Regina parents fear policy change could harm foster son with special needs

first_imgKathleen Martens APTN NewsA Saskatchewan couple is fighting a policy change they say will “damage” their Indigenous foster son, Matthew Brandon.Shannon and Chris Gardiner posted a letter to “Matty Nation” on Facebook seeking supporters’ help in reversing the decision of Ranch Ehrlo Society.The Ranch is where Matty attends a day program for people with special needs in Regina. It also employs Sami Melles and Nick Davis who provide private respite care for Matty on weekends.The Gardiners say the weekend arrangement has been working “beautifully” for about five years but the Ranch is now forcing the men to give up the extra respite work.“What’s going to happen come Fridays when he’s supposed to go with the guys and he can’t do that anymore?” Shannon Gardiner said Monday.Gardiner says Melles and Davis don’t want to choose or give up either job. She says they know the change will have a detrimental effect on Matty, who has bonded with them and requires strict routine to function well.“They know how Matty is,” she said. “One slight change can completely set off an avalanche.”Respite workers Sami Melles (left) and Nick Davis. (right) surround Matthew Brandon (centre).However, Ranch CEO Andrea Brittin says the policy is about correcting a conflict-of-interest.“What we’re really trying to make sure of is that the people who work for us have a healthy work-life balance,” she said in a telephone interview.Brittin says an existing policy was recently “refreshed and renewed” and is now being implemented. She says it has been approved by a labour lawyer.“When staff work for our agency – some of them full-time – and provide services to other agencies, this has potential to impact the level and the quality of service staff can provide.”Brittin promised to email a copy of the policy to APTN last week but didn’t. A voicemail was left for her Monday asking her to try again.Meanwhile, Tim Korol, who runs the board that oversees Matty’s care, says Brittin won’t explain why the policy is being enforced now.Or acknowledge the harm it will do to such a vulnerable person.“We are all community,” he wrote in a letter shared with APTN.“People and non-profits just don’t operate in silos from one another. What one member of the community does can unnecessarily cause damage to someone else.”Matty, 26, is non-verbal and suffers from brain trauma, autism, cerebral palsy and fetal alcohol syndrome. He functions at the level of a toddler and has lived with the Gardiners since 1997 – even after aging out of provincial foster care.The Gardiners say they share details of his life on Facebook to educate the public and reduce the stigma around people with physical and mental disabilities.“This is tremendously upsetting to us. We have a three-prong approach – home, day and weekend,” said Shannon Gardiner.It’s not the first time the Gardiners have fought a policy they say wasn’t in Matty’s best interest.Their battle to keep him out of a government group home in favour of family-based care was featured by APTN Investigates in 2015.This fight is also on that page – For the Love of Matthew – under photos of the respite care workers and Matty.Shannon Gardiner says reaction has been swift: “People are outraged…they can’t understand why program should have any say on what they do on their own time,” she said.“Why would they do that? He’s one of their clients, too.”Brittin acknowledged the change would impact some but said the decision wasn’t taken easily or hastily.“It is something we believe is important because we believe it protects all of the young people and adults in our care, as well as our staff,” she said.“What our policy basically says is that if you’re working for Ranch Ehrlo Society that you can’t work for other like organizations.”Korol says the board tried to resolve the issue privately with the Ranch before going public last weekend.“At no time has Sami’s or Nick’s care during the last six years ever caused any conflict, scheduling issue or challenge for Ranch Ehrlo,” Korol said on Facebook. “In fact, one could argue that Sami and Nick’s off-time work has developed a relationship with Matthew that is beneficial for Ranch Erhlo’s day program.“We have asked repeatedly that Ranch Ehrlo explain how their organization could possibly be harmed. No one from the Ranch has given us any example whatsoever.”Messages left for some Ranch board members were not returned before this story was published.Shannon Gardiner says it shouldn’t be this hard to get a helping organization to do the right thing by Matty.“It makes me want to protect him and fight this harder and harder and harder,” she said.“It shouldn’t be that way though, because his care is already tremendously difficult.”last_img read more

PM performs puja at Badrinath temple

first_imgBadrinath: Prime Minister Narendra Modi Sunday paid obeisance and performed puja at Badrinath temple on the second day of his two-day visit to Uttarakhand. He reached Badrinath after spending around 20 hours in the Himalayan shrine of Kedarnath. Modi offered prayers at innermost sanctum in Badrinath, another temple in Uttarakhand’s ‘char dham’ religious circuit, dedicated to Lord Vishnu.last_img

Morocco Pornographic Video of a Young Student Stirs a Scandal

first_imgCasablanca- A pornographic video of a young girl from Mohammedia, a city between Casablanca and Rabat, has recently been widely shared on Moroccan social networks, subsequently stirring a scandal in the city.  The pornographic video, featuring a young female student from Mohammedia, was recently uploaded to YouTube. The video was allegedly shared on Facebook, causing an outrage in Mohammedia. According to news portal MohammediaPress, the young student in the video was suspended from her school as soon as the administration heard of it. Her friends and classmates who saw the video said they were “shocked” to see their friend in that type of videos. They also expressed their disapproval of the school’s decision to suspend her, and stated that the girl must have been a “victim” or was “manipulated under the effect of drugs.” The person who shot and uploaded the video is still unidentified. According to the young girl’s friends, the person behind the video is a Moroccan living in the United States.  Meanwhile, the video has become the talk of almost all residents of Mohammedia, according to MohammediaPoress. According to the same source, some associations in the city are expected to intervene in the young girl’s case.  © Morocco World News. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributedlast_img read more

Authors of Paris Attack Affiliated With Qaeda Eyewitnesses

Rabat – The terrorists who attacked the headquarters of French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo are supposedly affiliated with Al Qaeda.According to eyewitnesses, the terrorists told bystanders in the street to inform the media that they were members of Al Qaeda in Yemen before carrying out their attack on Charlie Hebdo.An eyewitness identified as Cédric Le Béchec was quoted as saying that the shooters arrived in a black car, stopping in the middle of the street while carrying a rocket-propelled grenade. He also said that before launching their attack on the headquarters of the French satirical newspaper, the attackers approached a man in the street telling him to “tell the media that this is Al Qaeda in the Yemen.”Corinne “Coco” Rey, one of the newspaper’s cartoonists who survived the ordeal, said that the assailants spoke perfect French. read more

UN agency invested nearly 6 million this year to aid Kyrgyzstans most

This is the largest amount ever spent by the agency in a single year in the Central Asian nation, WFP stated in a news release. The funds were spent on activities such as buying food and leasing transport, which were required to respond to the needs of those affected by the crisis in April and the impact it had on markets and livelihoods.“Supporting local markets as much as possible is a cornerstone of WFP engagement in a country and a fundamental component of our humanitarian response policy,” said Rasmus Egendal, WFP Representative and Country Director. “This type of ‘investment’ helps to stabilise markets and create employment.”The violent uprising in April that ousted former president Kurmanbek Bakiyev as well as the ethnic clashes that erupted in southern Kyrgyzstan in June uprooted thousands of people and left them in need of humanitarian assistance. Throughout the year, WFP distributed 20,000 metric tons of food, of which 8,500 was bought through Kyrgyz companies. The agency, which began its operation in Kyrgyzstan in 2008, hopes to extend its support to local companies and food producers in the coming year as it continues to reach out to people who are chronically food insecure. 29 December 2010The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) spent nearly $6 million this year in Kyrgyzstan, where it is assisting 240,000 conflict-affected people in the south and 380,000 other vulnerable people in six out of seven of the country’s provinces. read more

New UN envoy on foreign troops in Lebanon to visit Damascus Beirut

Terje Roed-Larsen, until last month the UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process, will visit Damascus on Saturday when he will convey a message from Mr. Annan to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, and Beirut on Tuesday on a similar mission to Lebanese President Emile Lahoud.Mr. Roed-Larsen’s official title is Special Envoy for the implementation of Security Council resolution 1559, adopted in September ahead of elections in Lebanon, and which supported polling free from outside influence and called for the withdrawal of all remaining foreign forces, the disbanding of all militias and the extension of Government control over the entire country.In an initial report in October Mr. Annan said that aside from a UN peacekeeping force, the only significant foreign forces in Lebanon were Syrian. He said Syria indicated it had some 14,000 troops still inside Lebanon stationed near the border, and that it had redeployed about 3,000 other forces.He reported that the Governments of both Lebanon and Syria said the timing of further withdrawals would be determined by the security situation in Lebanon and the region and they could not provide a schedule for such action. read more

Annan calls on donors to help Timorese build a better future

With the current mandate of the UN Mission of Support in East Timor (UNMISET) due to end soon, “we find ourselves at a critical juncture,” Mr. Annan said in a message to a meeting on Timor-Leste and its development partners. “As Timor-Leste transitions from a peacekeeping into a peacebuilding phase, I hope you will assist capacity-building efforts with a view to ensuring viable and stable administrative structures,” he said.”I trust your deliberations…will contribute further to building better lives for the people of Timor-Leste,” Mr. Annan told the conference. “The challenges before us are daunting, but with your help, I am confident that they can be overcome.”Recalling that the global community, together with the dedication of the Timorese people and their leadership, had once before helped the world’s newest nation to embark firmly on the path of development, he said that since the first development partners conference on Timor-Leste in December 1999, donors have actively supported the country’s efforts to reconstruct a shattered society, build the institutions of state from scratch, and lay the groundwork for sustainable development.”I am proud that the United Nations has contributed to creating conditions for peace and stability in Timor-Leste, without which its development efforts could not have proceeded successfully,” Mr. Annan said, echoing the words of his speech to the opening session of the donors’ meeting four years ago, in which he said “helping the Timorese people has been one of most formidable responsibilities ever given to the United Nations.”Today, he thanked all the development partners, including the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), for their steadfast support since 1999. “The UN would not have been able to carry out its mission in Timor-Leste without that support. And I call on the international community again to play its part,” he said. read more

Why The Most Efficient Scorer In NBA History Is Stuck On The

DETROIT — What if I told you that in today’s stats-obsessed league — where everything, including the arc of a shooter’s jump shot and the length of a player’s stride, can be spliced and measured — perhaps the most efficient scorer in modern NBA history couldn’t get off the bench most nights?That’s the reality for 7-foot-3 Pistons center Boban Marjanovic, who scores with unprecedented efficiency when he is on the court.1Since the 1973-74 season, which predates the ABA-NBA merger. Among players who’ve averaged 30 points per 100 possessions and played in at least 100 regular-season games, no player has been able to match Marjanovic in points per shot attempt, and those who have come closest are either already in the Hall of Fame or likely will be one day. He also currently leads the NBA2Among those who’ve played 10 games or more so far this season. by a wide margin in points per touch, according to data from Second Spectrum. The most efficient players in modern NBA historyLeaders in career points per shot attempt, 1974-2018 Shaquille O’Neal1993-20111.47 Charles Barkley1985-20001.52 James Harden2010-20181.51 Marjanovic, the undrafted 29-year-old Serb, has accomplished this in relative anonymity. While he might be a favorite among basketball die-hards and members of the Reddit community devoted to him, Boban will not be at the NBA All-Star game next month, and no throngs of teenagers are lining up to buy his jersey at the NBA store. And he’s only played in 13 games so far this season, a clear sign that his scoring touch doesn’t mask his other shortcomings, which are on display each time he steps on the court. Because he lacks foot speed on defense and is largely tethered to the paint on that end, opponents — particularly those with sharpshooting stretch bigs — can exploit him with the high pick-and-roll.Both sides of the double-edged sword were on display during the Pistons’ loss in Miami Wednesday night, a game in which Marjanovic got his fifth career start while one-time All-Star Andre Drummond sat out with a rib injury. Marjanovic displayed his usual soft touch around the basket, finishing with 15 points on 5-of-8 shooting and nine rebounds in just 22 minutes. That production is in line with his career 1.62 points per shot attempt.Still, even with that sort of offensive firepower, the Heat — who drilled 17 threes, tied for the most Detroit’s allowed all season — were able to chase Boban off the floor whenever they downsized by playing Kelly Olynyk at center. In fact, Olynyk reeled off eight consecutive points to put Miami on an 8-0 run within two minutes of that shift; the run prompted Pistons coach Stan Van Gundy to call time and subsequently limit Marjanovic’s minutes to whenever Olynyk wasn’t playing at the 5.Watch here as Miami finds a way to exploit Marjanovic’s presence, or lack thereof, on these three plays. On the first, Miami’s Tyler Johnson comes off a screen, but Marjanovic doesn’t hedge far enough, which forces Pistons guard Reggie Bullock to defend both Johnson and Olynyk on the same play (though he’s too late to do anything about Olynyk’s open shot). During the second play, Marjanovic contains Johnson after a switch, but Olynyk capitalizes on the miss by grabbing the board over the Detroit wings, who are left to fend for themselves in the paint. On the most glaring of the three plays, Olynyk gets a wide-open look in transition after Marjanovic fails to pick him up as a trailer.Video Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.That sequence explains how Marjanovic has become one of the bigger chess pieces in basketball the past few seasons — one who can trigger an immediate substitution from one side or the other based on his sheer size and skill set. But his situation as a historically efficient scorer who still doesn’t see consistent playing time also speaks to how the abundance of perimeter shooting in today’s NBA has made life nearly impossible for rim-protecting 7-footers who lack the mobility to come out and defend past the free-throw line.“It’s tough, because you’re dealing with a lot of guys who can really stretch the floor, and you’ve got to be able to defend out to 25 feet,” Van Gundy said of Marjanovic, who just broke the 100-minute mark for the season Wednesday and has yet to play 1,000 career minutes in three seasons. “He’s worked hard at [improving his lateral footwork], so I’m confident in him being able to play against a lot of people. But when you get really far away from the basket, it’s a little tough on him.”A few numbers highlight how much Marjanovic struggles with perimeter-oriented bigs. So far this season, he is defending 14 midrange and 3-point tries per 100 shot attempts, the most in the NBA among the 365 players who’ve contested at least 30 such shots so far, according to Second Spectrum. Exacerbating the issue even more: Players are shooting about 15 effective field-goal percentage points better than expected against him from that range, according to Second Spectrum data, the worst gap of any center in the league to this point.None of this is to suggest that Marjanovic, who signed with the Spurs as a free agent back in 2015, has no skill on defense. Coming into this season, he held opposing players to far less than their usual averages when shooting within six feet of the rim, likely the result of his disruptive 7-foot-8 wingspan and 9-foot-7 standing reach that make him one of the largest players in NBA history. And if he had played enough minutes to qualify for the leaderboard, Marjanovic’s career total rebound percentage (21.9 percent) would put him right behind former Piston Dennis Rodman, who holds the best rate of all time (23.4 percent).But above all else, Marjanovic is a scorer. He’s very good at establishing position near the basket.Video Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.And once he catches the ball, either off an entry pass or after a teammate has lofted it to where only he can catch it, he has an array of moves that make him even more difficult to guard.Video Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.Van Gundy said that part of the challenge in playing Marjanovic is timing, adding that he believes Boban matches up fairly well with a number of traditional centers around the league. But if the opposing club starts a traditional big man, then replaces him with a floor-spacer off the bench, that makes it difficult for Van Gundy to find a scenario where he can sub Marjanovic into the action. Doing so would require pulling Drummond, Detroit’s best player, or likely compromising the Pistons’ perimeter defense against a stretch big, as was the case Wednesday with Olynyk.Marjanovic has long known that developing quicker feet on defense is the key to seeing more minutes. “You can’t make someone tall like me, and you can’t make someone quick like [Pistons guard] Ish Smith,3Who, according to Second Spectrum data, is currently the NBA’s fastest player on average.” said Marjanovich, a gym rat who referenced the time he spent working with future Hall of Famer Tim Duncan in an effort to improve defensively. “But you can make small improvements that help, and you can use your mind to study, so you know what play is coming sometimes.”Video Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.Spurs coach Gregg Popovich, who coached Boban when the center first came into the league and eventually talked him into taking the Pistons’ far richer contract offer in restricted free agency, acknowledged that someone like Marjanovic probably could have had a lot more success in an earlier era of basketball — when slow-footed big men like Rik Smits, Kevin Duckworth and Bill Cartwright were averaging big minutes each night and seldom drifting from the paint. But Popovich said he respects all the work his former pupil has put in, despite the fact that there’s only so much he can do to fix his weaknesses.“You am what you am,” Popovich told me. “It’s our job to figure out who these guys are. People talk about players changing. Some some guys add skill, but they don’t change their DNA and their physical abilities and gifts that they have. Some have more than others. And you deal with that.” Boban Marjanovic2016-20181.62 PlayerYearsPoints per shot attempt Adrian Dantley1977-19911.53 For players with a mininmum of 30 points per 100 possessions in 100 regular-season games.Source: Basketball-Reference read more

ATM fraud rose in 2013 so how do you spot a suspect

first_imgBut how do you spot a machine that has been tampered with?Fraudsters manufacture skimming devices to match individual machines, McKinney said, and this can make them difficult to spot.While they are often of good quality, fitting them isn’t an exact science. A sticky residue can sometimes be seen around the edges of the device as it must be glued on.They work by ‘skimming’ the card for information, stored on the black magnetic strip on the back, when it is inserted into the machine.Below are two examples of these devices: However, the IPSO describes the information stored on the magnetic strip is of “limited use” without PIN details, and so these devices are often complimented with a camera fitted above the ATM’s keypad, like this one:Read: Elderly people warned about ATM scam gang earlier this year >More: AIB loses money on ATM withdrawals > THE NUMBER OF incidents of ATM fraud rose in 2013 with ‘card trapping’ becoming significantly more common, rising from 9 the year previous, to 113 so far this year.Of these, only 72 were successful.These crimes were spread almost nationwide, occurring in 23 counties, and centred on Dublin and Cork.The figures, supplied by the Irish Payment Services Organisation (IPSO), show that following a crackdown on card skimming in 2012, the number of incidents rose again this year.While the number of these incidents reported fell from 194 to 13 in 2012, they quadrupled to 75 (70 successful) this year.Cash trapping remained a problem, although remained at similar levels to 2012.“Banks in Ireland and in Europe have tried out many different solutions to prevent these types of attack” Member Services Executive with the IPSO Erica McKinney explained.They can be temporarily successful but the criminal will eventually adjust their method to find a way around the solution.last_img read more

Copwatch manœuvre de contournement déjouée par la justice

first_imgCopwatch : manœuvre de contournement déjouée par la justiceLe site Copwatch publiait des informations personnelles sur les policiers. Bloqué une fois par la justice et les FAI, il était revenu en ligne grâce à des  sites miroirs. Ceux-ci viennent également d’être saisis.En octobre, le ministre de l’intérieur Claude Guéant avait porté plainte au motif que le portail portait atteinte à l’honneur et à la sécurité des fonctionnaires de police. Le Tribunal de Grande Instance de Paris avait alors statué la fermeture du site. Celle-ci avait été obtenue avec la coopération des FAI.Le site publiait des photos et des captures d’écrans des comptes Facebook des gardiens de la paix, révélant leur vie privée et les mettant à visage découvert. Il affirme vouloir “surveiller la police”, et commente leurs données personnelles.Mais le site était ensuite revenu en ligne par des voies détournées, via des sites miroirs.Rebelotte, même processus, même résultat, il vient d’être désactivé à nouveau.Selon France Inter, un nouveau procès en référé s’ouvrira le mardi 7 février suite à une plainte du ministère de la justice. Cette fois, le blocage DNS de plusieurs noms de domaines devrait être étudié par la justice. Ce type de mesure n’est toutefois pas très efficace, car facilement contournable.Le 1 février 2012 à 21:00 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Lexercice physique agit aussi sur lADN

first_imgL’exercice physique agit aussi sur l’ADNDes chercheurs suédois ont découvert que l’exercice physique induisait des modifications chimiques et structurelles au sein de l’ADN sans pour autant modifier le code génétique. Si les vertus de l’exercice physique pour la santé ne sont désormais plus à démontrer, il semblerait qu’on ne sache pas tout sur l’impact qu’a une telle pratique sur notre organisme. Celle-ci ne ferait pas que mettre à l’épreuve nos muscles ou nos organes mais induirait aussi des changements à l’échelle moléculaire. C’est du moins ce que viennent d’observer des chercheurs de l’Institut Karolinska en Suède en conduisant des tests sur des muscles plats en laboratoire.À lire aussiDengue : symptômes, traitement, prévention, où en est-on ?”Le muscle s’adapte à ce que vous faites. Si vous ne l’utilisez pas vous le perdez et inversement. Nous avons identifié un mécanisme impliqué dans ce phénomène”, explique ainsi Juleen Zierath, chercheur qui a participé aux travaux publiés dans la revue Cell Metabolism. Le mécanisme évoqué interviendrait en fait au niveau de l’ADN des muscles où se produiraient des modifications chimiques et structurelles. Mais ces changements, qualifiés “d’épigénétiques”, ne se feraient pas au niveau des gènes eux-mêmes, ils toucheraient des agents impliqués dans leurs expressions. Comme l’explique Sciences et avenir, ils participeraient alors aux mécanismes qui permettent à l’organisme de s’adapter à l’effort. Néanmoins, l’exercice physique ne serait pas le seul à provoquer de telles modifications. Les chercheurs ont en effet observé que la caféine avait également le même effet. Pour autant, ils sont loin de conseiller de remplacer l’exercice physique par un petit café. Ils estiment plutôt que des médicaments à base de caféine pourraient être administrés aux personnes qui ne peuvent pas pratiquer de sport.Juleen Zierath relève ainsi : “L’exercice c’est de la médecine. Il semble que le moyen de modifier nos génomes pour une meilleure santé peut être juste de faire un jogging de temps en temps”. Le 8 mars 2012 à 14:49 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Azzarello and Rissos Moonshine rises to the top of our pull lists

first_imgStay on target Image has a habit of attracting the best creators in the industry. Writers, artists, colorists, etc. that have made a name for themselves at the ‘big two’ seem to produce their best work with the freedom that Image offers. Moonshine, their newest book, reunites the creative powerhouse of writer Brian Azzarello and artist Eduardo Risso, best known for 100 Bullets at Vertigo, and their Batman: Knight of Vengeance mini-series from DC Comics’ Flashpoint event.Moonshine is a gangster-noir tale, riddled with Tommy Guns and three piece suits. It goes off the beaten path by taking the gang into the Appalachia, delving into the seedier parts of the mountains. With a crazy twist that takes the story down even an even crazier path, there is a lot going on in this first issue. The creators are doing what they do best, as Azzarello and Risso’s books tend to be steeped in reality, with lots of grime and grit, always adding in just enough weirdness not to make it feel stale.Their previous work definitely lines up with Moonshine in pacing, and tone, as the noir elements are the most prominent, with hints of other genres. Knight of Vengeance is a favorite of mine. That old, hardened take on Batman worked really well with Azzarello’s ability to perfectly capture the slimy characteristics of any culture’s underbelly. He does it again here, honing in on the worst aspects of both the gangsters and the West Virginian-natives.Azzarello is the best at what he does, and what he does is concoct  elite old fashioned noir, tough guys. Troubled and at the end of your rope is his specialty, and while this first issue keeps the background to our protagonist vague, it’s obvious that Azzarello is going for something bigger than a predictable hard-boiled detective. His dialogue is great, capturing the Prohibition-era gangsters and country-folk perfectly (or imperfectly).The world he’s created in this first issue allows for these two different cultures to clash, and the script is spectacular. Not much is revealed aside from a handful of characters and an initial conflict of interests, and while that may make this issue feel somewhat lacking, it is plain to see that Azzarello has a lot of plans for the series.Risso’s art is as great as it’s ever been here. He is a champion of capturing the ugliest aspects of humanity, be it something awkward and gangly, or someone rough and homely. His colors really bring out a lot in his art, always looking as if a talented director knew what tint to add to the scene.  Neutral blues and greens for a cold forest, brights oranges, and glowing yellows for a campfire, or quintessential noir…light slivering through ratty blinds. Lighting is one of Risso’s key strengths, especially with shadows. Not just with darkness, but it establishes a perfect tone for the book, creating a sinister air on each page.All of it adds up to Moonshine being one of the best-looking books on the shelf, a beautiful noir-comic, a genre we don’t get enough of. Moonshine #1 is available in stores and online this Wednesday, October 5th. Buy This Comic: MAN-EATERS #1Buy This Comic: Twisted Romance last_img read more

Lose a photo album Vancouver Police might have it

first_imgLast week, Vancouver police retrieved a suitcase stashed in some bushes near Roosevelt Elementary School on Falk Road in central Vancouver. School staff noticed the unusual item lurking in the foliage and notified the police Thursday.The suitcase held several items, but the item of note was a photo album containing images from the 1940s through the 1970s. The photos are marked with several names, including Pitts, Peterson and Rabenstein, but police have not been able to find the owner.The album cover features a map of Japan.If you’re missing a photo album and recognize these images, contact the VPD evidence unit at 360-487-7404.last_img

ASA and USBCA Urge White House to Push China on Timely Biotech

first_imgAs a charter member of the U.S. Biotech Crops Alliance (USBCA), ASA and USBCA members urged President Barack Obama to address the persistent delays in the Chinese approvals process for new biotech traits during next month’s Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Leaders’ Summit.As the most significant market for U.S. soybeans, China purchased more than $14 billion in American beans last year alone. However, as the letter noted, the U.S. agricultural crop value-chain currently faces serious challenges in providing for predictable and stable trade to China due to the inability to secure timely import approvals for new biotechnology products and a growing concern that factors other than science are being used as justification to reject applications.In the letter, ASA and the USBCA urged the president to make the issue of transparent and predictable approvals a top priority, and to advance the relationship between the U.S. and China beyond the status quo.last_img read more

SPD Warns Of Phone Scam

first_imgThe unknown caller provided the name of a Soldotna police officer and even spoofed SPD’s phonenumber to make it appear as though it was in fact the Soldotna Police Department, according to Kant. Facebook0TwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享The Soldotna Police Department is warning residents of a phone scam circulating the Kenai Peninsula. This is a scam and the Soldotna Police Department has not and will not conduct business of this sort viatelephone. If other residents receive any calls such as this, they should simply hang up and then reportthe call to SPD at 262-4455 Lt. Duane Kant: “On Saturday April 6, an unknown party, most likely someone from out of state or out of country, called a local Kenai Peninsula resident pretending to be an officer from the Soldotna Police Department.” “The local resident was told that they had an outstanding warrant for their arrest and in order to take care of the warrant, the resident needed to immediately go purchase a large amount of gift cards and provide  the unknown caller with the ID numbers of those gift cards.”last_img read more

UBM Sues Chinese Event Over Name

first_imgThe second CGDC conference was held July 24 to 26 in Shanghai, China. Representatives for CGDC and Howell did not immediately return requests for comment.Mark Sableman, a partner with Thompson Coburn—which serves as American Business Media’s Information Policy Counsel—said trade show names are important and can be protected. “There are many infringement concerns that U.S. companies have with foreign competitors, and U.S. companies will increasingly be asserting claims against infringers in China,” he said. “That has been one of the purposes of international trade agreements, to bring China into relationships with western countries and to get Chinese authorities to recognize and protect U.S. intellectual property rights.”Launched more than two decades ago, UBM’S GDC is produced globally by its Think Services Game Group. Events include GDC, GDC Canada, GDC Europe, GDC Austin and GDC China. This year’s event in China is scheduled for October 11 to 13 in Shanghai.UBM Cut 350 Employees, Closed 15 Titles in First HalfThe London-based publisher reported roughly $715.5 million in revenue, down 2.4 percent from the same period last year. It said adjusted operating profit for the period declined 13.2 percent to about $128.8 million.As part of its second quarter earnings report issued today UBM CEO David Levin said the company eliminated 350 employees company-wide through the first half of 2009, and shut down 15 print titles. In June, UBM reorganized its TechWeb and CMPMedica businesses, resulting in layoffs and some magazine closures.In March, as part of its 2008 year-end financial statement, UBM said it laid off more than 500 staffers in the second half of last year. The layoffs were part of a sweeping reorganization that began early last year, effectively transforming the company into four separate businesses. United Business Media has filed a lawsuit against the China Game Developers Conference and event organizer Howell International Trade Fair Limited claiming unfair competition and false advertising related to UBM’s longstanding event, the Game Developers Conference.According to UBM, the China Game Developers Conference has caused “public misconception with false propaganda and commercial defamation” of UBM and its GDC China 2009 event. UBM also said the China Game Publishers Association issued letters to relevant industry enterprises and individuals, “preventing them from participating in the GDC China event.”In April, Howell International Trade Fair said Think Services was “practicing its strategy of monopoly across the globe, attacking all its potential competitors.” last_img read more

Man sentenced to life for rape

first_imgA Kushtia court on Monday sentenced a man to life term imprisonment in a rape case in Mirpur upazila in 2015.The convict is Md Nantu. The court also fined him Tk 50,000.According to the prosecution, victim Rehena Begum and Nantu were tenants of a house owned by Shafayet Hossain at Chitholia village in the upazila.Nantu used to stalk Rehena and gave her bad proposal several times.Being denied by Rehena, Nantu forcibly entered her room on 30 March, 2015 and raped her and also hit her severely.Hearing Rehena’s scream, locals rushed in and took Rehena to Kushtia General Hospital where Rehena died after five months.On 31 March, 2015, the house owner filed a rape case with Mirpur police station against Nantu.After examining all the records and witnesses, Woman and Children Repression Prevention Tribunal judge Munshi Md Moshiar Rahman handed down the verdict.last_img read more

Police Teen Charged in Stabbing at West Baltimore High School

first_imgThis undated photo provided by the Baltimore Police Department, shows Donte Crawford. Police say the 17-year-old has been charged as an adult with attempted murder in the stabbing of a schoolmate in a Baltimore high school classroom, leaving the other teen critically wounded. (Baltimore Police Department via AP)BALTIMORE (AP) — Police say a 17-year-old Baltimore high school student has been charged as an adult with attempted murder in a classroom stabbing that left a schoolmate critically wounded.Police announced the charge against Donte Crawford in a news release Wednesday morning, a day after the midday stabbing at Renaissance Academy High School. Police say the wounded teen made it through surgery but remains in critical condition. Police say Crawford is awaiting a bail hearing.Police spokesman T.J. Smith said Tuesday that Crawford, a 10th-grader, went into an occupied third-floor classroom, stabbed a 17-year-old 11th-grader and ran away. Smith said Crawford was arrested a short time later at home, but it wasn’t clear what prompted the attack.Students are attending classes at another site Wednesday.last_img read more

SolarPowered LED Lamp Tracks Your Homes Energy Use

first_img In Sweden, the government is responding to the energy crisis by installing smart meters in future homes, which will provide real-time feedback of energy use on the Internet. Homeowners are encouraged to set monthly energy goals in terms of money and/or watts. They can log into their online accounts to view their home´s data and find tips on energy conservation.But realizing that visiting a Web site isn’t the most engaging way to view this data, Ng developed the Spark Lamp to enhance the experience by extending the feedback beyond the computer screen and into everyday objects in the home. The lamp concept itself is engaging and simple: during the day, you turn the lamp upside down on a windowsill to recharge the solar panels. When turned over, the lamp looks a bit like a small potted plant. At night, when you turn the lamp upright and switch it on, the lamp (equipped with Wi-Fi) flickers in different colors to signal your home´s power consumption level for the month compared to your goal. The lamp pulses for about three seconds, displaying green if you´re doing better than your goal, yellow if you´re on target, and red if you´re using too much power. Then the lamp returns to a regular white light lamp. The Spark Lamp is not yet available for purchase.via: Design Zen Explore further Citation: Solar-Powered LED Lamp Tracks Your Home’s Energy Use (2008, September 11) retrieved 18 August 2019 from The Spark Lamp was designed in response to the Swedish government´s plan to install smart meters in new homes to track energy consumption. Designer Beverly Ng created the solar-powered LED Spark Lamp as a decorative way to reduce energy consumption – but, perhaps more importantly, to let homeowners know of their daily energy use. Do white LEDs disrupt our biological clocks? This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

Android Turns Pro A New Option for Business Mobility

first_img This story appears in the January 2011 issue of . Subscribe » Free Webinar | Sept 5: Tips and Tools for Making Progress Toward Important Goals Motorola’s new Droid Pro smartphone isn’t yet another iPhone killer–it’s a BlackBerry killer that vaults Google’s fast-growing Android mobile operating system to the frontlines of the battle for business mobility supremacy.Promising a PC-caliber browsing experience bolstered by Adobe Flash Player 10.1, a lightning-fast 1GHz processor, a number of loaded business solutions and airtight security safeguards, the Droid Pro does everything a BlackBerry does, but better, liberating you from the clunky and increasingly archaic BlackBerry user experience.Priced at $179.99 after mail-in rebate and contract, and available via exclusive U.S. operator partner Verizon Wireless, the Droid Pro touts both a 3.1-inch touchscreen display and qwerty keyboard, complete with single-click access to push e-mail, a unified calendar with additional work tools and Quickoffice Mobile Suite for on-the-go document creation and editing. It’s the first Android smartphone to integrate data encryption and remote data wipe. Remote password management enhances security, and the device also doubles as a mobile hot spot that can connect as many as five other Wi-Fi-enabled handsets or laptops.The Droid Pro offers voice and data coverage spanning more than 200 countries, with Google Maps and turn-by-turn navigation tools to help you find your way while you’re abroad. In fact, direct access to Google’s cutting-edge mobile services may be the Droid Pro’s most persuasive selling point: As of late 2010, the Android Market application storefront was home to well over 80,000 apps, while rival BlackBerry App World mustered only about 10,000. Could this mean hasta la vista for the Berry? December 21, 2010 Attend this free webinar and learn how you can maximize efficiency while getting the most critical things done right. 2 min read Register Now »last_img read more