, adding that 79 per cent  of diagnosed people were receiving antiretroviral treatment in 2017 while 70 per cent of those on treatment were virally suppressed. This viral suppression rate is far below the global average of 81 per cent.“The Caribbean must strengthen strategies for successful treatment including increasing viral load monitoring, scaling up support for organizations that provide psychosocial services to those on treatment, and working to reduce stigma and discrimination,” said UNAIDS Latin America and Caribbean Regional Support Team Director, Dr. César Núñez.last_img read more

UN delegation holds talks with President Moise in Haiti

first_imgPORT AU PRINCE, Haiti, –  A United Nations delegation has held talks with President Jovenel Moise as it prepares to provide the UN Secretary General António Guterres with an assessment of the situation in that country ahead of the UN Security Council meeting in April.The UN Security Council is due to meet on April 15 to determine the most appropriate configuration of the United Nations presence on the island.Under-Secretary-General for Peace Operations, Jean-Pierre Lacroix, who is heading the delegation that includes Miroslav Jenča, Under-Secretary-General for Europe, Central Asia is conducting a strategic mission to assess the various options following the planned withdrawal of the United Nations Mission in Support of Justice (Minujusth), whose mandate ends on October 15, this year.Discussions re UN’s continued engagement“We came to discuss with you, Mr. President, the continuation of the UN’s engagement in Haiti, as well as your priorities, your development projects and determine, together, how the United Nations can accompany Haiti in its quest for development,” Lacroix said.Moise during the meeting questioned the logic of keeping the peace under the aegis of chapter 7, as it pertains to the stabilization of the country.No more foreign armed forces “There will be no more chapter 7, no more armed foreign forces on the Haitian territory. This will be in the past,” he said.Moïse also reported on the ongoing economic, political and social dialogue, as well as the Government’s continued implementation of the development prerequisites of energy, road, educational and health the obligation to make major structural reforms to enable the state to provide more basic services and attract domestic and foreign direct investment.He also took the opportunity to remind the delegation of the need for a firm and formal commitment of the UN for the elimination of cholera in Haiti.The delegation, which ends its visit here on Sunday, will meet with representatives of various national institutions, civil society, as well as Minujusth staff.last_img read more

Fast rising star becomes first JCR group wide ambassador

first_img Share ITV Racing to host virtual Grand National March 30, 2020 Related Articles Share StumbleUpon GVS targets ‘equine support’ with new finance service August 18, 2020 Submit The Tote, Jockey Club Racecourses and Britbet launch ‘Tote Guarantee’ March 4, 2020 Jockey Club Racecourses (JCR) has announced a first of its kind partnership for the group, with Bryony Frost now its first group wide ambassador.Through the new link up, Frost is set to work with JCR in aid of the promotion of British racing, which will be done though media work, personal appearances, social media channels and a regular blog.In addition, she is also to wear JCR branded apparel when attending racedays, and is the recipient of a Range Rover emblazoned with the message ‘Bryony Frost, supported by Jockey Club Racecourses’.Of the deal, Frost commented: “This season has already been an amazing one for me and to now be supported by Jockey Club Racecourses is really cool.“As everyone knows I love talking about our sport and trying to get new people interested in it. Horses and racing have been the biggest part of my life since I was tiny and I know that the future of racing is just as important to Jockey Club Racecourses as it is to me and my family. That’s why I’m delighted to be working with them and I can’t wait to get started.”JCR, who boasts the staging of The Cheltenham Festival, the Randox Health Grand National, the QIPCO Guineas Festival and The Investec Derby Festival as part of its portfolio, is to now support Frost in her career. Paul Fisher, Chief Executive of Jockey Club Racecourses, said: “We’re thrilled to be welcoming Bryony to The Jockey Club family and very much looking forward to supporting her.“We’ve never had a group-wide Jockey Club Racecourses ambassador before. But this season it’s been impossible to escape Bryony’s enthusiasm for our sport and, knowing that she is just as passionate about the future of racing as we are, this feels like a really natural partnership.“It’s really exciting to think we’ll be working with Bryony to introduce new people to racing, while also helping those who already enjoy the sport understand it better and become even more engaged.”last_img read more

Unibet hails enthralling FIDE World Chess showdown

first_img Norway’s Ministry of Culture seeks to end gambling’s triple guardianship  June 30, 2020 StumbleUpon Related Articles Share Kindred marks fastest route to ‘normal trading’ as it delivers H1 growth July 24, 2020 Unibet backs #GoRacingGreen as lead racing charity  July 28, 2020 The unprecedented success of this November’s Fide World Chess Championship match between Norway’s Magnus Carlsen vs American Fabiano Caruana – has been branded as one of Unibet’s most successful sports sponsorships.Following 51-hours of play featuring 12 drawn matches, FIDE’s London event has been labelled by chess aficionados as the sport’s ‘tour de force’, rivalling the all-time classic matches of Bobby Fischer Vs Boris Spassky (1972) and Anatoly Karpov vs Garry Kasparov (1985).Going down to the wire, with the Championship decided through a ‘time-limited – tie-break’, Magnus Carlsen retains his title of FIDE World Champion for a further two-years.Last August, Unibet marketing raised eyebrows announcing that it had become the first betting partner for FIDE’s World Championship event, as sports betting rivals raced to secure football partnerships, following World Cup Russia 2018.Backing the sponsorship, Unibet marketing stated that it was confident that the London showdown would ‘establish chess as a permanent fixture for betting’.Furthermore, seeking to engage with chess’ unique audiences, Unibet supported its sponsorship by developing the most comprehensive betting market for the sport featuring markets such as first move, next move, game points and winner.Backing an unknown horse, Unibet’s comprehensive efforts paid-off, with FIDE’s World Championship securing November’s highest sports coverage, through digital mediums.In addition, drawing in daily global press coverage, Carlsen vs Caruana would garner front-page headlines, with the event being described as a ‘chess grand opus’ and ‘being trapped in a glass cage of emotions’.Anthony Cousins Head of Sportsbook Commercial Relations at Kindred Group comments on the FIDE sponsorship:“When Magnus Carlsen retained his World Title in 2016 we saw a record amount of turnover for a Chess competition. That competition went to a tiebreak and with that repeated this year, we are once again on track for some record-breaking figures which have been boosted thanks to our sponsorship.This has been another successful Chess sponsorship for Unibet on an event with excellent exposure which strengthens our brand across our global markets. “ Share Submitlast_img read more

BHA delivers integrity-focused education programme

first_img BHA adds further ‘preparatory steps’ for June reopening May 20, 2020 Racing committee plans for 1 June restart May 12, 2020 StumbleUpon Nick Luck joins William Hill racing roster May 22, 2020 Related Articles In a move to deliver further education on integrity measures in horse racing, the British Horseracing Authority (BHA) has launched an online Integrity Education Programme. The new programme seeks to offer both the racing and betting public additional information on integrity across the industry as a whole, with the purpose of ‘offer protection against potential integrity threats and help to prevent participants from inadvertently acting in a manner which falls short of the sport’s Rules.’Set to draw upon the experiences of former jockeys, stable staff and racing broadcaster Nick Luck, the online platform will address key integrity issues, including: the BHA’s integrity and regulation; capabilities; equine anti-doping; corrupt approaches and inside information; and betting practices.Chris Watts, Head of Integrity at the BHA, said:“This programme has been a number of years in the making following a recommendation in the 2016 Integrity Review and above all is designed to help and protect participants and educate the betting and racing public.“We’ve gone to great lengths to try and ensure that what can be some technical and complicated areas of our integrity work are explained in as clear and easy to understand a way as possible.“Hopefully all those who use the website will come away with a greater knowledge of how we work to keep racing fair and clean, which will help them both to avoid inadvertent breaches of the Rules and provide guidance should they be faced with a potential integrity issue in the future.”Mick Fitzgerald, Cheltenham Gold Cup and Grand National winning rider and BHA Jockey Coach, added: “If you work in racing you have to be aware of what is allowed and what isn’t, and the pitfalls associated with that. It’s also vitally important that those looking in from the outsid are aware of how the sport’s integrity is protected.“This microsite has masses of helpful information and is quick and easy to access, so it is well worth taking a look no matter your relationship with racing.”Luck, who was involved with the project, concluded: “Newly licensed personnel and those whose livelihoods depend on racing are doubtless aware of some of the more obvious regulatory transgressions. But their access to privileged information or their recently acquired public profile can lead them quite unwittingly into situations that threaten both the integrity of the sport and the reputations of the individuals concerned.“As such, this is an excellent initiative from the BHA, and one which is likely to block off certain avenues for corruption.” Share Share Submitlast_img read more

Highlight Games continues ‘SOCCERBET’ momentum with Snaitech Italia

first_img Highlight Games has landed a major coup by securing Italian legacy gambling group Snaitech as the latest industry incumbent to offer its ‘SOCCERBET’ product across retail, online and mobile verticals.Bolstering its virtual sports provisions, Snaitech will launch Highlight Games’ flagship product across its entire gambling portfolio. It will be available to Snaitech customers in both league and single match formats across all channels.A pioneer in developing omni-channel virtual sports content, Highlight Games’ SOCCERBET is the only games provider to feature archive Serie A footage, driving customer engagement.Fabio Schiavolin, CEO at Snaitech, stated: “Snaitech is delighted to be partnering with Highlight Games to bring SOCCERBET to its valued customers. We have been hugely impressed by SOCCERBET’s innovation and performance in the highly competitive Italian virtual sports market and have no doubt that it will prove popular with our players both in retail and online channels. Snaitech prides itself on offering its customers the most compelling and exciting products available, and SOCCERBET is exactly that.”The  Snaitech partnership sees Highlight Games continue its strong Italian momentum, having made its market debut with Kiron Interactive and Eurobet in February of this year.Tim Green, CEO at Highlight Games, added: “It’s hugely exciting to be launching SOCCERBET with one of the largest and most prestigious operators in the Italian market. Our SOCCERBET product’s market-leading performance to date has been extremely encouraging and this new contract again confirms the appetite for Highlight’s unique video virtual sports.  Highlight Games is changing the ways in which players interact with and bet on virtual sports, and we look forward to introducing these new games into this important market.” LiveScore adds new leagues to streaming offering August 12, 2020 Submit Highlight Games goes live with MaxBet June 26, 2020 StumbleUpon Share Highlight Games goes global with ComeOn deal June 19, 2020 Related Articles Sharelast_img read more

6 of the Best: Square in the Air’s Romilly Evans

first_imgShare StumbleUpon Share Related Articles SBC Awards: The key to an effective submission August 28, 2020 Submit 6 of the Best: All-in Diversity’s Kelly Kehn October 24, 2019 6 of the Best: Prophet’s Dean Sisun and Jake Benzaquen October 10, 2019 In this week’s 6 of the Best, we hear from Square in the Air’s Romilly Evans who tells us about which book makes you question everything you ever knew, to the story behind why Romilly backed Miinnehoma to win the 1994 Grand National.Best BookMy bookshelves are worryingly light when it comes to decent novels, but Animal Farm is very manageable for those saddled with shorter attention spans. However, it’s a safe bet others have touched on George Orwell’s unflagging brilliance before. So, let’s go for Mortal Questions by Thomas Nagel. I mostly offer this in a naked attempt to make you think I have hidden depths. But the book also does some great digging around the notion of moral luck. It might just pull your preconceptions around to such a degree that you’ll be questioning everything from the value of retributive justice to texting when driving, even socially responsible gaming tools. Not bad for a work published in 1979!Best HolidayNorth Berwick, Scotland. Just a 40-minute drive from Edinburgh, too. My folks always loved a staycation. So, my brother and I would play 54 holes of golf around the Gullane links most days, before twilight tennis every evening prompted a succession of disputed line calls that taught me everything I know about love, friendship, maddening arguments and unprovoked violence. Stunning sea views, jagged coastlines, Cullen skink, and the constant threat of being kicked to death in a nearby alleyway if you mocked a local for failing to use the cancel-button as a cheat on the pub fruit machine. Salad days.Best AlbumWhile Alan Partridge made a good case for The Best of the Beatles, I beg to differ. Good albums go somewhere meaningful. Greatest-hits compilations, much like a hastily assembled playlist, ultimately leave you stuck on the ring road outside Aylesbury in the middle of winter. Still, if you ever find yourself emotionally marooned there, don the galoshes and wade through High Violet by The National. Booming baritones, coupled to rousing orchestral anthems, first summon the gathering gloom, then shatter it. Particularly if you’re in navel-gazing mood.Best Sporting ExperiencePhil Mickelson winning his first Masters in 2004. I wasn’t there, but you didn’t need to be. After so many near misses at the majors (46 to be exact) and feeding off scraps in the Tiger era, Lefty was destined to wind up a fag paper shy of greatness. Eternally gifted, eternally flawed, eternally carrying my money. We all knew how this disaster-movie ended. Then an unrecognisable Mickelson sprang from Augusta’s azaleas with five birdies to finally shake the major monkey on his back-nine. I must’ve received more texts of congratulations that Sunday night than on any of my birthdays. Even Peter Alliss boldly declaring “it’s not over” after Ph­il drained his winning birdie putt on the 18th couldn’t spoil the moment. The Voice of Golf would never have made it as a data scout.Best Film Seve – The Movie. Too easy. I can’t see anyone disagreeing with that. But any chance to improve DVD sales five years down the line from a fluctuating career in film production. This biopic is a real rags-to-riches tale of fate outstripping adversity. Succeeding against the odds is one thing, doing it in the most cavalier and stylish way is quite another. Nobody did it better than Seve, even if the worldwide box office of this docu-drama begs to differ! The independent film industry is full of people who work hard, set lofty goals and dare to dream. Only to subsequently fall flat on their faces. It’s a valuable life lesson – and one which led me into sports, gaming and betting PR!Best BetMiinnehoma winning the 1994 Grand National. Having ruptured my spleen on holiday in France, I was bedridden for six weeks in an Auvergne hospital, sharing a ward with a family of five other Brits, four of whom had injured themselves in separate accidents! With little more than a copy of L’Équipe and sole possession of the remote control (happily, the family were all hampered by limb-related injuries) to light my way, I happened upon the mount of Richard Dunwoody who gave Miinnehoma an ice-cool ride to finally lift the curse of master trainer Martin Pipe in the world’s greatest horse race. At 16-1 to boot.last_img read more

Predrag Popovic, Fincore: ‘Security is a moving target leadership can’t sleep on’

first_img Share Submit Share ASA monitoring sweep marks gambling as the worst underage advertising offender August 26, 2020 Fincore: Enriching an operator’s offering through facial recognition technology February 5, 2019 StumbleUpon Industry technology figurehead Predrag Popovic has detailed to SBC that betting leadership needs to sharpen its skillset and understanding of security breaches and cyber-attacks as it enters a new decade of complexities.Recognised as the patron developer of the modern-day betting system, Popovic is the Co-Founder of Fincore – the first technology group to develop digital risk management and wagering software systems for the global betting industry. Addressing Spring headlines of industry cyber-security breaches, Popovic underlined his concerns that deeper security dynamics had been swept aside by a poor narrative focusing on pinpointing blame and attacks.“Too often cyber risk is poorly understood, with limited commitment and lack of proper risk assessment,” he told SBC. “Business leaders need to understand all the implications of a cyber-attack, from direct costs caused by theft and financial losses to more indirect costs like reputational damage, potential fines, operational disruption.” For Popovic, the poor understanding of cyber-security issues is reflected by stakeholders unwillingness to engage in the multi-layered complexities and intricacies attached to dealing with security threats and consequences. Nevertheless, cyber-security is at the forefront of leadership agendas as corporate investors demand rapid international expansion to achieve operator scale within multiple territories, and maintain unique compliance demands.   Popovic continued: “Compliance and security are playing an ever-increasing role in every new expansion and any serious operator needs to budget for those. “Security is a moving target and things can get hairy really fast, but careful planning and awareness of the regulatory requirements, technology limitations and data locations are the first thoughts when embarking on a new expansion.“The trickiest part, of course, is justifying the cost of cybersecurity, both to a company’s management and to its shareholders.” Popovic noted that well-publicised breaches of ‘inferior and underfunded’ solutions had made shareholders ‘sufficiently aware’ of treating cyber-security as a variable for expansion and potential acquisition.Moving forward, Popovic advised leadership to take a deeper internal approach in forming a balanced assessment of cyber-security threats, procedures and security controls.Industry trends often see incumbents move to expand their technology and software muscles when facing new threats. A trend recently replicated by operators meeting compliance and AD-tech demands.  Popovic added: “Increased spend and better technical solutions are definitely helping, but newer doesn’t necessarily mean better and the first step should always be making sure you’re fully aware what assets you have, where your data is, are your procedures up to date. “Most importantly, as humans are the weakest link in the cybersecurity chain, staff education and professional certification programs, which are already offered as a general service, can benefit all industry participants, especially when the industry addresses this area through focused cooperation.”Beyond tech, Popovic explained that leadership must recognise the true costs of cyber threats to an organisation, moving their focus beyond monetary loss and reputational damages. Security threats are better off treated as learnt experience by stakeholders.Painful as they may be, Popovic noted that cyber-attacks can lead to ‘positive effects’, be it through an “increased awareness (along with, usually, an increased budget) of the security requirements or better planning for business continuity/disaster recovery”. Of further consequence, Popovic highlighted the importance of security planning achieved through external independent assessments – a key dynamic which most operators and technology stakeholders have underdeveloped.He said: “Security should always be an independent function within an organization. Although it was historically seen as an IT service component, its domain is much wider than just IT: finance, compliance, legal, HR. Because the scope of the risk is company-wide the risk decisions need to be made at an executive level, with independent advice/audit where appropriate.”Commenting on cyber-attack consequences, Popovic underlined that compromised companies and their impacted parties cannot simply fixate on a ‘return to normal’.Cyber-attacks will test all departments of a business organisation and all its relationship with clients. A tit-for-tat blame game is just a further human dynamic of a security breach. Popovic concluded: “There is a return… but to “a new normal”. Let’s not forget that no major businesses have gone totally bust because of a cyber-attack. It takes good communications, owning up to the mistakes, getting a clear message across that the errors were understood and rectified, and that the company has learned its lessons.” _______________________Predrag Popovic – Executive Dirctor – Fincore Related Articles Fincore – Sponsor Profile – #bofcon2017 April 28, 2017last_img read more