Chimy Ávila: “Doc, I’m broken”

first_imgInside the fatality, the Argentine got rid of the so-called “triad”, which involves the sum of the anterior cruciate ligament lesions, the internal meniscus, and the internal lateral, so that the injury of the forward “It has not turned out to be so serious.” Pending the operation in the next few days, Bertó estimates that the recovery will range between 6 and 8 months, since “each patient is a world” and will depend in the first place on the fact that the surgical results are positive, “since any surgery runs the risk of being complicated; but with a good surgical team, those risks can be minimized.” “Doc, I’m broken” were the words with the that Chimy Avila received to the doctor of the Osasuna Athletic Club, Juan Bertó, after breaking the anterior cruciate ligament of the left knee in the 55th minute of the match played last night against Levante and that will make him Miss the rest of the season. Bertó explained in an interview with Efe that he lived the “unfortunate play” from the bench and when he realized that Chimy raised his hand asking for assistance “Without moving, they were practically aware that” something important was happening. “” When we arrived at the place where the Chimy was lying, the physiotherapist told us that he had broken, “said the doctor, who described the first moments after the injury, moments he took the opportunity to check “that the knee was not stable, so we decided to opt for the change.”“From the bench we didn’t have the ability to see exactly what happened, but we did sense that a lot of damage had been done.”Bertó said about the fateful moment, adding that they could not calculate the extent of the injury until they talked to the player. And has remembered cases like those of the Osasuna Sergio players Herrera, Unai García and Kike Barja, setting an example to the latter, which officially returned to the pitch 6 months and 15 days after getting injured in a workout. “He accepted it with fortitude, serenity, and with an improper maturity of a 25-year-old player,” said the doctor, while ensuring that Chimy Avila has “the support of his family and his wife, who has not separated from him at any time. ” The recovery process will consist of several phases, as noted, and the first will be to work to recover mobility. Then you must exercise muscle strength and physical tone, and finally integrate into group dynamics smoothly after the first 5 or 6 months have passed.The specialist in Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology Clinic University of Navarra, Andrés Valentí Azcárate, will be the person in charge of operating the player, who will perform “ligament replacement on the other of similar mechanical and physiological characteristics “ in a intervention that will be decided on what type based on what they show the images”. “For the maturity, the wisdom and the desire to work that Chimy has shown, as soon as he is training with the group, I think it will surprise us all, getting stronger,” said Bertó, who is convinced that “the time will put its place. ““Yesterday all the team members, despite having achieved a fundamental victory, the first thing they did when they arrived at the locker room was worrying about the chimy because physical recovery is so important as the mental or emotional “and hence I stressed the importance that will have the support that the team gives to the Argentine forward.last_img read more

LaLiga denounces the insults to Morata and Simeone in the Bernabéu

first_imgLaLiga has denounced to the Competition and Anti-Violence Committees the insults made to Morata during the derby last Saturday at the Santiago Bernabéu. There were also shouts to Simeone which are included in the writing. According to the report, the insults were launched from the Grada Fans sector of Madrid.“Some 1,300 local fans, located in the local animation stand, called” Grada FANS RMCF “sang the “Morata is a rat” and the “fucking Indian who does not bounce” in the 32nd minute, according to the letter Shortly after, they sang from the same area the “Ole, ole, ole, cuckold Simeone”. Already in the second half, the song was “Ay Morata, ay Morata, you never wanted to see him, you were always a substitute, in the Wanda, get fucked. “ Exposed this, the LaLiga report explains that the rest of the Bernabéu fans maintained “proper behavior throughout the game. “The cameras of The day after, from Movistar +picked up Morata’s reactions to the screams that came from what was his hobby, both when he was playing and when he sat on the bench forced by some discomfort: “I sweat it …”last_img read more

Alert in England by Rashford and Kane before the Euro

first_imgThe coach of Manchester United has announced in the press conference prior to the clash against Bruges in Europa League that the English striker will be off longer than desired, seriously doubting your call for the Euro. “I hope he plays before the end of the season, but if he is not fit, he will not go to the European Championship“said the Norwegian coach. With the shadow of uncertainty flying over Kane and Rashford, Southgate has to invent a ‘9’. The best option would be Tammy Abraham but the soccer player of Chelsea, despite having a great season (15 goals), he has barely played four times with England. Very little baggage to carry the scoring weight of the winner of the World Cup 66 in her fight to be the first time continental champion. Similar is the case of Dominic Calvert-lewin, of Everton, that since the arrival of Ancelotti has exploited its facet scoring but has not yet been released as international. The other alternative would be to bet on the attacker of the Southampton, Danny Ings, who is fighting to be the top scorer of the Premier but he has not played with the English shirt since 2015 (31 minutes against Lithuania in his only presence). With the option Jamie Vardy discarded, although the Leicester footballer is enjoying a second youth at 33 (he left the team after the World Cup in Russia), the range of possibilities is obscured by the English coach.Sterling and Sancho, step forward Very bad news that the English coach has received at this beginning of the year Gareth Southgate. If first fell Harry Kane, which was operated and will be as soon as low until April although Jose Mourinho He is more than pessimistic and does not see his return until the end of the season. Now the statements of Ole Gunnar Solskjær about Marcus Rashford’s health status they have blown up alarms in the English team’s environment four months after the start of the Eurocup, in which practically pross They play at home.center_img Southgate will have to invent an option as a forward reference. The red devils Jesse Lingard It may be an emergency tip but the eyes of English fans will be on Sterling Y Sancho. The two skilled players, from the sides, will have to step forward and uncork their scoring nose. For the sake of Southgate and England.last_img read more

The Calvary of Cheick Doukouré

first_imgCheick Doukouré does not lift his head since last February 24, practically a year ago, he fell fulminated on the grass of the City of Valencia in the controversial penalty Casemiro, which ultimately meant the victory of Real Madrid in Orriols. In hot, the Ivorian finished the match, playing more than 15 minutes with the ligament completely broken. It was his third serious knee injury at 26 (27 today), with two surgical interventions on the left behind him.Those of Paco López they came back to face the whites. To those who had already defeated in the first round in the Santiago Bernabeu, in the second historic victory of the club granota in Chamartin. Since then, the Costa Rican has not stepped on a pitch again and has been able to exercise in a dropper with the rest of the group, both in the Levant and now in his assignment in the Huesca. Doukouré suffered a torn anterior cruciate ligament of his left knee in that action and was intervened on March 6, 2019, a day marked in black on his particular calendar. They will understand later.The player “hit the air while trying to clear the ball and landed on the ground with his left leg completely unbalanced,” as the medical part of the Levant said. Carvajal, meanwhile, said he had heard the kick “from 25 meters.” The controversy was served.Virtually 365 days later, when he began to take his first steps in group dynamics in the Alto-Aragonese complex, problems arose again in the form of an injury. This time because of a muscle break in the biceps femoris of his left leg, the intervention after the Brazilian penalty. A disease as a result of the hard rehabilitation process through which he has gone through the last year.A new slowdown on his way back to the pitch and a hard setback for Huesca, who has not yet been able to count on him. A new chapter in his private Calvary with a protagonist to highlight: his left knee.The medical history is terrifying. On March 6, 2018, he suffered a grade III sprain in the internal lateral ligament of the same joint, avoiding the operating room, but missing the rest of the season. It was raining on wet. Already in 2015-16 he had lived his first crusader break on the left …last_img read more

Onion: “Cavani would be unstoppable in Atlético with Cholo”

first_img—How did you see the match against Liverpool?–The fans have always shown that it is one of the best and with that reception they have already started winning. In football everything can happen and we will have to wait for the return. “Do you think Cavani would have been that solution for Simeone?”–Cavani would be unstoppable at Atlético with Simeone, but I invited him to play Peñarol. I called him and he said no. Now he will continue playing in Paris. We all know how good it is.“What does Peñarol give you?”–It is the club where I started. It is special for me to be here and I want to give everything for this shield. In a few days we start the championship and we are ready to go for all.– How is Forlán as coach?–This is his first year and God willing will do very well. As a player he already showed how good he was and as a person he is even better. He is qualified for a winning project such as Peñarol. “Do you think the fans of Atlético have a good memory of you?”–I hope and wish so. I would be happy to know that the people of Atlético do not forget me. There I lived very important things like winning a League, defeating Madrid and others.—How did he celebrate a victory against Madrid?–I’ve always liked to live derbies differently. As a kid I played in any camp and I don’t like losing because I consider myself a football fan.“In passion, it looks like Simeone …”–Can be. Simeone is one of the best technicians in the world. He is very passionate and has an excellent coaching staff. He has shown that he can do many things. They know what they play.– But the rojiblanco team does not finish accompanying the results …–I could not watch many games because of the time difference. I left a piece of my life and I always want it to go well. The results may not be happening, but it will always be a difficult team to beat. “At Atlético I left a piece of my life and I always want it to go well” “Finally, a curiosity, why do they call it the Onion?”–It was a nickname my dad had and I stayed with him. Nothing to crylast_img read more

The ‘Spanish ATK’ brings the Indian Super League to Agus

first_imgSpanish plenary session in CalcuttaATK has won three of the six Super Leagues and all of them came under the baton of a Spanish coach. José Francisco Molina, current sports director of the Spanish Football Federation, lifted the trophy in 2016, when the club was called Atlético Kolkata due to its already prescribed relationship with Atlético de Madrid. Antonio López Habas did the same in 2014, the inaugural season of the ISL, and repeated Alirón in 2020 along with Manuel Cascallana (assistant), Angel Javier Hernandez (goalkeeper coach), Álvaro Ros (physical trainer) and Luis Alfonso Redondo (physiotherapist).The Spanish soccer players of the team, Edu García, Javi Hernández, Víctor Mongil and Mandi Sosa, dedicated the title to their teammate Agus Garcia, absent for family matters. The Albacete central defender’s shirt, captain of the team until he had to return to Spain at the beginning of February, was present in the photo of the initial team and during the tournament. He is also a champion. ATK became the first team in the history of the Indian Super League (ISL) to win the title three times after defeating Chennaiyin 3-1 in the final played in Goa. The team led by Cordovan Antonio López Habas, who already conquered the tournament in 2014, won thanks to three Spanish goals: Salamanca Javi Hernández He opened the can in the 10th minute and took it upon himself to dispel any hint of rival hope in the discount. Edu García, for his part, he signed 2-0 after the break.Despite the tranquility that the result may reflect, ATK had to row against the current to achieve the third Super League in its history. Chennaiyin, who went from less to more during the season, had a great meeting and only the Hindu goalkeeper Bhattacharya, who became the protagonist, was able to stop the team led by the former Premier League Owen Coyle. ATK scorers Hernández and García were the starters and played the 90 minutes; Mandi Sosa replaced Krishna at the edge of the break and Víctor Mongil entered the second half.last_img read more

Betis wants to renew Edgar, his pivot “by surprise”

first_imgEdgar Gonzalez made the leap to Betis first team when Rubi tried to find more balance in her team in this League. Became an unexpected pivot and he didn’t even lose his place in the verdiblanco team when William Carvalho he recovered from his injury and Guido Rodríguez He landed as a winter signing to play a leading role in that core. Now the club wants tie your contract, which is currently extended to another year in its relationship with the subsidiary. “Already They have contacted me to try to renew our contract. I am very happy here and Betis has given me the opportunity I wanted to have as a child. My intention is to be here he maximum time possible. It is a long process and we are at the beginning, “admits the player in an interview with Seville newspaper. LaLiga Santander* Data updated as of April 6, 2020 TO his 23 years, Catalan wants to have a specific weight in the coming project. It will not be easy in a context in which the green and white campus sum numerous unknowns regarding your planning based on the figure of your technician. In the Betic subsidiary he had only acted as central and his challenge is capital in that position that was unknown to him: “Had always called me the attention is positionedn because I could feel comfortable. Rubi gave me that confidence and I am happy. I am young and I have to improve. I must avoid some loss in a dangerous area and also recover more balls. “center_img his papel as central in Heliópolis is less important at the moment with the presence of several pieces in the Rubi squad. The club doesn’t want to rush in the plan to build the team for next year but already evidenced that the versatility of the footballer facilitates the possibility of having more resources in various game concepts. At the moment, he is waiting for a call to close that future contract. “We have the illusion of playing those eleven games and winning all eleven”, warns about the possible return of the competition in the coming weeks. Its renewal, meanwhile, is presented as a much more viable mission.last_img read more

The ‘Rubiales Plan’ receives the support of modest football

first_imgThe clubs that are most against are those that would stay at the gates to play the promotion promotion or some of those that occupy the first places. “We still had several days to go into playoff positions. It is unfair ”, assure several of those who are between the 5th and 8th place in the classification. To solve this, at the meeting of the Catalan teams it was proposed that the playoff be extended and not only the first four of each group attend, but up to the eighth.Lleida, fifth to three points of the promotion in Group III, it is the first team to notify the Federation that it could take legal action if it carries out its plan: “The RFEF’s proposal not to finish the competitions supposes a substantial change of the format in full competition and an economic and sports damage, as a consequence of the new restructuring of the Second Division B. We believe that it is fair, as long as they exist health guarantees is to finish the competition. We reserve the right to exercise legal actions to preserve the rights of the entity. “The position of teams such as Castellón and UD Logroñés is also surprising, first of their groups and they do not see with favor the proposal. The La Riojans point out that if it is not possible to play, that the first four rise.Although one of the great reluctance of the clubs above is that there are no declines, which would lead to the next season bringing together up to 108 clubs divided into six groups in Second B, two more than now. This has caused some voices to either propose the old affiliate league debate or create a new intermediate category. Territorial Federations are probing modest football clubs these days, at the request of Luis Rubiales, to find out what you think about the proposal to end the regular phase of the season in non-professional football. In this plan there would be nuances, such as there would be no declines but a promotion promotion that would be played in a single game and in the same venue (Pinatar, Las Rozas, Marbella and the Balearic Islands are candidates to host these playoffs).It will be next week when Rubiales telematically gathers the presidents of the territorial ones to know the impressions of the clubs involved. As you have been able to know ACE after probing the Second B teams, 75% would be in favor of the Rub Rubiales Plan ’. Almost everyone agrees: “It is the least bad solution. Those who are above are rewarded, but those who are below are not punished when they still had options to save themselves ”. Most find it very difficult to comply with the requirements of a strict sanitation protocol to avoid infections. They allude to the fact that compliance with these rules would be a great financial investment when the box office revenue would not be available, since it would be played without an audience. Besides, They fear a legal conflict regarding contracts ending June 30 and the possibility of having to go beyond that date to complete the season.last_img read more

LaLiga: what calendar is left for the teams that play Europe

first_imgDespite this, the Villarreal He had a very complicated schedule ahead of him (along the lines of most teams) and from day 31 the Himalayas loomed, with a match against Seville, Valencia, Barcelona, ​​Getafe, Real Sociedad and Real Madrid. A task of extreme complication, but within the reach of a staff of such high level as that of the ‘groguets’.J28: Celtic – VillarrealJ29: Villarreal – MallorcaJ30: Granada – VillarrealJ31: Villarreal – SevilleJ32: Villarreal – ValenciaJ33: Betis – VillarrealJ34: Villarreal – BarcelonaJ35: Getafe – VillarrealJ36: Villarreal – Real societyJ37: Real Madrid – VillarrealJ38: Villarreal – EibarGranada CF – 9th with 38 pointsThe team of Diego Martinez It has been one of the great revelations of the championship. Being newly promoted, he has managed to put salvation in LaLiga on the first lap and was only ten minutes away from playing a Cup final. His good work placed him four points from seventh place and seven from sixth.Quality Sport Images & nbsp; (Getty Images) ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Quality Sport Images (Getty Images) The team from Seville has a calendar with five games (out of eleven) against the top ten finishers. Real Betis was measured in Pizjuán on the first day of the championship round. In addition, the sevillistas have to receive Barcelona and Valencia (J38) at their home and visit direct rivals such as Villarreal, Athletic Club and Real Sociedad.J28: Seville – BetisJ29: Lift – SevilleJ30: Seville – BarcelonaJ31: Villarreal – SevilleJ32: Seville – ValladolidJ33: Leganés – SevilleJ34: Seville – EibarJ35: Athletic – SevilleJ36: Seville – MallorcaJ37: Real Sociedad – SevilleJ38: Seville – ValenciaReal Sociedad – 4th with 46 pointsPicture ‘txuri-urdin’ was going through the best moment of the season. Despite having fallen to Barça, he had stabilized in European positions and was facing a exciting final of the Copa del Rey against Athletic Club, which would be next April 18.Ion Alcoba Beitia & nbsp; (EFE) ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Ion Alcoba Beitia (EFE) The team led by Imanol Sheriff full of encounter against direct rivals. From day 32, you should face duels as a visitor against Getafe (4 days after the Cup final), Villarreal and Atlético de Madrid. At Reale Arena he should receive Real Madrid and Seville.J28: Real society – OsasunaJ29: Alavés – Real societyJ30: Real society – Real MadridJ31: Real society – CelticJ32: Getafe – Real societyJ33: Real society – SpanishJ34: Lift – Real societyJ35: Real society – GranadaJ36: Villarreal – Real societyJ37: Real society – SevilleJ38: Atlético de Madrid – Real societyGetafe CF – 5th with 46 pointsThe Azulón team was carrying out one of the best campaigns in its history. Those of Bordalás are equal to everything (points and general golaverage) with Real Sociedad and had the slight advantage of taking the first leg (1-2 in San Sebastián). In addition to a frantic final stretch in the league, they had a beautiful confrontation against the Inter in the Europa League.ANP Sport via Getty Images’); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>ANP Sport via Getty Images However, the Valencia is one of the teams that has a calendar, ‘a priori’, simpler and with the antecedent of last season, in which he won the Champions League place on the last day. The Valencian team receives at home Levante, Osasuna, Athletic Club, Valladolid and Espanyol. However, you must visit (your big owes this year) Real Madrid, Villarreal and Seville.J28: Valencia – I raisedJ29: Real Madrid – ValenciaJ30: Valencia – OsasunaJ31: Eibar – ValenciaJ32: Villarreal – ValenciaJ33: Valencia – Athletic ClubJ34: Granada – ValenciaJ35: Valencia – ValladolidJ36: Leganés – ValenciaJ37: Valencia – SpanishJ38: Seville – ValenciaVillarreal CF – 8th with 38 pointsThe set of Javi Calleja had demonstrated its competitiveness this campaign and He was re-entering the pools for the positions that give access to the Europa League, despite adding three defeats in a row (against Atlético, Athletic and Leganés) before the break.Domenech Castelló & nbsp; (EFE) ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Domenech Castelló (EFE) CARL RECINE & nbsp; (Action Images via Reuters) ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>CARL RECINE (Action Images via Reuters) The set of Simeone faced a plateau area in the championship, with favorable games to add victories at home like Valladolid and Alavés. However, that calendar was steep since day 33. From that moment, visit to Barcelona and in the last two dates Getafe (outside) and Real Sociedad (home) would be measured.J28: Athletic Club – Atlético de MadridJ29: Osasuna – Atlético de MadridJ30: Atlético de Madrid – ValladolidJ31: Lift – Atlético de MadridJ32: Atlético de Madrid – AlavésJ33: Barcelona – Atlético de MadridJ34: Atlético de Madrid – MallorcaJ35: Celtic – Atlético de MadridJ36: Atlético de Madrid – BetisJ37: Getafe – Atlético de MadridJ38: Atlético de Madrid – Real societyValencia CF – 7th with 42 pointsThe team led by Albert Celades It was another of the proper names of the competition. He was still hooked on the fight for Europe, but he was not at his best and he had yielded the particular golaverage against Getafe and Real Sociedad.Jose Miguel Fernandez de Velasco & nbsp; (GTRES) ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Jose Miguel Fernandez de Velasco (GTRES) He Getafe He had a calendar full of direct duels, but almost all his rivals would be received at home. Real Sociedad, Villarreal and Atlético de Madrid have to go through the Coliseum on matchday 37. Those from the south of Madrid also had to visit Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabéu and they played against Granada in Los Cármenes the next day.J28: Granada – GetafeJ29: Getafe – SpanishJ30: Getafe – EibarJ31: Valladolid – GetafeJ32: Getafe – Real societyJ33: Real Madrid – GetafeJ34: Osasuna – GetafeJ35: Getafe – VillarrealJ36: Alavés – GetafeJ37: Getafe – Atlético de MadridJ38: Lift – GetafeAtlético de Madrid – 6th with 45 pointsAnother of the sets that has stopped badly is the Atlético de Madrid. Simeone’s team faced the best moment of its season after eliminating Champions League champion Liverpool at Anfield and added five days without knowing the defeat in the domestic championship. He is one point from the Champions League and two from the third, his primary objective. Football has been seen tvery closely affected by the global crisis caused by the coronavirus. Most of the European competitions are stopped and Spanish football is KO since March 10, date on which the first – and only – closed-door match of the championship was played, between Eibar and Real Sociedad.The Delegate Commission of the Federation has The decision to be taken regarding European competitions was approved during this Thursday. In case the crisis prevents the competition from resuming, this option is not considered by LaLiga. The RFEF has approved the decision that access to the Champions and Europa League be according to the current classification.In this way, Champions League would be the top four finishers in the First Division at this time (Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Sevlla and Real Sociedad) and to the Europa League the fifth and sixth (Getafe and Atlético) plus one of the two finalists of the Copa del Rey, which would leave the seventh classified in the league competition without a place. But, What calendar is left for the teams fighting for the European places? Which teams have a more favorable schedule?Sevilla FC – 3rd with 47 pointsThe team led by Julen Lopetegui occupied third place in the championship before the break. Despite the criticism received in recent months, the Seville he had a favorable position in the table (4 games in a row without losing in the League) and faced a key phase of the season with the Europa League tie against Roma in the bedroom.EDUARDO CANDEL REVIEJO & nbsp; (DAILY AS) ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>EDUARDO CANDEL REVIEJO (DAILY AS) He Pomegranate He faced the final stretch of the season without any pressure and with an outstanding global note of his performance so far. The Nasrids have a very difficult time playing in European competition, but they have duels against teams like Getafe, Villarreal Valencia, Real Madrid and Athletic Club ahead.J28: Pomegranate – GetafeJ29: Betis – PomegranateJ30: Pomegranate – VillarrealJ31: Leganés – PomegranateJ32: Pomegranate – EibarJ33: Alavés – PomegranateJ34: Pomegranate – ValenciaJ35: Real Sociedad – PomegranateJ36: Pomegranate – Real MadridJ37: Mallorca – PomegranateJ38: Pomegranate – Athletic ClubA positive surprise for Athletic ClubAnother of the provisions that came out of the meeting of the Delegate Commission of the Federation was a decision that would favor Athletic Club. The team of Garitano He was eight points from Europe in LaLiga and his options to play European competition were contingent on winning the Copa del Rey final.By cons, the RFEF has ensured that, in case the final is not played, would be Athletic would go to the Europa League and not the seventh classified, which at the moment is Valencia.last_img read more