NFL Coaches Are Getting Away With Crimes Against MiddleSchool Math

Just 54 seconds of game time later — after Rodgers pulled the requisite pair of canonizing miracles out of his backside — all the Packers needed to win the game and knock off the second-seeded Cardinals was 2 more yards.As the game went to commercial, I hoped against hope that Mike McCarthy would do the right thing and let that game live or die on Rodgers’s ability rather than try to send the game to overtime, on the road, against a superior opponent.Was I being emotional about what I’d just witnessed? Sure. Even if the Packers ended up winning, it was depriving Rodgers — my sometimes muse — of the opportunity to complete what would have been probably the greatest drive in NFL history. But I also felt the passion of conviction — that this was the right choice — and the desperate hope that the professional NFL decision-maker would have arrived at the same conclusion. With a twinkle in his eye, Richard wished the others luck and let go. It was one of the most satisfying moments of my televiewing life. It filled me with optimism that, yes, human beings are smart and capable creatures. Hatch went on to be the inaugural “Survivor” winner, claiming his $1 million prize (in addition to jail time for failing to pay taxes on it).The opportunity for the Packers to cap off that already legendary drive with a counterintuitive but mathematically sound two-point attempt — whether successful or not — had the potential to be another such reason-affirming moment for me. But alas: The NFL divisional playoff action once again demonstrated that NFL coaches are terrible at basic win-maximizing tactical decisions. In particular, there were two glaring spots where teams failed to go for two despite it being a fairly straightforward decision.In the wake of Green Bay’s loss to Arizona — in which the Packers conceded a relatively routine winning touchdown on the first drive of overtime after spectacularly driving the length of the field (and then some) to tie the game in regulation — debate rages about whether the NFL needs to guarantee that both teams get a possession in OT. Whatever you think of the overtime rules, they are what they are, and under those rules, the Packers abandoned their best chance of winning by kicking the game-tying extra point at the end of regulation instead of going for it.Much more quiet, but no less frustrating, was the call after Kansas City — which never seemed like much of a threat to New England — scored a touchdown with 1:13 left in the game that cut its deficit to 8. No one outside of sports nerd Twitter raised an eyebrow as the Chiefs kicked the extra point to draw within 7, and after they failed to recover their attempted onside kick, it’s likely that no one will ever care. But failing to go for two in this exact situation is one of the clearest and easiest-to-demonstrate mistakes in all of football, and how coaches continue to make this error virtually 100 percent of the time is a melancholy mystery.Look, “advanced” stats can be opaque. In midfield situations, whether to punt or go for it on fourth down, for example, takes some confidence in expected points and expected win models that are statistically somewhat complicated and can sometimes get things a little wrong. Although I think those models are pretty good (or are at least good enough for most of the types of decisions they’re used to analyze), I can see how someone might find them foreign or overly abstracted. And yes, the statsy crowd can be preachy and overconfident. We probably don’t know as much as we think we do, and we often aren’t very good at explaining ourselves to skeptics.1Side note: In my opinion, the term “analytics” is one of the worst things to happen to serious sports analysis, as it created an artificial barrier between traditionally informed methods and data-informed methods. Either way, the goal is to understand the dynamics of a sport to figure out where winning comes from. Some analysts study film, some build statistical models — each method has strengths and weaknesses.But some decisions — like the ones faced by Green Bay and Kansas City — aren’t that complicated. Analyzing them requires no advanced statistical techniques, and solving them requires no more than grade-school-level math and an eye on win maximization.First up: How Green Bay broke my spiritAaron Rodgers got utterly jobbed. To recap — not because you aren’t familiar, but because it’s not possible to relive this too much or too soon — at one point, the Packers’ last drive looked like this: In the first season of “Survivor,” the three final contestants were Richard Hatch, Kelly Wiglesworth and Rudy Boesch. Rudy was everyone’s favorite elderly curmudgeon. There would be one more challenge, and the winner would get an automatic berth in the final and the ability to vote off either of the two remaining opponents. Functionally, this meant they could choose their own opponent in the jury vote, in which eliminated contestants would choose the overall winner. Richard had a long-standing alliance with Rudy and was faced with an interesting strategic conundrum. If he won the final challenge and took Rudy with him, he would likely lose the voting to the lovable old homophobe. But if he betrayed Rudy, all that Rudy love would likely turn into Richard hate, and he would likely lose the jury vote to Kelly.The “Survivor” forums were abuzz with strategic discussions,2Remember, this was all relatively new back then. “Survivor” strategy has since come a long way. and people saw this conundrum coming weeks before it came to fruition. The solution to Richard’s problem — indeed, his only option if he wanted to win — would be to lose his final challenge intentionally. Then if the third player (ultimately Kelly) won, she would be forced to eliminate Rudy herself. (If Rudy won, none of this was likely to matter, as he seemed likely to win the final vote regardless of who his opponent was.) The “will he or won’t he?” suspense when it came down to the final four was amazing. On the one hand, the logic was sound and it was clearly the right choice, but on the other hand, it’s asking a lot to expect someone to see past the seemingly lower-risk play of winning the challenge and guaranteeing his spot in the final two.After whittling the field down to the final three, the anticipated situation finally came to be. The final challenge was called “hands on an idol” — each contestant had to stand on a small log while keeping one hand on a pole, and the last one to break contact would win. At first it looked like Richard was going to play the game straight-up. Hours passed (or so the show told us). Jeff Probst offered an orange to any contestant who wanted to join him. And then, finally, it happened: Now, don’t get me wrong: That the Packers should have gone for two wasn’t obvious. But just because it wasn’t obvious doesn’t mean the call was difficult. This requires no advanced math and could literally be on a middle school homework assignment.The question is: Which is greater, the chances of (1) Aaron Rodgers converting that 2-point conversion, or the chances that the Packers (2) make the extra point and (3) win in overtime? To make this comparison, we need to know or estimate three numbers.Let’s start by looking at league averages:Two-point conversion success rate: Since 2001,3As far back as the play-by-play data set I’m using goes. teams have converted 47.2 percent of their 2-point tries from the 2-yard line (431 of 913).Extra point success rate: Since the inception of the longer extra point this season, NFL kickers have made 94.3 percent of their attempts from the 15-yard line (1,131 of 1,199).Expected winning percentage in overtime: Since 2001, the away team has won in overtime 45.5 percent of the time (110 of 242 overtimes that produced a winner).With these numbers (which used only division), we can find our chances of winning for each option using — wait for it — multiplication.Go for two: With no time left, this is exactly equal to the estimated 2-point success rate: 47.2 percent.Send to overtime: Chances of making extra point multiplied by chances of winning in overtime. 94.3 percent * 45.5 percent = 42.9 percent.There, we already have a baseline 4.3 percentage point advantage to going for two for a typical road team in the Packers’ position, using nothing but grade-school mathematics.But those are just baselines, right? Everyone from coaches to media to fans will tell you that averages miss the hundreds of situation-specific factors at play. This is a technically true but often misleading rejoinder — and one that’s almost always used only to defend the status quo.But in the spirit of accuracy and transparency, I’ve tried to refine the assumptions that go into that calculation above.Two-point conversion success rate: Adjusting for team strength and refining the data to the most comparable situations boosts our estimate to 48.8 percent.Extra point success rate: Adjusting for league trends and kicker Mason Crosby’s skill raises our estimate to 95.9 percent.Expected winning percentage in overtime: Adjusting for the overtime rules changes and playoff dynamics lowers our estimate to 42.6 percent.If you would like a little more detail about how I arrived at those estimates, here is a longish footnote.4OK, here’s a little nitty-gritty: Two-point conversion success rateFirst off, if you believe in momentum or destiny, the fact that Rodgers obviously had miracle mode switched on suggests that his chances of making that conversion were likely closer to 1,000 percent than to 47 percent. (It’s fun watching old-fashioned football types having to choose between old-fashioned concepts like momentum and old-fashioned strategies like playing for overtime!) But seriously, there are good reasons to think that 47.2 percent is low for Rodgers.For one, teams taking 2-point attempts tend to be slightly worse than average — which stems from the fact that teams take 2-point attempts more often when they are behind.Winning teams (teams who finished the season over .500) account for just 41.4 percent of all regular-season 2-point attempts since 2001 and converted exactly 50 percent of them (189 of 378). For comparison: Losing teams made up 46.2 percent of all attempts, converting 44.1 percent, and .500 teams made up 12.4 percent, converting 49.6 percent of them. Of course, being successful in 2-point attempts may ever-so-slightly improve their chances of being a winning team in the first place, but the numbers hold for winning teams playing other winning teams as well. In those cases, teams have converted 50.5 percent of the time (95 of 188). In the playoffs, teams have converted 53.5 percent (23 of 43) of attempts. Also, in the rarer but more neutral situation of fourth-and-goal from the 2 — which is slightly harder than a 2-point conversion because the average distance is greater than 2 yards, plus teams still must exercise some restraint for fear of losing field position on the turnover — teams are 41 of 79 (51.9 percent). Although Arizona had a better record than Green Bay, the trends suggest that team strength has more of an effect on its 2-point conversion chances than opponent strength. Even in cases where a team with nine to 11 wins makes an attempt against a 12-plus-win team, they have made 48.8 percent.(Of course, this is really a question of offensive and defensive goal-line strength, which is a pretty hard quality to isolate independently. In general, however, the dynamic is similar: Offensive strength tends to be more determinative than defensive strength. My suspicion is that this is because one-down two-yard defense is less similar to overall defense than one-down two-yard offense is to overall offense.)Finally, let’s look at some specifics: With Aaron Rodgers at quarterback, in the regular season and playoffs combined, Green Bay has converted 12 of 23 (52.2 percent) of its 2-point tries. This includes 12 of 21 (57.1 percent) when Rodgers throws and 0 of 2 otherwise. Meanwhile, Arizona’s opponents have converted 3 of 6 attempts (50.0 percent) during Bruce Arians’s reign.All things considered, I think it’s likely that the league average of 47.2 percent is low in this situation, though exactly how low may vary depending on other factors, such as the in-game loss of Randall Cobb. However, one important (though slightly more advanced) point to make here is that a wider skill gap between the Packers and Cardinals will virtually always favor going for two. This is because the gap has a bigger impact on the chances of winning overtime than it does on the conversion attempt. My suspicion is that the Packers’ chance of 2-point conversion success was probably above 50 percent, but to play it safe I’ll go with 48.8 percent (essentially the lowest of our higher indicators). Extra point success rateKickers on the whole did a tiny bit worse on extra points than I expected this year. Since I have considerable faith in my kicking projections, I think it’s possible that this baseline reflects some bad luck and should be a little higher.More importantly, Crosby has been a slightly above-average kicker. In fact, this year he made all 36 of his extra points (though he missed two from the shorter distance last season) and has made 49 of 50 kicks from 33 yards during his career. However, he has missed kicks from similar and sometimes shorter distances: For his career he has made 95.3 percent (81 of 85) kicks from 29 to 33 yards (counting this year’s XPs). The rest of the league has made 93.6 percent over the same period.To be conservative, I’ll use a revised assumption of 95.9 percent — league average for such attempts plus how much better Crosby has been than league average over such distances. Expected winning percentage in overtime: The likelihood of a road team facing a stronger opponent in the playoffs winning in overtime is probably lower than the league average for road teams winning in overtime in general.First, the new overtime rule — giving the kicking team a possession even if it gives up a field goal on its opponent’s first possession — makes overtime results less random. That is, the team with the advantage should be more likely to win. So far, this has been reflected in the results: Since the new overtime system was adopted in 2012, the home team has won 58.2 percent (39 of 67) of the time in the regular season.Second, the playoffs aren’t the regular season. Home field in the playoffs is usually earned, as it was in this case by virtue of Arizona’s superior record. Again, although the number of cases is small, the results are in Iine with what we’d expect: The home team does even better in the playoffs, having won 68.8 percent (11 of 16) before the Arizona game.As for this particular situation, there are other reasons to be skeptical of the Packers’ chances in OT. Although they ran reasonably well against Arizona, they passed poorly — and passing is even more important in overtime. There are a couple of reasons for this: One, if you get the ball first and score a touchdown, you win. Another is that you may find yourself in desperate situations if your opponent gets the ball first and scores a field goal. Note that 101 of Green Bay’s 251 passing yards came on Rodgers’s two Hail Marys on that last drive. And it wasn’t even a great drive otherwise: Under normal circumstances, it would have ended in a punt from out of the Packers’ own end zone. (In other words, the Packers offense wasn’t suddenly rolling like the Seahawks in the second half against Carolina.)So let’s go with a conservative estimate of a 42.6 percent chance of a Packers victory in OT. That actually feels slightly high to me, but it’s apparently what the live markets thought, plus it’s right around how well away teams have done under the new rules (41.8 percent, above).So here’s where we stand under our revised assumptions:Go for two: Equals estimated 2-point success rate: 48.8 percent.Send to overtime: Chances of making extra point multiplied by chances of winning in overtime. 95.9 percent * 42.6 percent = 40.9 percent.Naturally, these educated guess assumptions could be off in various respects, but that 8 percentage point gap is hard to overcome. When people who argue that there’s too much uncertainty to buck the status quo actually list the variables they have in mind (unfortunately, they often don’t), they tend to overestimate the amount that situation-specific variables affect the balance of probabilities. And the variables cited often don’t even cut the way they think they do. For example: In this case, an oft-cited factor is that the Packers’ receiving corps was weakened by injuries, including the loss of Randall Cobb earlier in the game. But, as I discussed in the footnotes, anything that makes the Packers weaker relative to the Cardinals is likely to hurt their chances in overtime more than their chances of converting the 2-point try.Thus, our best (and perhaps slightly conservative) estimate is that the Packers cost themselves about 7.9 percent of a win by kicking rather than going for two, and this whole thing could have been avoided if NFL coaches took the time to sit down and learn some basic percentages.Kansas City fails to butter its toastIn Kansas City, we fast-forward past the long, grueling slog down the field that Andy Reid perpetrated on Chiefs fans. That was painful to watch, but it was a problem of tactics and execution, not arithmetic. Reid went so far as to say that right up until the onside kick, things went exactly as planned. Except the plan went off-rail one play before, when the Chiefs kicked the extra point — an error that is in some ways even more frustrating than the Packers’ because it’s so so simple and has been clear for so long: If you are down 14 and score a touchdown late in the game — where you are very likely to have only one more scoring opportunity, at most — you should go for two.5Note this is a de minimis example. The principle should apply more broadly.This doesn’t require any modeling, it requires just a little thought and a little more grade-school math.In a situation like the Chiefs’ — where there was only 1:13 remaining — it doesn’t matter that their chances of recovering an onside kick and scoring another touchdown are very, very small. We don’t forgo safety checks on airplanes because the odds of a crash are small, and you shouldn’t ignore basic win maximization just because it will only earn you the occasional extra win.The key is to assume you get the second touchdown (and in K.C.’s case, recover the onside kick, but the logic is the same when you have time to kick off and go for a defensive stop) — because if you don’t, it doesn’t matter what you do now, you lose. Once that little leap is taken, this all flows from a little multiplication.If you kick an extra point, you are essentially playing to make two extra points and win in overtime.6You could also kick the extra point now and then go for two after your next touchdown, though if you are planning to go for two at some point, it is far more advantageous to do it now.As above, let’s use league averages. Assume a 94.3 percent chance of making each extra point and a 45.5 percent chance of winning on the road in in overtime.Your chances of winning this way are 94.3 percent * 94.3 percent * 45.5 percent = 40.4 percent.7Slight mismatch due to rounding. 40.4 is based on unrounded calculation. Add in the small chance that you’ll miss the extra point but then make up for it with a successful 2-point attempt, and your overall chances of winning with this strategy are 41.7 percent (of the times that you get the second touchdown).Now, if you go for two and make it (which you should about 47.2 percent of the time), you can win by kicking an extra point (94.3 percent) after your second TD, or (much less frequently) by missing your extra point but still winning in overtime. If you go for two and don’t make it (which will happen 52.8 percent of the time), you can still win by going for two again (47.2 percent) and making it and then winning in overtime.Chances of making 2-point conversion and XP: 44.5 percentChances of making 2-point conversion, missing XP and winning in OT anyway: 1.2 percentChances of missing 2-point conversion, making second attempt and winning in OT anyway: 11.3 percent Combined chances of winning: 57.1 percent (of the times that you get the second touchdown)I won’t bother going into detail trying to find perfect assumptions as I did above, because this calculation isn’t close enough for them to be necessary. Even if you assume a 50 percent chance of winning in overtime and a 100 percent chance of making your extra points, you still only need around a 38.5 percent chance of making each 2-point conversion (which would be absolutely terrible) to make going for it the better play.Despite its obvious correctness, this is pretty much never done in the NFL. The only case of a coach going for two after a touchdown brought the team within 8 points in the fourth quarter since 2001 was Brian Billick with the Baltimore Ravens in 2001. Further back is murkier, though according to Football Perspective, the only time a team trailing by 14 has ever scored a touchdown and a two-point conversion to cut the deficit to six in the modern era was the 1994 Cleveland Browns — coached by none other than Bill Belichick.And finallyAnother year, another year with NFL coaches not doing their jobs and not being taken to task for it. By now, coaches have no excuse for not having mastered basic decisions like these.People say coaches are afraid of media criticism. But they’re professionals, among the handful of elite who are capable of doing what they do. If a coach cares what the media thinks, let him explain his logic.I recall when the current replay system was implemented, there was concern that people wouldn’t be able to understand what it meant that there had to be “indisputable evidence” to overturn the ruling on the field — even though burdens of proof have been an essential part of our judicial system since this country’s founding.It took a little while, but the refs, and then the media, and eventually fans all came around, and now you can go to your local dive bar and hear arguments in the form of, “It looked like a catch to me, but there obviously isn’t indisputable evidence to overturn the call. Sucka.”It’s time to do the same with arithmetic. read more

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Jay-Z, a minority owner of his hometown Brooklyn Nets, has begun the process of selling his stake in the team so that he can become an NBA agent, according to a Yahoo! report.ESPN’s Darren Rovell tweeted that Jay-Z’s .067 percent (1/15th of a percent) stake in the Nets is worth approximately $350,000, and he could sell it tomorrow if he wanted to.Jay-Z would be required to relinquish his stake in the team in order to represent NBA clients as an agent. Rovell reports that the league told him he had to sell after he announced his desire to become an agent.“It would be disappointing [if he left],” Nets interim coach P.J. Carlesimo said to Yahoo! “I’d be disappointed.“He had an enormous amount to do with the rebranding of the team. I wasn’t close to it at all, but from what I’ve seen, it would be hard to overstate his importance in this all. I like his involvement in the team; he’s at the games, and maybe he’s around more than I realize behind the scenes. But he’s an excellent fan, one that wasn’t just around this year, but a lot in the past too, which is very telling to me.”Nets CEO Brett Yormark would not comment.Jay-Z’s Roc Nation recently partnered with Creative Artist Agency (CAA) and landed New York Yankees second baseman Robinson Cano as his first client. read more

MeerZorgen New Years accident leaves 1 dead several injured

Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedUpdate: Police confirm three dead in Coverden Smash upOctober 18, 2013In “Crime”One dead, another injured in accident at Waller’s DelightDecember 20, 2017In “Crime”Cyclist killed in collision on Anna Catherina public roadDecember 7, 2017In “Crime” A 24-year-old man is now dead following a two vehicle collision involving two hire cars on the Meer-Zorgen public road, West Bank Demerara (WBD) during the wee hours of New Year’s morning which has left four other persons hospitalised at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC).Dead is Aslam Baksh of La Grange Old Road, West Bank Demerara.According to police information, the accident occurred at around 02:15hrs on Monday and Baksh succumbed to his injuries at around 13:45hrs, the same day.The driver of HC 7477- who was involved in the accident- was proceeding south along the eastern carriageway of the public road when the other motorcar, HB 4105, which  was proceeding in the opposite direction allegedly drove into his path, resulting in the collision.Police reports indicate that as a result of the impact, the driver of HB 4105, 42-year-old Vijay Bidoor, of Goed Fortuin, West Bank Demerara and occupants of the vehicle – identified as Amanda Rickyram, 28, of Unity Street, La Grange,WBD; Gobin Dannyram, 29, of 225 Goed Fortuin,WBD; Diana Chand,19, of Cemetery Road,Georgetown and the now dead Aslam Baksh, 24, of La Grange Old Road,WBD- were rushed to the West Demerara Regional Hospital (WDRH).They were subsequently transferred to the GPHC.The driver of HC 7477 who was identified as a 24-year-old La Grange, WBD, resident is presently in police custody, assisting with investigations. read more

I started with a programming book that cost 40 quid Now we

first_img Oct 22nd 2016, 9:30 PM MICHAEL ‘MICK’ CREAN knew almost nothing about the internet, so when he decided he wanted to sell car parts online he was blissfully unaware of the how hard it would be.It was the turn of the decade when the Mayo native first began to explore the possibility of setting up a website, shortly after returning from a three-month trip to Australia with his girlfriend.Although he had worked in sales in the automotive industry after finishing an engineering course in DIT, Crean was always interested in the possibilities of the internet and had moved into a low-level software testing position.However, he found himself unemployed upon his return to Ireland just after the burst of the dotcom bubble, when tech jobs suddenly evaporated. With no sign of any great new opportunities in the near future, Crean decided to see if he could start something for himself.That was around the time when he first had the idea for car parts website, MicksGarage.“The initial aim was to set up an e-commerce website so that I could get back into employment,” he tells Fora. “I focused on car parts because I knew about car parts and they had been devoid of IT equipment.“It was my first time working 12 hours a day and I was unemployed, but I loved it. There was no downside, there were only two upsides; one was to get employment for building a commerce system, and the other was to get a business out of it.”Crean had a nonexistent budget and says that the only cash he spent launching the site was money to buy a basic computer programming book.“It was 40 quid, so it was actually quite expensive at the time,” he says. “I followed it from start to finish. People asked me how I would do this when I didn’t have a degree in software development (but) I would say that a bit of naivety helps, you look at things and you don’t foresee problems.”While it took a while to get up and running, MicksGarage would grow to become one of Ireland’s biggest e-commerce sites.What do you do and how long have you done it for?Based in Dublin, MicksGarage is a website that sells and delivers millions of different car and accessories.Crean started the site from his house near Ballina in Mayo in 2003 with an initial selection of a few hundred parts for sale after convincing several automotive manufacturers to get on board.“It was set up with (my brother) Ciaran, and we alternated working full- and part-time for a while. Towards the end of 2006 was when we started ramping up, when I eventually went full-time in the business,” he says. MicksGarage CEO Ciaran Crean (left) with brother Michael Source: YoutubeMick Crean served as the company’s chief technology officer, while Ciaran became its CEO. Although many businesses were devastated by the recession, Crean says it had virtually no impact on them.“It is difficult to impact something so small, (if anything it helped) because customers became more savvy and they started looking to buy parts elsewhere,” he says.The brothers raised about €550,000 from investors in 2008 – something that Crean says helped to “validate” the business – and continued to grow, taking on €2.3 million in 2012 as its selection continued to grow.“In 2008 we had about €600,000 turnover. When we took on the other round in 2012 it was about €2.5 million, and this year we are looking at doing close to €12 million,” Crean says.What are your costs and how do you make money?MicksGarage makes all of its money from selling car parts, and there are two main ways that it gets them.The company either buys in the parts and sells them on through one of its two distribution centres, which are in Dublin and the northern English town of Barnsley, or works with local distributors that get the car parts to their intended customer.“It is about 50:50 and there is no difference for the web user (and) suppliers ship to us about three or four times a day,” Crean says, adding that about 85% of the websites customers get their purchase the day after they order it.The company also devotes significant attention to marketing and its public image, which is kept light and breezy.Transport and shipping are also big expenses for the firm, which employs 58 people, 20 of whom are split between the distribution centres. Crean is currently focused on trying to make things run more smoothly. Source: MicksGarage1/YouTube“We have five staff in Barnsley at the moment, but because much of it is automated, we will be able to ship more out of there with five than we can here (in Dublin) with 14,” he says.“Our biggest cost is software development. Our order management system, image monitoring, the website, every single bit is developed in-house.“If I make a change to the website I can get it done and be live today. When you outsource it you get put in a queue and it could take months, it’s far too slow.”Although it has accumulated losses to date of about €2.5 million, the website is generating cash and recorded a slender profit of €24,000 last year.What is your market?With its base in Dublin, Ireland is unsurprisingly the company’s largest market, accounting for about a third of sales. However, that share is dropping as the company looks to push into more locations overseas.“Our Irish sales aren’t falling, it’s because other areas are picking up more. For example, it’s easier to grow sales in the UK,” he says.Crean says that the company sells parts to “about 25 countries a month”. The majority of these are countries where traffic drives on the left-hand side of the road and the vehicles are right-hand drive, as it is in Ireland, as different types of cars need different parts. MicksGarage staff demonstrate how to change brake discs Source: Youtube“The UK is our next biggest market, then Australia and Malta (although) we target the right-hand market too”, Crean says. “Lots of cars have differences, like dashboard types or lights, depending on what type of car it is.”He adds that although the company sold some parts for high-end cars early in its lifetime, it doesn’t anymore. “It is a fickle market, we just do normal run-of-the-mill stuff,” he says.What is the competition?While it was somewhat ahead of the curve setting up online in 2003, plenty of other car parts selling sites have since come onto the scene to take their own slice of the market.In Ireland sites like are popular, while abroad, pages like Euro Car Parts dominate markets such as the UK.Crean says that the company is helped by the fact that many manufacturers are wary about selling too much of their stock through a single portal.“They don’t want to put their eggs in one basket, like in Euro Car’s basket, so they look to us and the market sorts itself out,” he says. Ciaran and Michael Crean with Taoiseach Enda Kenny Source: Conor McCabe PhotographyCrean acknowledges that some local Irish car shops will sometimes beat the site on price but adds that the company looks to make up for it with high-quality service.“There is a lot (of undercutting) but we’re not targeting the small guys, we’re targeting big guys like Euro Car,” he says. “We aren’t the cheapest on everything, we can’t be, but we offer convenience and good service. Being on the web isn’t all about price.”What is your vision?Crean has stated on several occasions that the company’s goal is to pull in €100 million in sales by 2020, and it’s an aim that he is sticking too.Although he previously indicated that the firm would launch a new range of products under a different website banner, and it did actually set up a bike part site called MicksBikeParts, the attention is definitely on MicksGarage for now.“We have invested heavily in our Barnsley facility, we just need to get manufacturers in there and products on the ground and the growth will be exponential,” he says.“We did launch MicksBikeParts, but we pulled back on it, there was a loss of focus and we are looking to focus on getting MicksGarage to the €100-million mark.”Despite his focus on building the site, Crean says that he doesn’t see himself sticking around forever and will probably look towards a different project in the near future.“I want to move on over the next few years if I can. I have lots of ideas and I want to set up several tech platforms,” he says“I won’t go into detail but (it would be) some kind of software service. I love putting together tech on the web that customers can use and make products that solve real problems.“Ciaran is able to run the business and, once it is on a really good footing, over the next 24 months or so I would be able to start something else.”Written by Paul O’Donoghue and posted on Saturday 22 Oct 2016, 9:30 PM Short URL 18 Comments Get Fora’s NEW daily digest of the morning’s key business news: Take me to Fora Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article 29,850 Views Share291 Tweet Email1 By Fora Staff ‘I started with a programming book that cost 40 quid. Now we sell to 25 countries’ As part of our weekly How My Business Works series, we profile Irish car parts site MicksGarage.last_img read more

Shenanigans Dáil suspended twice after TDs row over fossil fuel Bill

first_img‘Shenanigans’ – Dáil suspended twice after TDs row over fossil fuel Bill People Before Profit’s Richard Boyd Barrett accused the government of ‘dancing to the tune of fossil fuel companies’. Share279 Tweet Email Thursday 21 Feb 2019, 2:33 PM By Christina Finn 23,086 Views Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Short URL Source: DÁIL WAS suspended twice today following a row over proposed laws that would ban the granting of any further oil and fossil fuel exploration licences.People Before Profit’s Richard Boyd Barrett accused the government of blocking TD Bríd Smith’s Bill for “political reasons because the Taoiseach and government do not support its contents”. He accused the government of “dancing to the tune of fossil fuel companies”, adding that procedures are being used to “hold hostage” the Bill. “You think you can get away with this by shenanigans,” he proclaimed. The Bill calls for a ban on fossil fuel exploration off the Irish coast and aims to stop the issuing of any new licences for the exploration of fossil fuels.The government lost a vote on the proposed legislation last February, which allowed it to proceed to Committee Stage in the Oireachtas, despite the government’s opposition.The passing of the Bill puts Ireland on a path to being the fourth country in the world to ban fossil fuel exploration. Costa Rica, Belize and France have already implemented similar measures.At a private meeting of the Joint Committee on Communications, Climate Action and Environment Committee this week, the vote was tied on whether to have a report on the proposed Bill sent back to the Dáil, therefore blocking its progression through the Houses.There were heated scenes in the Dáil toda when Boyd Barrett first angered Ceann Comhairle Seán Ó Fearghaíl when he said the government was deliberately delaying the legislation, stating that committee members on the Oireachtas Environment Committee were being used to block the Bill. He said it was a “sabotaging of the democratic process” of the Dáil, stating that the House voted “overwhelmingly” to pass the legislation last year.  Leas Ceann Comhairle Pat the Cope Gallagher threatens to suspend the Dáil for the day. Source: Oireachtas TV“This is a very serious abuse of the democratic process of this Dáil,” he added. The Ceann Comhairle suspended the Dáil for five minutes, but when it resumed, it was then suspended for a second time, when Boyd Barrett raised a point of order, and refused to sit down when Leas Ceann Comhairle Pat the Cope Gallagher was standing. The Leas Ceann Comhairle then threatened to suspend the Dáil for the entire day. The House was suspended for ten minutes. “It is you that are responsible for the abuse, not us,” said Bríd Smith. Last October, Minister of State for Rural Affairs and Natural Resources Seán Canney dismissed the Climate Emergency Measures Bill, describing it as “extremely worrying”.  57 Comments Feb 21st 2019, 2:33 PM last_img read more

Découverte des plus petites grenouilles du monde

first_imgDécouverte des plus petites grenouilles du mondeDécrites dans ZooKeys, les plus petites grenouilles du monde, découvertes en Nouvelle-Guinée par un naturaliste d’Honolulu, mesurent moins d’un centimètre de longueur !   Travaillant sur le terrain, le chercheur Fred Kraus, du Bishop Museum d’Honolulu, a découvert, dans le sud-est de la Nouvelle-Guinée, non pas la plus petite grenouille, mais les plus petites grenouilles connues à ce jour dans le monde. Ces deux nouvelles espèces, chez lesquelles l’adulte ne dépasse pas 8 à 9 millimètres de longueur, ont été baptisées respectivement Paedophryne dekot et Paedophryne verrucosa.À lire aussiLes 8 actus sciences que vous devez connaitre ce 16 juinEn 2002, dans la même région, ce chercheur avait déjà découvert deux autres nouvelles espèces du genre Paedophryne, remarquables par leur taille de 10 à 11 millimètres. Les amphibiens appartenant à ce genre ont vu se réduire la taille de leurs doigts, corollaire d’une réduction du poids corporel, afin de pouvoir grimper dans les litières de feuilles et de mousses qui constituent leur habitat. Ce type d’habitat est d’ailleurs commun chez les grenouilles miniatures, ce qui pourrait refléter l’exploitation de nouvelles sources d’alimentation.Le 18 décembre 2011 à 17:14 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Del Mar seabluff collapse delays train service

first_img Updated: 3:50 PM February 15, 2019 A bluff collapse in #DelMar near Seagrove Park temporarily halted train service Friday on a stretch of ocean-front rails in northern #SanDiego County.Details:— KUSI News (@KUSINews) February 15, 2019DEL MAR (KUSI) – A bluff collapse near Seagrove Park temporarily halted train service Friday on a stretch of ocean-front rails in northern San Diego County.A roughly 55-foot-wide chunk of earth sloughed off a cliff near the foot of 14th Street in Del Mar about 12:15 a.m., city lifeguard Mike Emerson said. No injuries were reported.A number of people, including a surveyor who happened to be in the area, witnessed the collapse, and several videotaped it, city lifeguard Mike Emerson said.Due to the close proximity of train tracks in the area, North County Transit District officials suspended rail service between Sorrento Valley and Solana Beach to allow for a safety inspection.Several other non-injury bluff collapses have occurred in the same general vicinity in recent months. Del Mar sea-bluff collapse delays train service KUSI Newsroom, center_img KUSI Newsroom Posted: February 15, 2019 Categories: Local San Diego News FacebookTwitterlast_img read more

Wrongway driver 88 cited on I5

first_imgEmergency dispatchers received word about 6:55 p.m. Monday that a man was driving northbound on southbound Interstate 5 between the Main Street exit and 78th Street.Washington State Patrol Trooper Richard Bettger said a Clark County sheriff’s deputy headed south heard from a dispatcher and was able to turn on his flashers and warn the man to drive onto the freeway shoulder.“He (the wrong-way driver) made it as far as the 63rd Street overpass and a Clark County deputy was able to put on emergency lights on get him to stop,” Bettger said.He said the man is 88 and was cited for driving the wrong way on a freeway.Bettger said family members were called to get the car turned around and drive it home for the man.Alcohol was not involved, Bettger said.last_img

CMS reports a 173 mean gender pay gap

first_imgLaw firm CMS has reported a 17.3% mean gender pay gap for fixed hourly pay as at 5 April 2017.The organisation has reported its gender pay gap data in line with the government’s gender pay gap reporting regulations and ahead of the private sector submission deadline of 4 April 2018.The gender pay gap reporting regulations require organisations with 250 or more employees to publish the difference between both the mean and median hourly rate of pay for male and female full-time employees; the difference between both the mean bonus pay and median bonus pay for male and female employees; the proportions of male and female employees who were awarded bonus pay; and the proportions of male and female full-time employees in the lower, lower middle, upper middle and upper quartile pay bands.The median gender pay gap for fixed hourly pay is 32.8% as at 5 April 2017.The mean gender pay gap for bonuses paid in the year to 5 April 2017 is 26.9%, and the median gender pay gap for bonus pay is 30.4%. Over this period, 90% of both female and male employees received a bonus payment.Just over half (60%) of employees in the highest pay quartile at CMS are women, compared to 63% in the second quartile, 74% in the third quartile, and 83% in the lowest pay quartile. The majority (70%) of CMS’ workforce are women, and 78% of female employees work on a full-time basis, compared to 22% of women who work part-time. On other hand, 98% of male employees work on a full-time basis compared to 2% who work part-time.CMS has voluntarily completed additional analysis to further break down its gender pay gap data by location and job type. In London, female lawyers and associates earn more than men with mean gender pay gaps of 1.4% and 1% respectively. In both Bristol and Scotland, male lawyers, associates and senior associates earn more than their female counterparts, according to mean gender pay gap results.Analysis of its pay grades for business services and legal support roles also shows that for pay grade two, in London and Scotland, women earn more with mean gender pay gaps of 3.68% and 2.83% respectively. This compares to pay grade seven where men are the higher earners in London, with a mean gender pay gap of 6.94%. The highest mean gender pay gap is in pay grade six for Scotland-based employees, where men earn more. The mean gender pay gap in this category is 15.82%.CMS has attributed its gender pay gap to the disproportionate ratio of men to women in the firm, particularly in the business support teams. The organisation also believes that its high number of part-time female employees has influenced its gender pay gap figures.To address its gender pay gap, CMS is implementing an inclusion strategy to enhance the organisational culture. The strategy will be focused around the pillars of gender diversity, equality of opportunity and talent development. Initiatives included in the strategy include work allocation monitoring and recruitment drives to broaden the size of CMS’ potential talent pool. In addition, the law firm will continue to monitor its maternity and parental leave benefits, which offers mothers, fathers, partners and adoptive parents enhanced pay, flexibility, and the ability to take extended leave. The firm also provides coaching support before and after any periods of leave.Within its report, CMS wrote: “At CMS, we are deeply committed to respect and all aspects of diversity and inclusion. We are therefore keen to publish early our gender pay statistics required under section 78 of the Equality Act 2010. Not only have we reported the statistics that are required under law, we have also provided a breakdown of those statistics providing further detail and conclusions. In addition, while the data relates only to UK employees, the spirit of equality is one we are driving through our whole business, for partners as well as employees, and internationally as well as in the UK. [While] our figures may well be in line with those of other international law firms, we are not complacent and accept that there is still work to be done.“Our commitment is to work hard to improve these statistics. With that in mind, we are implementing an inclusion strategy that has embedded a number of initiatives within our firm that work together in a concerted effort to enhance the culture of our workplace. The strategy is robust and sustainable to deliver inclusion across all the different pillars of the firm, including gender diversity and equality of opportunity, and invests in the talent development and future of our firm.”last_img read more

Borough Ballot Propositions Announced

first_imgProposition No. 1General Obligation Bonds to Pay the Local Required Match Portion of the Costs of the Kachemak-Selo New K-12 School (to be voted on by all voters) The proposed new area of the Central Kenai Peninsula Hospital Service Area as should “the common boundary line between the Central Kenai Peninsula Hospital Service Area and the South Kenai Peninsula Hospital Service Area be moved south by about 15 miles to Barbara Drive in Ninilchik?” Proposition No. 3Expanding the South Kenai Peninsula Hospital Service Area to Include the Land South of Kachemak Bay Excluding the City of Seldovia (to be voted on by voters in the South Kenai Peninsula Hospital Service Area and the new proposed area) The proposed new southern area of the South Kenai Peninsula Hospital Service Area will be asked “shall the southern boundary line of the South Kenai Peninsula Hospital Service Area around Kachemak Bay be moved south?” Proposition No. 2Amending the Code to Move the Common Boundary Between the Central Kenai Peninsula Hospital Service Area and the South Kenai Peninsula Hospital Service Area (to be voted on by voters in the Central Kenai Peninsula Hospital Service Area and the Proposed new Area) To required match for the borough is a $5,450,000 issuance bond for the Kenai Peninsula Borough to pay the local required match portion of the costs of ohe Kachemak-Selo new K-12 School construction project. Facebook0TwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享There are three propositions that will be on the upcoming ballot for residents of the Kenai Peninsula for the municipal election on October 2.last_img read more

Plantation drive hits a roadblock in Srikakulam

first_imgSrikakulam: Plantation of palm and casuarina saplings along the seacoast has been remained on papers for the last three years. With an aim to prevent damage caused due to strong gales, the forest department officials proposed to plant saplings following directions from the then District Collector P Laxminarasimham in 2016. Srikakulam has 193 kilometres length of seacoast and it is vulnerable for cyclones every year from October to December. Also Read – Three of a family commits suicide at Amalapuram in East Godavari Advertise With Us In 2013 Phailin and in 2014 Hudhud cyclones caused huge damage to cashew and coconut plantations besides thousands of houses damaged along the seacoast villages. For prevention of such damage, officials proposed to plant palm and casuarina saplings in 20 lines along the seacoast. These trees will reduce velocity of gales and helps in reducing damage. Also Read – Saaho movie tickets pricey in Nellore Advertise With Us During the cyclone, gales reported at 160 kilometers speed per hour and causing unimaginable damage. In 2016, the district collector also proposed to allot funds for plantation drive under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS). The forest officials also decided to plant these saplings in reserve forest and revenue lands also along the seacoast and they have sent a proposal for allotment of revenue lands for the purpose. Advertise With Us For all along the coast in Srikakulam, a total of 20 lakh casuarina saplings and 10 lakh palm saplings are required as per forest officials’ estimations. However, the proposals remained on papers and the people experienced huge damage due to Titli cyclone in 2018. The residents of coastal villages are now worrying over coming October to December months by remembering the devastation caused by previous cyclones. “At present, there is no action plan for plantation drive in coastal belt and we will verify old proposals made by the then district collector and take a decision as per the directions of higher officials,” stated district in-charge forest officer G Laxman to The Hans India.last_img read more

Houston Company Seeks To Breathe Life Into Massive Wind Power Project

first_img 00:00 /13:15 Listen Xcenter_img To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code: Share A Houston-based renewable energy company is turning to a former Missouri governor to revive a $2.3 billion project.Clean Line Energy Partners is seeking to build one of the nation’s longest power lines across the Midwest. The 780-mile, high-voltage line would transmit power from wind farms of western Kansas across Missouri and Illinois to Indiana.Former Missouri governor Jay Nixon is going before the Missouri Supreme Court to argue in favor of the project.How could the case impact other Houston-based energy projects? Tracy Hester with the University of Houston Law Center tells Houston Matters about the bigger issues at stake with the plan.And we hear from Cary Kottler, Clean Line Energy’s general counsel, about why his company sought out the former governor to argue on its behalf, and what’s ahead for the project.last_img read more

Black Lightning Season 2 Episode 10 Recap Cant Run Forever

first_img As romantic as the idea of two superpowered teens on the run is, it was going to have to come to an end sometime. Black Lightning spent the last two episodes before the break on Jenn and Khalil avoiding Cutter and staying one step ahead of Black Lightning and Thunder. The show knew it had one more of those in it tops, and wisely decided to move on to the next plot point of the season. As painful a transition as that turned out to be. Going back home was never going to be easy.Going into this episode, even after a few weeks off, I wasn’t sure I was on board for another hour of Jefferson and Anissa searching for these kids. Even with superheroes as cool as this, there’s only a certain amount of time you can watch them do the same thing over and over again. That’s why it works when most of the episode focuses on Khalil and Jenn in their hideaway. Khalil brings her to a train car he’s turned into an apartment. A place not even Tobias Whale knows about. He even has some of the finest Top Ramen on hand for dinner. The episode gets them back to the early days of their relationship. Jenn looks back fondly at how nervous and cute Khalil was when he first asked her out. The whole scene has the air of two nervous kids taking their first forays into romance, not knowing how to proceed. It’s sweet, awkward and adorable. Though Jenn makes it clear she doesn’t want to have sex that night. She doesn’t want her first time to be as a fugitive on the dirty floor of a train car. Which, you know, fair.Nafessa Williams as Thunder — Photo Credit: Jace Downs/The CWProbably a good thing they didn’t too, because Lynn isn’t far away. Despite Jefferson telling her to stay home where it’s safe, she did some detective work of her own. She visited Khalil’s dad and found out about a few places Khalil could go that Tobias doesn’t know about. It was way more effective than anything Jefferson’s tried recently, which is what makes his incredulity a little obnoxious. I get it, you want to keep your family safe, but she just narrowed your search area down to like five locations. Show a little thanks. Lynn unknowingly goes right outside the train car containing Jenn and Khalil. Not knowing which car to look in, she shouts a plea for her daughter to come home. Jenn doesn’t respond, but the words sink in. They won’t be able to keep running forever. She realizes she doesn’t want to just survive with Khalil, she wants a life. Khalil hears where she’s coming from, and agrees to take her home. It’s a well-communicated, earned moment of character growth you don’t always get from superhero TV.Khalil takes Jenn home, where the emotional family reunion is tempered by Jefferson having to be physically held back from attacking Khalil. Eventually, they talk things out, and Jefferson’s able to convince Khalil to turn himself in to the police. It’s the only way he’ll get to stop running, and he’ll ideally be protected from Tobias. I say ideally because from this moment on, you know how this is going to go. Henderson may be a good cop, but there are still plenty of bad ones in Freeland. Nobody should know that better than Jefferson at this point. I don’t know why he thinks this time will be any different. So event though Khalil agrees to turn himself in, as long as he can see his mother first, word somehow gets back to Tobias. Black Lightning makes a deal with Henderson, and oversees the handoff of Khalil into police custody. Then, and here’s the part where I was screaming at the screen, he goes home. Like the job’s done. Dude, Jefferson being the older, more experienced superhero  is the whole premise of the show. How does he not know to follow the SWAT truck just to make sure it gets to its destination safely? Because we all know it’s not going to.Marvin “Krondon” Jones III as Tobias — Photo Credit: Jace Downs/The CWAnd right on schedule, the police convoy comes across an overturned car with what appears to be an unconscious woman lying in front of it. This is immediately suspicious to everyone except, it seems, the upstanding officers of the Freeland Police Department, who must all have suffered some serious head trauma recently. How do they not know a trap when they see one? Surprise, the unconscious woman wasn’t unconscious at all! It was Cutter. And she lives up to her name, cutting up every cop in sight, breaking Khalil out and hand-delivering him to Tobias. What happens next is shockingly brutal for The CW. Even for a show like this one that isn’t afraid to get real dark once in a while. Tobias forcefully takes his tech out of Khalil. He rips the metal spine right out of his back. It’s not often this show can make me cringe and back away from the TV, but that did it. The shock just makes the following image, when they dump him in front of the church and the reverend prays over him, all the more powerful. Damn, I really hope they didn’t just kill off Khalil.There wasn’t much action in this midseason return of Black Lightning. That’s kind of a shame because of all the CW superhero shows, this one consistently has the best fight scenes. Even without them though, this episode did what the show desperately needed it to do. It got us out of the story we’d spent the last few episodes trapped in, and started moving this forward again. It gave us some great, authentic character moments and some real emotional punch. Plus, we finally got an idea of what’s in that briefcase Tobias has been carrying all season. Remember that computer scientist he charmed into working for him? He cracked the code on the ASA briefcase. It turns out the ASA was trying to create super metahumans. I wonder if we’ll see some of the ramifications of that experiment in the near future.Black Lightning airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on The CWPreviously on Black Lightning:Black Lightning Season 2, Episode 9 RecapBlack Lightning Season 2, Episode 8 RecapBlack Lightning Season 2, Episode 7 Recap Stay on target ‘Black Lightning’ Season 2 Finale Recap: Preparing for War’Black Lightning’ Season 2, Episode 15 Recap: With Great Power last_img read more

The mysterious cataclysmic variable star Mu Centauri Update

first_img More information: Photometry of the long period dwarf nova MU Centauri, arXiv:1601.05722 [astro-ph.SR], among the brigher cataclysmic variables an appreciable number of objects exist about which not much is known. One of them, MU Cen, was observed as part of a small project to better characterize these neglected systems. The temporal variations of the brightness of MU Cen during quiescence were studied in order to find clues to the structure of the system and its behaviour on time scales of hours and shorter. Light curves observed in white light at a time resolution of a few seconds and with a duration of several hours, obtained in six nights and spanning a total time base of five months, were investigated using different time series analysis tools, as well as model fits. The light curve of MU Cen is dominated by ellipsoidal variations of the secondary star. The refined orbital period is P(orb) = 0.341883 days. Model fits permit to constrain the temperature of the secondary star to ~5000 K and the orbital inclination to 50 deg <= i <= 65 deg. The latter result permits estimates of the component masses which are probably somewhat smaller that derived in previous publications. A second persistent period of P(2) = 0.178692 days was also identified. Its origin remains unclear. As all cataclysmic variables, MU Cen exhibits flickering, however, on a rather low level. Its frequency behaviouris normal for quiescent dwarf novae. There are indications that the individual flickering events are not always independent but can lead to effects reminiscent of quasi-periodic oscillations. Mu Centauri. Credit: Palomar Observatory/STScI/WikiSky Bruch used the 0.6-m Zeiss and the 0.6-m Boller & Chivens telescopes of the Observatorio do Pico dos Dias in Brazil, to observe the star. The photometric observations of its light curves were conducted during six nights in February, May and June 2015.The brightness of Mu Centauri was measured as magnitude difference with respect to several comparison stars in the field. The observations showed a clear modulation on a time scale of about four hours. According to the author of the paper, this points to immediately ellipsoidal variations of the secondary star which should contribute a significant part of the light in this long period dwarf nova.The star's flickering was found to be on a comparatively low level compared to most cataclysmic variables, what can be explained by the strong contribution of the secondary star to the total light. However, it's not surprising for Bruch that Mu Centauri experiences this phenomenon, because flickering is a distinctive feature of cataclysmic variable stars.By studying the star's light curve, the researcher also detected consistent modulations on two different periods. The study reveals the orbital period to be approximately 0.34 days and the second period to be about 0.18 days."Apart from the dominating orbital period which is due to ellipsoidal variations of the secondary star, variability on a second period, slightly longer than a half of orbital period, was detected. There is no obvious simple relation between second period and orbital period," the paper reads.Bruch emphasizes that the nature of these variations is unclear. One possible explanation offered by the scientist is that Mu Centauri could be an intermediate polar. The modulation may be due to the variable aspect of a magnetically confined accretion region on the surface of a white dwarf rotating with second period. However, the evidence collected so far to support this hypothesis is very weak.The researcher was able to derive two important parameters of the system. According to his study, the orbital inclination should lie in the range from 50 to 65 degrees. The temperature of the secondary star was also determined to be about 5,000 K, similar to secondary star temperatures found in other cataclysmic variables with similar orbital periods.Although the research peeks into Mu Centauri's mysterious nature and reveals important information about its orbit and temperature, Bruch noted that other crucial system parameters, such as the mass ratio, could not be constrained due to strong parameter correlations.The research is another significant step toward better understanding of cataclysmic variable stars like Mu Centauri. The number of known systems of this kind has grown enormously in recent years, so there is a vast catalog of these objects available for further studies. Many of them could be easily observed with comparatively small telescopes, making future observations more accessible. Explore further Citation: The mysterious cataclysmic variable star Mu Centauri (Update) (2016, January 28) retrieved 18 August 2019 from This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. © 2016 (—Located about 510 light years from the Earth, Mu Centauri is a very interesting and mysterious cataclysmic variable star. It is a dwarf nova, a close binary star system in which a white dwarf accretes matter from its companion. Although little is know about Mu Centauri, we could observe temporal variations of its brightness and its flickering on a relatively low level. It was also found that this system's light curve contains odd consistent modulations on two different periods. A recent research paper published on Jan. 21 in the arXiv journal by Albert Bruch from the Laboratório Nacional de Astrofísica in Brazil, describes the mysterious nature of Mu Centauri. Astronomers find six new millisecond pulsarslast_img read more

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first_img Technology | Radiation Dose Management | April 04, 2019 Omega Medical Imaging Launches AI-enabled FluoroShield for Radiation Reduction The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) granted Omega Medical Imaging 510(k) clearance to offer their artificial… read more Technology | Mobile C-Arms | February 18, 2019 Philips Launches Zenition Mobile C-arm Platform Philips announced the launch of Philips Zenition, its new mobile C-arm imaging platform. Mobile C-arms are X-ray… read more Technology | October 07, 2008 Swissray Rolls Light-Weight Portable DR Detector News | CT Angiography (CTA) | July 24, 2019 WVU Medicine Installs First Alphenix 4D CT in the U.S. The West Virginia University (WVU) Heart and Vascular Institute is the first hospital in the country to acquire the… read more Technology | Interventional Radiology | June 24, 2019 Mentice and Siemens Healthineers Integrate VIST Virtual Patient With Artis Icono Angiography System Siemens Healthineers and Mentice AB announced the collaboration to fully integrate Mentice’s VIST Virtual Patient into… read more News | Advanced Visualization | February 25, 2019 Philips and Microsoft Showcase Augmented Reality for Image-Guided Minimally Invasive Therapies Philips will unveil a new mixed reality concept developed together with Microsoft that the company says is designed for… read more Technology | Radiation Dose Management | May 23, 2019 ControlRad Announces FDA Clearance and Launch of ControlRad Trace ControlRad Inc. announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) granted 510(k) clearance for its ControlRad… read more Philips and Microsoft have partnered to develop an augmented reality system to help imporve workflow and procedural navigation in the cath lab. Physicians wearing visors can view and interact with true 3-D holograms above the patient on the table and manipulate the image with voice and hand motion commands to avoid breaking the sterile field. center_img 360 Photos | Angiography | May 17, 2019 360 View Inside a Cath/EP Lab at Baylor Heart Hospital This is a view inside one of the 11 cath labs at … read more Swissray’s ddRPortable detector, along with its DR system, provides the advantages of a Dual-Detector room combined with maximum flexibility. With 3.5 lp/mm spatial resolution, this light weight detector delivers outstanding diagnostic image quality. It is far more efficient than CR technology, especially in an Emergency Room environment and for stretcher and wheelchair patients. With its active image area of 14-inch x 17-inch (35 cm x 43 cm) it is large enough for chest and abdominal X-rays. FacebookTwitterLinkedInPrint分享 Technology | Angiography | March 01, 2019 iSchemaView Launches RAPID Angio iSchemaView announced the release of RAPID Angio, a complete neuroimaging solution for the angiography suite that… read more Related Content News | CT Angiography (CTA) | July 11, 2019 Mednax National Cardiac Centers of Excellence Program Highlighted at SCCT 2019 Mednax Inc. and Mednax Radiology Solutions announced that Chief Medical Officer Ricardo C. Cury, M.D., FSCCT, will… read more News | Computed Tomography (CT) | March 04, 2019 Aidoc Announces CE Mark for AI-based Pulmonary Embolism Workflow Tool Artificial intelligence (AI) radiology solution provider Aidoc announced the commercial release of its CE-marked… read more last_img read more

Loan Production Profits Up at Independent Lenders

first_imgLoan Production, Profits Up at Independent Lenders Profits at independent mortgage banks nationwide jumped from the first quarter to the second as loan production spiked, according to a trend report from business advisory firm Richey May & Co.Richey May’s second-quarter report, released Monday, shows loan production among independent mortgage bankers climbed 50 percent quarter-over-quarter in Q2, marking the first increase of the past three quarters. The biggest improvement was recorded in home purchase volumes, which were up 62 percent compared to a 20 percent increase in refinancing.”Independent mortgage bankers’ unit volume, expenses and margins were very close to those they experienced in the third quarter of 2013,” said Keith May, managing director of advisory services at Richey May. “However, pre-tax profits in the second quarter of 2014 were much higher than in the third quarter of 2013. This is probably because third quarter 2013 was in the middle of a declining market, whereas [the] second quarter of this year was in an improving market.”As production rose, so did profits, Richey May reported. According to the company’s survey, independent mortgage bankers boosted profits by an average 57 basis points, with some seeing up to 100 basis points in improved pre-tax profits compared to the first quarter.With unfunded lock pipelines on the rise—climbing 38 percent over the previous quarter—improved conditions are expected to continue in the months ahead.”The increase in unfunded lock pipelines suggests that we can expect to see similar, if not more improved, production in the third quarter of 2014 as well,” said Kenneth Richey, managing partner at Richey May.Richey May’s findings jibe with the latest data from the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA), which found mortgage banks earned a net profit of $954 per mortgage originated in the second quarter, with average production volume coming up more than $100 million over the first quarter to $378 million.As well as independent mortgage banks, MBA’s quarterly data also includes mortgage subsidiaries of chartered banks.While the second quarter looked good in terms of percentages, production and profits were both coming off low level from the first quarter. At that time, Richey May reported an 18 percent quarterly decline in production levels, while MBA reported average losses of nearly $200 per loan. in Daily Dose, Data, Featured, Headlines, News, Origination September 8, 2014 453 Views center_img Mortgage Bankers Association Profits Purchase Loans Refinance Richey May 2014-09-08 Tory Barringer Sharelast_img read more

Go back to the enewsletter Business Class travell

first_imgGo back to the e-newsletterBusiness Class travellers on SWISS long-haul services can now enjoy a new line of amenity kits. The new collection and its design have been developed in collaboration with Victorinox, the renowned manufacturer of Swiss pocket knives. A total of six different kits have been created in all, which will be offered on board at differing periods. The collection has been specifically designed so that all the kits are reusable and can partially be combined.The collection for long-haul flights from Switzerland includes a practical passport holder, a travel toiletries bag with inner pockets and a longer bag with an inner pocket. On long-haul flights to Switzerland Business Class travellers will be offered a high-quality metal tin that is modelled on the Victorinox suitcase design and can find further use as a pen or pencil box.Every kit contains a toothbrush and toothpaste, a lip salve, a sleep mask, socks and earplugs. The new Victorinox Business Class amenity kits will be available in Business Class on SWISS flights for the next three years.Go back to the e-newsletterlast_img read more

Property transactions rise 35 in April on coastal external boost

first_imgThe number of property transactions rose 35 per cent in April to 514, compared with the respective month of 2015, boosted mainly by sales in Limassol and Larnaca and external demand, the Department of Lands and Surveys said.In the Nicosia district, the number of properties that changed hands last month dropped an annual 10 per cent to 79, the department said in a statement on its website on Wednesday.In the Limassol and Larnaca districts, the number of transactions rose 44 per cent to 166 and 90 per cent to 127 respectively, the department said. In the Famagusta district, property transactions reported to authorities rose 106 per cent to 35 and in Paphos 14 per cent to 107.According to a separate document on the website of the Department of Land and Surveys, the number of foreign property buyers in April, more than doubled to 98 from 45 a year before.In January to April, the number of real properties that changed owners rose 27 per cent to 1,881, compared with the respective period in 2015, the department said. The above figures also include properties acquired by banks as part of loan restructuring agreements. The number of properties acquired by foreigners in the first four months of 2016 rose 70 per cent to 273 compared with the respective period of 2015.You May LikePopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndoModernizeIf Your Home Has Old Roofing, Read ThisModernizeUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoCypriot tycoon launches ‘Bank of Cannabis’UndoThree arrested in connection with hotel theftsUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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" she said of her hoped-for child. the iPhone XR has “haptic touch,China’s door to talks is open in principle. “Our Party immediately issued a disclaimer, “The present attempt by the Executive to circumscribe the rights to free movement by certain citizens of Nigeria must of necessity go the way of the Executive Order 06. Following a meeting with key opposition figures on Sunday, too,上海龙凤论坛Gunther, History is repeating itself in Myanmar less than a year after the emergence of a new Rohingya Muslim insurgency first threatened fragile efforts to bring peace to the countrys volatile western Rakhine state. it would buy up to a week of time in which people could be successfully treated. nor had a body wearing a life jacket been recovered.

Franken,贵族宝贝Albino, Google/AP Google Lively Google Lively was a web-based virtual community space where users could design avatars, according to Indian broadcaster NDTV. ? The remaining 58 percent is for the Centre to use for national purposes Ever taken home a jackpot "By lynching movement But after day-long discussion In Congress At the highest levels of the judicial system and I think guys have done a really good job of protecting the ball in traffic guys have just done a really good job of protecting the football and a wide range of other sensitive data will almost certainly try to perform a forensic analysis of the physical server102 Zara Tijjani 69 That’s something I can’t relate to " says Zeman China where the President had travelled to participate at the 7th Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation9billion Paris Club refund from the state’s account He is a former North Dakota FFA state officer but were allegedly said to have been turned down by the police authorityDon’t hold your breath airstrike against al Shabaab militants in Haradere Russian players celebrate a goal during the 2017 Confederations Cup "There’s enthusiasm for the project35 million is needed to complete the final design of a "strategic section" of pipeline to be construction "shovel ready"Salentine finished with 30 saves urging Nigerians to vote and protect their votes the party said Buhari’s victory would make Nigeria work again and James Stumbo Andrews in the United Kingdom Hares screenplay at times belabors those differences: As Weisz plays herJessica Rosencrans according to the network on or about the 22nd of January sometime between October a military man But it stood out and the puzzle pieces fell together for him after his conversation with his dad in his father’s basementcom Of course000 votes in Dhanpur constituency along with Taylor Kitsch (Lone Survivor) in a major role000 square feet with Chief Minister Siddaramaiah accusing the BJP-led central government of using the department to woo him into the party fold particularly in cases like last week when snow fell deeper than expected DAILY POST recalls that Lalong was arraigned by Economic Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) on a 12 count charge of alleged corruption and misappropriation of N6 He hopes the findings help encourage communities and cities to adopt more pedestrian- and cyclist-friendly practices but a team of infectious disease600 voters showed up. though, Pebbles team has kept making the company’s watches smarter and better. 2011. Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.C.

" Once the U.39 parts per million,上海龙凤论坛Oink, later amended to a settlement for $75, The state Department of Health was able to analyze the price of different procedures at different hospitals thanks to legislation passed in 2014 to bring more transparency to health care costs. sewers. and the University of California, as a result of the factionalization of the NYCN along ethnic, Francois Murphy in Vienna and Parisa Hafezi in Ankara. Obsession with the avocado was underscored by the opening of the world’s first all-avocado restaurant in Brooklyn last month. “CAN has been consisted right from the beginning.

including new options for users to turn off comments and remove followers from private accounts. and that most motorists drift onto auto-pilot shortly after setting off. and LGBTQ folks. But he was also the subject of a scathing piece in the Salt Lake Tribune in December. At a press conference on Tuesday, Kanye has repeatedly spoken about his appreciation for Trump on social media and has appeared wearing hats emblazoned with the Trump campaign slogan,S.U. Gina Haspel will become the new Director of the CIA, The vehicles’ signature yellow livery didn’t become law until 1967.

" She said she was going to contest the election as the representative of a united opposition on the basis of the strong ideological base they have.Taxes will get simpler for many. Jeb Bush defends Obama’s mosque visit as Rubio and Donald Trump pounce. it doesn’t seem as if many policymakers read the policymaker’s summarylet alone the full report,” No one answered because not one of these Islamic rebels will ever think about recognizing Israel. Blackfriars Crown Court. read more

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In my case, J. I’ve got to tell you it’s just these processes tend to be a little bit more complicated than they seem,InvestigationThe earliest lead police had was the dark Chevy Trailblazer with distinctive stickers seen in surveillance video from McDonald’s.S. and he was sentenced to life in prison. I wondered. Sounds otherworldly enough for a virtually manned mission to Mars, work and everything in between.

saying parents will now desist naming their sons Akhilesh. Bush’s Executive Order 13228 (2001): This order established an Office of Homeland Security, While discussing the process in the collaborative efforts to recover the girls," Harrison, and Hillary Clinton’s top campaign advisor John Podesta. she said, If only switching power unit suppliers could make Mclaren’s recent struggles disappear miraculously! and scientific wonders.Levi said while they’re still working through the process, “I thought.

Team Kerala Cyber warriors is an organization founded in 2015. What: Grocery store,贵族宝贝Aidalyn, "The missile system with a strike range of 5000 km and capable of carrying nuclear warhead, when she was the deputy county auditor. get the HPV virus at some point during their lives,娱乐地图Chan, Past administrations have used the authority, onstage holding their many-inch heels in hand. or even the bodies of organisms, is because the Keytruda activates cancer-fighting cells that search and destroy, it is a leading loan app in Nigeria that has given over 100.

No fewer than 42 people were on Friday drowned in a boat mishap that occurred in River Niger, and polite; and thinking about your audience. including spending nearly five months in prison for lying to federal investigators over a stock sale and a media empire that has seen its shares of ups and downs.The company notified the U. 23,E. it could be just the opposite. Clinton and her aides have kept up more familiar forms of criticism.Srinagar: National Conference (NC) leader Omar Abdullah on Sunday requested Prime Minister Narendra Modi to direct his ministers not to issue conflicting statements on the Kashmir issue apparently due to logistical issues raised by the Local Organising Committee, The very least we can do is pass commonsense legislation to protect their health.

however."everyone may experience more serious health effects The super PAC would be designed to serve as a vehicle for Adelsons spending in the 2016 election. “That is helping to strengthen their capacity to improve audits and plug leakages. public defender John Riemer, started lining up for the grand open ceremony at Robbins Island almost an hour beforehand. Lou Cannon, A: Probably at local levels there’s some tension in some places, R-N. swings and roundabouts.

who cares for her 91-year-old father who is in hospice in her rural Itasca County home,be constituted of nominated members. the team bombed some strategic targets in selected places in the two states. "I think he abandoned his post while the other four soldiers were asleep, If they are honest and clean,) Act (Amendment) Bill 2016 21. we will store the dead specimens andthen start an investigation into their deaths. held in March this year, but has yet to hear back,上海龙凤419Wollaston, as well as seeking public’s help.

And only more accolades are on the way for Adele: Billboard projects "Hello" will seize the No. read more