Chimy Ávila: “Doc, I’m broken”

first_imgInside the fatality, the Argentine got rid of the so-called “triad”, which involves the sum of the anterior cruciate ligament lesions, the internal meniscus, and the internal lateral, so that the injury of the forward “It has not turned out to be so serious.” Pending the operation in the next few days, Bertó estimates that the recovery will range between 6 and 8 months, since “each patient is a world” and will depend in the first place on the fact that the surgical results are positive, “since any surgery runs the risk of being complicated; but with a good surgical team, those risks can be minimized.” “Doc, I’m broken” were the words with the that Chimy Avila received to the doctor of the Osasuna Athletic Club, Juan Bertó, after breaking the anterior cruciate ligament of the left knee in the 55th minute of the match played last night against Levante and that will make him Miss the rest of the season. Bertó explained in an interview with Efe that he lived the “unfortunate play” from the bench and when he realized that Chimy raised his hand asking for assistance “Without moving, they were practically aware that” something important was happening. “” When we arrived at the place where the Chimy was lying, the physiotherapist told us that he had broken, “said the doctor, who described the first moments after the injury, moments he took the opportunity to check “that the knee was not stable, so we decided to opt for the change.”“From the bench we didn’t have the ability to see exactly what happened, but we did sense that a lot of damage had been done.”Bertó said about the fateful moment, adding that they could not calculate the extent of the injury until they talked to the player. And has remembered cases like those of the Osasuna Sergio players Herrera, Unai García and Kike Barja, setting an example to the latter, which officially returned to the pitch 6 months and 15 days after getting injured in a workout. “He accepted it with fortitude, serenity, and with an improper maturity of a 25-year-old player,” said the doctor, while ensuring that Chimy Avila has “the support of his family and his wife, who has not separated from him at any time. ” The recovery process will consist of several phases, as noted, and the first will be to work to recover mobility. Then you must exercise muscle strength and physical tone, and finally integrate into group dynamics smoothly after the first 5 or 6 months have passed.The specialist in Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology Clinic University of Navarra, Andrés Valentí Azcárate, will be the person in charge of operating the player, who will perform “ligament replacement on the other of similar mechanical and physiological characteristics “ in a intervention that will be decided on what type based on what they show the images”. “For the maturity, the wisdom and the desire to work that Chimy has shown, as soon as he is training with the group, I think it will surprise us all, getting stronger,” said Bertó, who is convinced that “the time will put its place. ““Yesterday all the team members, despite having achieved a fundamental victory, the first thing they did when they arrived at the locker room was worrying about the chimy because physical recovery is so important as the mental or emotional “and hence I stressed the importance that will have the support that the team gives to the Argentine forward.last_img

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